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According to the R&A, you can’t use distance measuring devices that factor in things like temperature, wind and slopes in competition.

So Bushnell’s new Tour X laser rangefinder finally gets around the problem by offering two viewing modes – via a gradient-measuring red faceplate and a tournament-legal black one.

“With Exchange Technology, golfers are able to use the same device in practice, gaining exact yardages plus slope compensated distances, while also being able to use the same device legally in comps – subject to local rules,” explains Bushnell’s Thomas Disch.

The Tour X offers accuracy of up to half-a-yard up to 125 yards. From 126 up to 1,000 yards it is accurate up to plus or minus a yard.

“Our patented Slope Technology works by instantly calculating the distance and slope angle between the player’s position and their target using a built-in inclinometer,” adds Disch. “Tour X then displays the degree of this angle, as well as the compensated yardage.”

Tech: Tour X uses two interchangeable faceplates. With the red plate attached, you can benefit from Bushnell’s Slope Technology, with gives an adjusted yardage with any change in elevation (but banned for competitions). When the black faceplate is attached that facility is disabled, so you can use it in comps if the committee allows. It also features Dual Display Technology (DDT), which lets you switch between a bright red or black display; a range of up to 1,300 yards; and JOLT Technology.

Looks: Really modern. The white body is framed by grippy panels top and bottom, and it's shaped to sit perfectly in your hand, with a large red button on top which can be used with a glove on. Toggling between the red and black numbers in the Dual Display is easy and useful, especially at dusk (red) or when you're looking into the sun (black). 

Ease of use: It couldn’t be much easier. As soon as I'd popped the battery in it was ready to use. The plates are so simple to swap, the red one plugging into a type of USB socket to activate the slope rating. It takes seconds to pop one off and put the other on. 

Performance: Hard to fault. Other devices I've had have struggled picking up targets against a messy background. Tour X never had that problem; PinSeeker Technology isolates the target and it works every time. You know when you’re locked on when you get that reassuring JOLT vibration. It takes no time at all to flash up a yardage. 

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