25 February 2013 Last Updated: 27 June 2013

By Jake O'Reilly

Wilson Golf has introduced their new SuperLight range for 2013 that feature the game’s latest lightweight technology that will allow amateur players to gain more distance with the same swing effort.

The new D-100 driver, irons, fairway wood and hybrid follow on from the brand’s award-winning Di7 and Di11 irons and incorporate advances in virtually every performance area to help average golfers improve their game.

The changes help generate a faster clubhead speed that could add up to 15-yards to a drive and between 5-10 yards on iron shots.

The clubs were inspired by the fact that the world’s best players have moved to lighter and lighter clubs and shafts in recent times and Wilson's new clubs incorporate their own technology that balances the correct weight distribution across the clubhead, shaft and grip to deliver greater distance efficiently.

“You can make clubs that are too lightweight,” said Michael Vrska, Wilson Golf’s Global Director of R&D. “But extensive research has shown that The Right Light technology can help the game improvement player expend the same amount of effort and get faster clubhead speeds to generate seriously long distance…and everybody wants more distance.”

The launch of the D-100 family of clubs marks the first time in several years that a new set of Wilson Staff irons has been matched with a driver and fairway woods from the outset and coincides with a resurgence in market share.

The new D-100 irons incorporate a large, thin, unsupported face that delivers faster ball speeds coupled with an undercut cavity that allows 35% more mass to be moved to the sole, heel and toe areas for extreme perimeter weighting and forgiveness.

The new driver's optimised grip, shaft and head combine for a  club weight of only 269 grams, enhancing the ability for golfers to swing faster with the same effort.

It also has Enhanced Cup Face Design and Variable Face Thickness Technology for greater speed and distance, while variable thickness in the large, deep face creates an immense sweet spot for more forgiveness on off-centre drives.

The fairways also share some of the driver's lightweight technology and also include a PVD Finish and low profile design that sits square to deliver ultimate confidence at address.

The fairway also has a relocated CG towards the heel that makes it easier to square the club face at impact and that improves the launch angle and spin rate.

The D-100 hybrids compliment the irons and serve as a long iron replacement option with an easy-to-swing lightweight design and correct mass properties for ideal launch angles and spin rates to generate maximum distance.

Driver RRP: £199 (9°, 10.5° & 12°)
Fairway wood RRP: £129 (3W, 5W & 7W)
Hybrid RRP: £119 (17°, 19°, 22° & 25°)
Irons RRP: £429 graphite or £349 steel shaft (5-SW)

Website: www.wilson-staff.com

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