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  • Pros

    Easy to hold and switch between functions.

  • Cons

    Heavy feel. Distance location won’t please all.

  • RRP £219.00

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Golf Buddy has always been a GPS brand. But now it has launched a range finder in a bid to become the world’s largest Distance Measuring Device provider. The LR3 laser weighs 200g, features an LCD screen and has a range of 1,000 yards. You can transmit the laser for up to 10 seconds and use its 6x magnification to dial in on your target. There are three target modes: Scan mode features continuous distance display to multiple objects while firing the laser for up to 10 seconds; Flag mode gives an exact yardage to the pin, factoring out any background; Normal mode provides yardages to any direct target. It’s dust and water-resistant and the focus of the eyepiece can be adjusted. GolfBuddy claim the LR3 is accurate to the nearest yard. “Research we carried in Europe tells us that while hand-held and wearable GPS devices are more popular with the higher-handicap category players, lasers are far popular with better players and we wanted to make sure we had a product that appealed directly to these players, who aren’t as wayward as higher handicap players and are therefore more often in a position to attack the pin,” John Ennis, Golf Buddy Global Head of Marketing, told TG. ”The research also told us that lasers need to be accurate, easy to use and fast, so to guarantee accuracy we have equipped our LR3 rangefinder with three distance-finding modes. It's also a very light and compact laser and returns information in under a second, so golfers will enjoy using it.”

As reviewed in our 2014 Distance Devices Test - winner of our Silver Award:
It looks basic, but is packed with decent functions. It feels good in your hand, it has a very grippy texture to it, but feels a touch heavier than others. Lots to like, the Scan feature was especially useful off the tee when scanning from the sand to the fairway beyond it. Having the battery meter on display is must for all lasers. Probably one of the wider lasers other than the Bushnell Pro X7, but still fits OK in your hands. Like the different modes, they cover nearly all the situations you’d need a laser. It feels heavier than most and we didn't like how high the distance is displayed – you have to physically look away from the flag to see it.

As reviewed in our 2013 Rangefinders Test - winner of our Silver Award: Testers liked the grippy finish. They agreed it felt a touch heavy, but was very easy to use. Stephen and Joel noticed how the yardages are displayed quite small and high up on the display, meaning you had to glance away from the target to see it. Joel liked how he could use the functions for different situations. Brian liked the Mode button being positioned away from the laser button.

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