05 November 2012 Last Updated: 27 June 2013

By Jake O'Reilly

The Ping G20 follows on from a long line of TG award winners, and this model didn't disappoint, claiming the Silver Award in our October 2012 fairways test.

It was very unlucky to miss out on top spot in what was a hugely-competitive category, after ticking pretty much every box and impressing our team with its ease of use.

David insisted that it would be hard to find a more forgiving fairway wood on the market and this, coupled with the terrific feel and sound off the face, would make this a great choice for virtually any player.

His only negative was the slightly large head footprint – a small price to pay for this performance. Mick found this one of the most forgivinreally inspired confidence, while Anthony raved about its consistency, comfort and power.

Our Elite TG Pro James Ridyard said: “It is very difficult to hit this club sideways – and that is exactly what the vast majority want from a fairway wood. The head is large but has a nice shape, a shallow face and powerful feel. Personally I’d like more workability but this is great for 95 per cent of golfers.”

Here's what our two equipment editors though of the G20: 

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