Golf Escapes 2018

Ideas & Inspiration For Unforgettable Golf Holidays

As ever in our annual showcase of the most appealing golf destinations foryour next golf holiday, we take you to all corners of the globe. There are sun-kissed long haul destinations to kick things off, there are a myriad intriguing British and Irish options, and then there is a Continental Europe section that is undeniably spectacularly strong.

From unforgettable destinations in Mauritius and Marakkesh to The Bahamas, the UAE and a breadth of European countries that range from Austria to Bulgaria, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia, and many more in between, this is a proper voyage of discovery.

Each resort, region and country has their own distinctive appeal, and we hope to highlight what you can expect from them – from the weather and courses to their off-course appeal and how to get there.

The wealth of options might even make your decision seem slightly bewildering, so I think it is worthwhile giving some thought to what sort of holiday you want before you make your way through the supplement – because knowing if you want enough sun to get in the pool, or extensive off-course amenities, or a quick transfer time can really help to narrow down the seemingly endless options available to you.

Have fun working out where you’ll head with your clubs next, because this is in some ways the most fun part of the whole experience! Safe travels in 2018...