Lofoten Links


Lofoten Links: An effort to get to, but utterly spellbinding

Norway's secret has been out for some time, but that's no reason not to add to the legend that is Lofoten Links.

Sometimes your game is only part of the greater experience, and there is no greater experience than playing in one of the most spectacular locations on earth with the midnight sun illuminating your way.

To reach the Links takes some effort, three planes, a train and an automobile, but you're rewarded in spades for your toil. Jeremy Turner's creation offers three all-world holes along the coast to start you off, the rippling Norwegian Sea and the snow-capped peaks your companions along the way.

And while a few quieter moments follow, it is largely breathtaking stuff. Or, as we described it in our most recent Top 100, "utterly spellbinding".

High-standard lodges just o the beach and north-facing to drink in the Northern Lights show complement the course and create one of the game's greatest escapes. Go now, if not sooner.

Details: www.lofotenlinks.no