12 January 2011 Last Updated: 27 June 2013

By Golf World

Rory McIlroy has split from his long-term girlfriend Holly Sweeney.

The two began dating when Rory was sixteen and Holly was fourteen, while they were both growing up in their hometown of Holywood, near Belfast.

Since McIlroy hit the big time in both fame and bucks he's been pretty good about avoiding the late night carousing scene and has spent most of his free time with his gal pal in their shared home in Ireland.

But according to sources close to the superstar, things just weren't "working out," between the two. Earlier this year, McIlroy announced he would forgo PGA Tour membership in favor of playing the European Tour, in part, according to some, because he wanted to be close to his special lady friend. In light of recent events, one could speculate that McIlroy might be inclined to change his mind about playing full time in the U.S. in the future.

McIlroy's ex is currently pursuing a career in sports technology at the University of Ulster.

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