Apr29 Datrek


US golf bag manufacturing giant Datrek has turned its attention to the UK and European market, with the launch of a new range of trolley and standbags for the new season.

Datrek has been producing quality products for more than 90 years across the pond and as well as their new range of golf bags, the manufacturer has also produced a new range of travel luggage.

The trolley bags come in three styles, The Rage, The Wave and The Sierra. The Rage is available in three different colour combinations and retails at £99.99, while The Wave, and it's sister bag The Sierra retails, at £69.99.

There are three types of standbag, with the Reflex priced at £69.99, the Hybrid at £79.99 and the GoLite at £59.99. All three weigh in at under 3kg, making them the ideal summer bag.

For more information on the whole Datrek range, please visit www.datrek.co.uk

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