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1. Links Choice Practice Net RRP £79.99 | VIEW OFFER

2. FORB Freestanding Professional Golf Cage and NetRRP £517.99 | VIEW OFFER 

3. SKLZ Home Driving Range KitRRP £99.99 | VIEW OFFER

4. HFEN Golf NetRRP £59.99 | VIEW OFFER

5. Saplize Golf Practice NetRRP £99.99 | VIEW OFFER

6. Panthem Large Portable Golf NetRRP £79.99 | VIEW OFFER

7. PGA Tour Pro Driving NetRRP £99.00 | VIEW OFFER

8. Longridge Cage Practice NetRRP £529.00 | VIEW OFFER

9. PGA Tour Pop Up Chipping Target NetRRP £11.99 | VIEW OFFER 

10. Pure 2 Improve Chipping Net with TargetRRP £24.99 | VIEW OFFER

Golf practice nets used to be the reserve of the truly obsessed golfer, a man or woman so dedicated to improvement they couldn't possibly venture out into the garden without practising a few chip shots or hammering a few drivers. 

Whether you just want something small to chip into or are looking at a professional set-up that allows you to practice every shot in the book, there are plenty of options and prices to suit every budget.

A good golf practice net is always a handy thing to have in the house or garden, to polish up your game when you don't have time to visit your golf course or driving range.

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But let's start with the best golf practice nets. All the sizes are listed as height x width x depth.

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The Links Choice Practice Net is one of the best golf practice nets.

1. Links Choice Practice Net

Size: 7ft x 10ft x 5ft (max)

This is one of the many easy-to-store options but it will also be attractive to those who don’t have lots of space, or money to spend on a golf practice net.

It is compact but it won’t take you long to work out the optimum striking distance and it is plenty wide enough to cope with even the worst mis-hit. It also feels nice and sturdy once it’s ready for use.

The black target helps take the sting out of even the biggest drives so there are no safety concerns and it is a golf practice net that is relatively quick and easy to assemble.

FORB make one of the best golf practice nets.

2. FORB Freestanding Professional Golf Cage and Net

RRP £517.99 | VIEW OFFER
Size: 10ft x 10ft x 10ft

This is a serious bit of kit for a serious player who wants a very permanent golf practice net and has the space for it.

The cage wouldn’t look out of place on the practice ground of any golf club. It is made of hard-wearing steel while the premium mesh netting is rot proof.

It is also freestanding so relatively easy to move should the need arise but it is so sturdy there are no concerns about it being blown about in a storm.

The SKLZ Home Driving Range Kit is one of the best golf practice nets.

3. SKLZ Home Driving Range Kit

Size: 7ft (max) x 7ft x 4ft (max) 

Although the net itself isn't as good as some we've seen for the price – there are no targets, for starters – this SKLZ package comes with some extras that help it stand out from the crowd.

There's a mat with two rubber tees (1" and 2"), which means you can practice indoors or protect your grass if using it in the garden, and 12 limited flight impact balls. The mat even features two surfaces, designed to simulate fairway and rough.  

The advantage of having such a relatively small net is it takes no time at all to set up for use and dissemble afterwards. Also now it is available for a lot less than the RRP.

The HFEN Golf Net is one of the best golf practice nets.

4. HFEN Golf Net

Size: 10ft x 7ft x 3ft (max)

This is a lower-price option but it still scores pretty well in terms of ease of use and value for money. 

It is slightly smaller than its rivals in the golf practice net marketplace but does the job and the makers make it clear durability isn’t an issue. HFEN claims it won’t tear or break after being hit 10,000+ plus times. 

Certainly the frame feels sturdy enough and it deals easily enough with big drives. It is also relatively quick to put together and once it’s taken apart, there are no issues packing it away neatly into a lightweight storage bag.

The Saplize Golf Practice Net is one of the best golf practice nets.

5. Saplize Golf Practice Net

Size: 10ft (max) x 7ft x 7ft (max)

This well-engineered golf practice net looks the part and by and large is. You also get the added bonus of a 2’ x 1’ practice mat as part of the package.

The chipping curtain, which includes three pockets and a target, also gives added protection when hitting longer shots.

At seven feet deep it does take up a lot of space but it is deceptively sturdy although it is not one of the easiest to constantly put up and take down.

The Panthem Large Portable Golf Net is one of the best golf practice nets.

