Golf Escapes 2014

Golf Escapes 2014If you don’t discover an idea for your next golf holiday by the time you surf through this special travel section, we will be very surprised.

Our robust section on Great Britain & Ireland includes a special look at Wales which, following the 2010 Ryder Cup, is now getting the recognition its courses deserve. We have a wide variety of short haul destinations, ranging from Bulgaria to Cyprus, Gran Canaria to France, Turkey to Italy and Lisbon to the Algarve. If you still haven’t stumbled upon something of interest in that section, we to finish off we then take you to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Golf Escapes 2014 concentrates on countries within a five-hour flight time. The economy might well be healing, but we suspect golfers are still mindful of budgets and we’ve adapted the supplement accordingly. That’s not to say the quality suffers though – within this section there is more luxury than in a Ferrari showroom, both in terms of the golf courses as well as the opulent hotels attached to them.

We hope you enjoy this guide, by firstly escaping in your imagination to the featured fairways and then booking a holiday to tread them for yourself.

Chris Bertram 
Editor, Golf Escapes

Chris Bertram, Editor, Golf Escapes 2014


Great Britain & Ireland

Don't want to travel too far for a golf holiday? There are plenty of amazing places to visit within the UK and Ireland.

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Continental Europe

Get inspiration for your next Continental golf holiday with our extensive selection of short-haul destinations for you to enjoy.

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 Dubai Atlantis

Long Haul 

Fancy travelling further afield? Why not take a golf trip to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Florida...

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 Golf Escapes 2014

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