Welcome to the biggest and best dicounted green fee scheme in the whole of golf

2-FORE!-1 is the original forerunner and daddy of discounted green fee schemes. When it launched, 2-FORE!-1 had a fairly modest number of courses involved - over the years it has blossomed and now boasts almost 1,000 participating courses all over the1 UK offering half-price golf (with a 2-FORE!-1 voucher).

1 - 10

Our top 10 golf courses include The Grove in Hertfordshire and Slaley Hall in Northumberland as well as eight other stunning courses. But which course is number one?


11 - 20

Our second 10 golf courses include Forest of Arden in Warwickshire, Fairmont St Andrews in Fife, Scotland and Carden Park in Cheshire.


21 - 30

Our next 10 golf courses include Celtic Manor in Monmouthshire, The Roxburghe in the Scottish Borders and Vale Resort in the Vale of Glamorgan.


31 - 40

Our countdown continues with Tenby in Pembrokeshire, The Players Club in Bristol and Perranporth in Cornwall.


41 - 50

We're at the middle of our countdown now. The courses in this set include The Tytherington in Cheshire, Stapleford Park in Leicestershire and High Post in Wiltshire.


51 - 60

Numbers 51 to 60 include Seascale in Cumbria, Musselburgh Old Links in East Lothian, Scotland and Dartmouth Golf and Country Club in Devon.


61 - 70

The seventh part in our series includes Bingley St Ives in West Yorkshire, Wychwood Park in Cheshire and Darlington in County Durham..


71 - 80

The next 10 in our top 100 include Rowlands Castle in Hampshire, Ballater in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and Selsdon Park in Surrey.


81 - 90

Part nine in our top 100 includes Shanklin & Sandown on the Isle of Wight, North Downs in Surrey and Old Thorns in Hamshire.


91 - 100

Our final 10 courses in the top 100 include Peterborough Milton in Cambridgeshire, Ilfracombe in Devon and finishing with Canterbury in Kent.


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