6. Panthem Large Portable Golf Net

Size: 11ft x 7.5ft x 3ft

It does feel like you are hitting into a football goal but this golf practice net will appeal to those with space issues. It is only 3ft3in deep and gets around the potential ‘rebound’ issues with a thick 7-ply knotless net.

It is also one of the easier nets to assemble and because of the large surface area you will feel comfortable hitting from a safe distance. Just don’t try your luck with wedge shots.

The frame is made from a combination of steel rods (base) and fibreglass poles so you get the sturdiness in just the right place.

The PGA Tour Pro Driving Net is one of the best golf practice nets.

7. PGA Tour Pro Driving Net

Size: 7ft (max) x 10ft x 5ft 

This isn't the cheapest full swing golf net on the market but we think the targets are worth the extra money.

We'd recommend you largely ignore the 'pitch zone', 'chip' and 'lob' labels and just use the targets to practise three different trajectories of shots – low, medium and high. Having targets like that makes your golf practice net session far more valuable than aimlessly bashing balls. 

The PGA Tour Pro Driving Net is bigger than average so you'll need a reasonable amount of space to use it, but it packs away easily for storage when not in use.

The Longridge Cage is one of the best golf practice nets.

8. Longridge Cage Practice Net

RRP £529.00 | VIEW OFFER
Size: 3m x 3m x 3m

This is just about the biggest golf practice net on the market. Jonathan ‘Jigger’ Thomson wouldn’t have any worries stepping inside this and letting rip.

The steel-tubing frame is designed to be durable (the makers claim it is corrosion free) and super sturdy and the large net is relatively easy to put in place.

You also get a moveable target which is particularly helpful if you know your launch angles.

The PGA Tour Pop Up Chipping Target Net is one of the best golf practice nets.

9. PGA Tour Pop Up Chipping Target Net

Size: 20” diameter hoop

If space and/or money are at a premium, this could be the best golf net for you. It's a no-frills affair, with no individual targets to aim at, but you can quickly pop it up in the garden or hallway and start chipping into the net to your heart's content.

The chipping net itself is just under two feet in diameter and it couldn't be easier to fold away for storage when not in use.

The Pure 2 Improve Chipping Net with Target is one of the best golf practice nets.

10. Pure 2 Improve Chipping Net with Target

Size: 88cm x 82cm x 80cm

Making practice challenging and fun is key to improving your golf, and this chipping net is a great help with that. It features different target zones, enabling you to create a scoring system, set yourself challenges and track your progress over the days, weeks and months.

The golf net automatically pops up for instant use and comes with a carry bag for easy storage.

Golf practice nets buying guide

Are golf nets worth it? 

If you can't get to the course or driving range, a golf practice net is the next best thing. There's no denying that hitting golf balls into a net isn't as useful as being able to see the ball flight, but you can use targets in your net to focus on start lines, which can translate to more accurate shots out on the course. Also, you can get a launch monitor that gives you all the information you need about each shot, and, depending on your budget, shows you a visual representation of the ball flight. If that sounds like your cup of tea, check out our list of the best home golf simulators

Alternatively, if you're working on anything technical in your swing, not being able to see the ball flight can actually be an advantage, because it enables you to focus on the movement you're trying to practise, rather than subconsciously trying to hit a good shot. 

Plus, when it comes to chipping, not many of us have the luxury of being able to visit the short game area every day, but spend even 5-10 minutes a day in the garden or house with a chipping net and your scores on the course are likely to drop. You'd be advised to add one of our best putting mats to your set up to help you even more.

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Home Golf net

How far should you stand from a golf net? 

Some golf practice nets will come with guidance on the ideal distance to stand from the net. Otherwise, it really depends on the size of your net, how much space you have to play with, and how confident you are in your ability to hit the net!

The safest bet is to place the ball as close to the net as you can without hitting the net or its frame with your club on your follow-through. 

If you want to check whether you're standing the right distance from your net, imagine the worst shot you've ever hit and whether it would still find the safety of the net. If not, move closer! A larger net gives you a wider margin for error.

Check your surroundings, too. If you did happen to miss the net, will your ball go smashing through your neighbour's window, or just into some thick bushes? Let's face it, we all saw those lockdown videos where people got it horribly wrong.

How much should you spend on a golf practice net? 

We've found useful chipping practice nets for as little as £10, but if you want a golf net you can hit full shots into, you're looking at spending at least £50.

The £80-100 price range will get you a better quality practice net, perhaps with some targets to aim at.

If you want a more robust golf net that you can leave up when not in use, expect to spend £300-500. 

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