Nike Performance Carry Stand Bag Review

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  • TG Rating 4.5 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 2 out of 5
  • RRP £140.00

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Long Term Test – Rob Jerram 18 hcap

Storage and comfort are my two must-haves in any bag and this Nike delivers. I pack a lot into my bag but the Nike Air Max straps ensure it’s a delight to carry whether I’m playing nine, 18 or 36 holes.

The 14-way divider is a major plus in a carry bag and ensures there’s no clashing clubs, the cooler pocket has been a godsend on summer days while the quick access pocket saves valuable time.

The stand itself is strong but the sole-plate can be a little pedantic if the bag isn’t put down at the exact angle. The material has impressed in tough conditions but some of the zips have got caught on fabric. Overall it’s excellent, especially for a bag that can now be found online for under £100.

Pros: Comfortable straps, quick access pocket for balls, loads of storage, durable rubber base and materials throughout.
Cons: Inconsistent stand, sticking zips. 



We liked: The Nike bag had loads of pockets and features so there was always plenty of room for the various bits of kit our test teamr equired during the chilly early-November days. In fact, David said this was the closest thing to a cart bag he had seen in a standbag thanks to the sheer number of pockets and features on offer.

The waterproof valuables pocket was well liked by our team as was the insulated drinks pouch to keep your refreshments warm or cold depending on the season. All of the testers also commented on the air-infused carry strap to help lighten the load of the bag on your shoulders and this was therefore rated as one of the most comfortable bags to carry on test.

Again, the 14-way top cuff proved a very popular feature and our team said this would help protect your clubs from too much rattling around when walking. Another neat touch was the rubberised base, which meant the bag was easy to stand up straight when storing in a cupboard or in the garage.

We didn’t like: Although there were a lot of pockets, Ross said there didn’t seem any order to them and he admitted to being a little confused with the sheer number of them and what they were all designed for. David said the only thing he would change would be to have rubber feet on the bottom of the legs to stop them digging into
soft ground, while Rich and Stuart said it seemed one of the heavier bags on test.

Weight: 2.5kg Looks: 4.0 Comfort: 4.8 Stability: 4.3 Features: 4.3

One of the key features of this bag is the 14-way club divider system in the top, which is usually reserved for larger trolley bags. But Nike say this is versatile enough to be used as a stand or a trolley bag. It features 10 strategically placed pockets, eight of which are zippered, including a waterproof, fleece-line valuables pocket, full-length clothing pocket and insulated cooler pocket. The strap is Nike’s Max Air curved system, which features air pockets for added comfort.

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  • 2 out of 5 what the f***

    By jdwallace

    ive had this bag for just under a year and yes youve guessed its already broke. the base of it has snapped( the bit that allows it to stand-well should do). also it is pretty heavy to carry round, i know im in me teens but ive had a few comments from adults askin me how i can put up with it. the answer is i cant i just dont have enough money to buy another-due to the shortage of jobs, and therefore money. however there is ONE thing good about it and that is that it looks amazing. SO, if you want a bag that has minimal sustainability, weighs a tonne and leaves you thinking "what the f***" thern by all means buy this. otherwise id go elswhere. P.S. ' hope this helps