Get better Golf gifts this Christmas


Christmas is a joyous time, filled with fun, laughter and plenty of food! But we all dread that moment when Aunty Marge gets you another pair of naff Golf socks, or a Golf mug. Yes they have good intentions and it wouldn't be so bad if this was the first pair you received, but why can’t they just get a decent gift that you can actually use?

We have highlighted some Gifts that won’t break the bank in our gift guide, but if you want to get out on the fairway and work off the Christmas pounds (well any excuse to play!) and save some money while you’re at it then why not subtly leave the laptop on an appropriate page!

2-Fore!-1 is Today’s Golfer’s own discount golf scheme, allowing you to save and play at some of your favourite courses.

With almost 1000 courses across the UK there’s bound to be a course near you. And it’s also a perfect excuse to get away and play at courses such as Gleneagles, The Belfry and St Mellion to name a few.

So if you want to get better gifts this Christmas don’t forget to drop some unsubtle hints and tell everyone to go to 2-Fore!-1 to get you a gift card so you can get your 2-Fore!-1 vouchers delivered straight to your inbox!