12 January 2009 Last Updated: 09 July 2013

By Colin Montgomerie

Colin Montgomerie Golf Instruction

I used to say "I hit a driver, 8-iron at the 5th, but I realised pretty quickly that such boasting means nothing. You must learn that what it says on the bottom of the club is irrelevant to scoring.

1. Stay loose
I have very light hands. I'd guarantee that every one of you reading this would grip the club tighter than I do at address. Under pressure, my grip on the club at address gets even lighter. I think of a tube of toothpaste and make sure nothing comes out.

2. Low and slow
The first move ia all important. Try placing a tee in the ground, as I have here, and swing back low and slow over that point. If you are tense you will not be able to complete the backswing. If I can get back then I can come through. Most amateurs are impatient and rush the shot.

3. Tight at the top
You must complete the backswing. Because of my loose hands, I go back past the horizontal at the top. At this point the grip has tightened and I am now ready to make a positive attack on the ball.

4. Don't think 'hit'
The balls gets in the way of my swing. Most amateurs hit at the ball, I swing through it and there's a huge difference. People ask where the 'hit' comes from. Well, it starts at the top of the backswing and it continues all the way to the followthrough.

5. High hands
I've always had a very high hands finish which is the result of staying loose and flowing through the shot. If you are free of tension then you can release down the line and your momentum will carry you into this position.

6. Distance control
I have a happy knack of htiting my 7-iron 165 yards very accurately. Do you have a perfect yardage? Because you're always going to be closer to the hole if you get the distance right than you would be if you only get the line correct.

Colin Montgomerie swing squence...

Colin Montomerie Swing Squence Golf Tip

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