27 February 2012 Last Updated: 27 June 2013

By TG Courses editor

....Have you got what it takes to play 72 holes, hit 300 shots - give or take - and walk 20 miles all in one day?

If so, the Macmillan Longest Day Golf Challenge - arguably the most exhilarating golf event staged in the UK - is for you and your best golfing buddies.

In 2011, 335 teams took part in the challenge and nearly £400,000 was raised to help people living with cancer in the UK.

Getting involved is easy. All you need to do is organise a team of three or four players, register, decide on a date to play and start raising loads of money for Macmillan.  

So if you're looking to enjoy a memorable golfing occasion and doing your bit for charity at the same time. The event is being backed by Sky Sports TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher who says: "Cancer affects everyone and we can all help. The Longest Day Golf Challenge is a great, fun way that you can get involved and help Macmillan to support people affected by cancer. So why not sign up today?"

You can do just that by visiting www.macmillan.org.uk/Fundraising/Golfevents/LongestDayGolf/LongestDayGolfChallenge


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