12 April 2008 Last Updated: 01 April 2014

By TG Instruction editor

Tiger Woods had a tough start to The Masters 2008 and todaysgolfer.co.uk was on location on the Saturday to see how he was working to correct his golf swing faults from the Thursday and Friday of the tournament.

We spent the Saturday morning watching Tiger Woods on the driving range, short game area and putting green to see how he practices before the big touramants.

He hit the driving range early on Saturday, several hours before his 1.10pm tee time.  He started hitting iron shots on the driving range for 30 minutes before moving onto the short game area, where he spent the same amount of time constantly hitting chip shots using various clubs to four different pin positions.

Security then escorted him to the putting green about an hour-and-a-half before his tee time and he started by hitting short putts through a tee peg gate (see image) to the hole with his caddy overseeing his shots and passing his golf balls back to him.

He then moved onto long range putts over breaks, hitting half a dozen to the same hole before switching to another hole and doing the same. His concentration throughout is immense as he watches each and every golf ball intently as it moves over the green to the hole. A lot of the work he was doing towards the end of his warm-up was to help judge pace as the greens were dampening due to the rain hitting Augusta National.

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