SkyCaddie AIRE II GPS Review

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  • At a glance

  • TG Rating 4 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 2 out of 5
  • Pros

    A light, versatile device that’s speedily accurate.

  • Cons

    Basic functions, screen display is a little dull.

  • RRP £129.95

What we say...


With no extra fees payable, AIRE II also shows two pre-defined Target Points per hole for every pre-loaded course - a Fairway Target which is a recommended aiming point for the hole, and a LayUp Zone, which is a safe landing area generally about 120 yards from the centre of the green.

30,000 CP, ACR; AHA; watch functions, no annual membership fees. The ultra-compact, entry-level AIRE features the same pre-loaded SkyCaddie maps and similar comprehensive features set as the rest of the Sport Series, and also includes a calorie counter and an odometer to check miles walked.

As reviewed in our Distance Devices Test:
If you want a device with basic, accurate yardages that fits in your pocket, this does the job very well. The screen could be brighter and there’s room on the display to include the hole stroke indexes. It’s a shame they’re not there. Perfectly accurate, ideal for more casual golfers best served at finding the middle of the green. Just turn it on and go, it’s very quick to be ready to use on the first tee. It’s easy to navigate and get going quickly. Can be worn in many different ways and scoring yourself on it was easy to do without taking too much time. Small and very light, you hardly notice it in your pocket. Buttons are very intuitive though you don’t need to use them once you tee off if you’re not scoring on it. 

As reviewed in our 2013 GPS Test: Good value on offer here. You get the SkyCaddie accuracy in a small, colourful package that clips easily to your bag. The display is large enough and it still features things like an odometer and pace of play timer. Joel said this would be perfect to use at your home course for quick distances while Stephen loved how small it was at just 68 grams, fitting easily in his back pocket.

Product Information

GPS locations
Additional download fees
Colour screen No
Subscription fees No
Touchscreen No

Your Reviews

Skycaddie Gadgets User Reviews

  • 3 out of 5 Unbelievabley slow

    By Steviemacca

    Every time i've activated it,it's been glacially slow,to find any course. I could recommend it's range finding properties and it's looks and ease of use but it takes ages to find your location. I wouldn't buy another one. This is actually my second one,it's a replacement for my previous one,which seemed to operate in reverse !! eg, you'd be stood on the tee and it would tell you ,you were on the green and vice versa !!.

  • 1 out of 5 Aire Failures

    By George

    Poor course recogntion. Long delays in sateliite connectivity. Incorrect yardages for winter course set ups. Poor customer service. Failure to honour warranty. 6 month only warranty period. In a nutshell unreliable and allied to poor customer service.

  • 1 out of 5 Disappointed

    By PZ

    I bought the AIRE11 on recommendation what a problem.! It registered OK and updated but when I came to use it it would not find any course but gave an error message.I eventually contacted the online help who after quite sometime suggested that the unit was faulty and I contact the UK Head Office for a replacement. I will take back to the supplier - not a happy bunny !!

  • 3 out of 5 Good but minus my home course

    By Stevie G

    Before i purchased this system i checked to make sure my home course was on their website. My course was there in big bold letters with a download symbol beside it and a course description. I purchased the Aire and tried to download my course numerous times with no success only to find out via live chat that i have to purchase a more expensive model to entitle me to downloads. It functions brilliantly on most other pre loaded courses. Just not mine.

  • 1 out of 5 Aire 2 problems

    By Golffangrin

    Mine did not work straight out the box, would not find any courses and kept freezing. There customer support team tried through remote access to fix it, but every time they did anything another problem reared its head. never did get it working, was told to send it back to them to be replaced, id rather take it back to shop for refund, and get something else. perhaps i was just unlucky but they said they were aware of this issue error code 64, which basically means its shot. so i have no confidence in the aire 2 at all.

  • 5 out of 5 Good value - clear display

    By Milientes

    RM, male, 55, HCP = 9 Have used a variety of these devices over the last few years and bought one of these a few months back to replace my old Mars 100. When you get to 50 years of age big clear numbers are always a bonus and this unit has much larger characters than the current crop of watches. Intuitive functionality and good battery life - the latter being particularly useful when on the swindle annual tour. Easy to update with access to the Sky Caddie library of courses. Now available around £100 through the discount golf operators.

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