Top 10 Golf Courses – Warwickshire

Top 10 chosen by 2017 County champion: Sam Broadhurst (Atherstone). Handicap: +2

The Belfry (Brabazon)

 This legendary course is a true test of golf and
it takes an extremely good player to shoot well around it. The layout is exceptional and it has some signature holes including the fantastic short par-4 10th and the 18th which also provides loads of drama.
Green fees: £160.
Tel: 01675 238600.



 The greens are always exceptional and it is a
true test to your ability to hit the ball straight – the course is lined with trees, meaning it is
easy for players to get out of position.
Green fees: £50. Tel: 0121 704 1936.

Robin Hood

The greens are normally exceptional and the short layout makes it tough as it is heavily guarded by trees either side of the fairways. It
is a course that has been altered in the last few years and these changes have certainly added
to the dif culty and enjoyment.
Green fees: £60 midweek, £70 weekends.
Tel: 0121 706 0061.


This is a scoreable course that can also punish
a golfer if they are not careful. Its sloped and undulating fairways make it very important to manage your way around carefully to avoid rolling off into the many trees. A great track
and a brilliant layout.
Green fees: £60
midweek, £70 weekends. Tel: 0121 554 3387.


Coventry GC

It is often in great condition and is scoreable because there are ve par 5s that are all reachable in two so you have a great chance
of going low. The layout is also very good as it makes you manage your round, hitting several irons off tees to keep the ball in play.
Green fees: £60 per day. Tel: 02476 414152.


This is my second course where I’m a member and it can be very challenging when the wind blows as the greens are small and there are several hazards lurking around the greens that can be very penal. 
Green fees: £35 midweek.
Tel: 02476 347810.

Ladbrook Park

Ladbrook Park

This course can be very challenging depending on weather conditions and I can recommend it to anyone looking for a challenging layout that is usually in great condition throughout the year.
Green fees: From £25 midweek.
Tel: 01564 742264.


It’s a short course with several hazards very
tight to the fairways, meaning you must be cautious and very smart when plotting a way around. The greens have been phenomenal
over the past few years. 
Green fees: £29 Mon, £36 Tue-Fri, £41 weekends. Tel: 02476 713156.

Sutton Coldfield

A very interesting layout with gorse lurking on virtually every hole. It is a true challenge – you must be able to manoeuvre your ball both ways to gain an advantage. The holes are mainly short though some are very tight and you must lay back to keep the ball in play.
Green fees: £45 midweek, £55 kends.
Tel: 0121 353 9633.


It’s not long but with numerous ‘blind’ shots it 
is a test of a golfer’s ability to position the ball
in order to give you the best possible approach into the greens. This is the course where I grew up playing and where I learnt how to play the game. 
Green fees: £15 Mon, £22 Tue-Fri, £25 weekends. Tel: 01827 713110.

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