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We were all keen to test the Voice, especially given the heavy TV advertising in recent weeks. The unit is lightweight, very compact, and fits easily onto a cap or a belt. Steve loved the concept, especially the hands-free element. But that was about as good as the comments got.

Richard noted the unit actually lost where he was a couple of times, and Jon had to turn it off and on again to get it to catch up. Riath and Steve found it fiddly to use in rain, with the former also finding it difficult to hear in windy conditions. At £159, it represents reasonable value, and it was good when it came to accuracy. Not everyone will get on with it, but some will love it.

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I’m no stranger to hearing voices in my head on the course – but usually they don’t give exact yardages to the front, middle and back of the green. The GolfBuddy Voice is designed to act much like a caddy, giving distances on the course orally without having to look at a screen and can be clipped onto your cap or belt.

At 1.7” x 1.7” it is small, lightweight and easy to use. Within a minute, it had identified my location on the correct course and three clicks of a button gives the three yardages to the green.

It’s obviously not as detailed as bigger handheld devices with yardages to bunkers and other hazards but it does a great job as a simplified GPS. My gripe is the length of time it takes to get all three yardages. Rather than getting distances from a screen within two seconds, it can take 15 or so seconds to get the same information from the Voice. I’d also be wary near playing partners when they were hitting; so I’d use it on my belt with the sound turned down.

I loved the size and the fact it clipped onto a belt. My personal preference was to flick through the yardages on screen and in that regard it was very good. There’s no doubt the Voice offers something unique in the marketplace.

Take looking at your distance out of your game by hearing it instead. The GolfBuddy Voice GPS device has been designed to fit easily on your belt, cap, shirt or golf bag where you can easily hear the accurate yardage. The fantastic display also visually gives you your distance along with providing multiple other benefits to improve your game.


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