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TG’s biggest ever equipment trial will help you make a smarter buying decision!

It seemed like a daunting task when we suggested we undertake the biggest golf equipment test we've ever done. It's taken six months to finish, but here it is: Top Gear 2016. The idea was simple – take all the golf clubs on sale this year, get three testers fitted for them, hit each one on a Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor and then pick the top performers in each of 12 categories. Easy!

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We invited all the major manufacturers to submit their entire 2016 ranges for testing. In order to ensure a level playing field, each of the three testers was fitted for the equipment tested. We conducted a test every week from the start of December, finishing in February when every new club was available. We tested both indoors in a controlled environment with a premium ball and outside from a range bay using range balls, as that's how many golfers will get fitted. We collected a ton of data from every shot hit, using a Foresight GC2 launch monitor (right), and then spent a month poring over all this information.

Top Gear


Chris RyanChris Ryan, PGA Pro
Chris is senior instructor at The Belfry's PGA National Academy. He's an expert in club fitting, too.


Chris JonesChris Jones, Editor, Handicap 11
TG's editor has been testing golf clubs since 2005. He's a hard-hitting but inconsistent player.


Simon DaddowSimon Daddow, Equipment Editor, Handicap 10
A former club designer, Simon is a slow-swinging player who is very consistent.





We've been testing gear at the National Fitting Centre at The Belfry since 2005. It's a fabulous facility in the heart of the country. They kept us stocked with ballsgloves, coffee and chocolate as we made more than 10 trips there to do each test.



We chose the Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor with Head Measurement Technology. Thanks to its high-res camera and stereoscopic lens (which captures up to 10,000 frames per second) we were able to collect thousands of pieces of data not only from the ball, but also from the clubface.

We picked it for several reasons:

  • We were able to record where every shot impacted the clubface, making it possible to analyse where the fastest shots came from and monitor how much ball speed was lost on off-centre hits. 
  • It can be used both indoors and outside. That means we were able to create a controlled environment inside at a comfortable temperature to collect data while using a premium ball. To ensure data was relevant to you, we also tested outside using range balls. 
  • By hooking the system up to a laptop and using Foresight's software we could see where every shot had gone and how it had flown. 
  • Its portability let us take it to different ranges when we needed to gain more data.
  • The GC2 is recognised by manufacturers, players and teachers of the game as giving unmatched accuracy.

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To help you when it comes to buying your next new club, we picked our favourite 10 (five for sub-£250 and over-£350 drivers) products in each of 12 categories:

Drivers (-£250£250-£350+£350)
Fairway woods
Better player irons
Game-improvement irons
Super game-improvement irons
Putters (blademalletMOI)

These are the products TG recommends. Each tester also came up with a personal top three in each category to show which products they'd put in their own bag (which you will find at the top of each category).

For more in depth specifications and shaft options on all the clubs featured in our test, please take a look at 2016's What Gear special below: