14 January 2013 Last Updated: 27 June 2013

By Jake O'Reilly

On the heels of Nike Golf's major announcement today that Rory McIlroy has joined its athlete roster, Nike Golf have also unveiled a new advert that features Tiger Woods and the Northern Irishman together.

The Nike duo showcase their athletic competitiveness, remarkable talents, and playful attitudes by trying to outdo each other with a series of trick shots on the range. 

"I really like the ad," said Woods. "It shows the fun side of us and I had a good time shooting it."

McIlroy added, "I'm genuinely excited about the first Nike TV ad I will be appearing in as a Nike athlete. The theme of the ad is really cool and it's a great way to kick off my career at Nike."

McIlroy and Woods are captured on the driving range lightheartedly  taking turns to one-up each other by making amazing shots into a variety of different cups, including bowls in restaurants and champagne flutes at a wedding.

Watch it below to see more:


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