Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls 2013 Review

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  • At a glance

  • TG Rating 3.5 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 5 out of 5
  • Pros

    The e6 felt firm.

  • Cons

    Struggled to tell the difference between the e5 and e6. 

  • RRP £27.99

What we say...



There is a new dimple design with WEB Dimple technology that increases surface coverage by more than 10%, benefiting distance and flight performance

The E6 also had a soft gradational core plus an anti-side spin inner layer combined with a softer Surlyn cover for an improved feel.

If you prefer a coloured golf ball you can pick up the E6 in optic yellow and orange.


As reviewed in our Balls Test: Boasted a pretty stable flight but felt firm and we struggled to tell the difference between the e5 and e6. 

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Pieces 3 pieces

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Bridgestone Balls User Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 Best by miles

    By Corky69

    I was recently fitted for Bridgestone golf balls at at a presentation day at my local golf club,I have been using the same brand ball for the past two years and to be honest wasn't expecting anything that would make me change,how wrong could I have been?baring in mind I was hitting of stupid driving range tees this ball flew,my figures should 12yards gained in distance,less spin leading to much staighter shots, supperb feel of the irons both long and short excellent feel around the greens. In short an amazing ba lol at an amazing I was playing of a handicap of 12 before I changed balls an I am currently of 10.

  • 5 out of 5 Why pay more?

    By Swillie

    Is it in the mind? I don't know.....But, the feel of the e6 and the recent results seem to suggest that there's something in the ball hype. Give me 10 yards straighter than 10 yards longer every day. You can scorer for the light rough, not fromthe deep hogweed. Can't recommend these balls highly enough and at around £15 per dozen (2014), why pay more...... With exception of srixon z-stars on offer.

  • 5 out of 5 Best yet!

    By Mozzy Jones

    Even though back in the dark ages I was a +2 player (at fifteen), taking the game up after a forty-five year break I have been bewildered at the choice in balls! I've been wasting my money on one variety after another and THEN just when I thought I couldn't find a ball I liked along came the Bridgestone E6. Clearly with rampant arthritis I CANNOT whack a ball 300 yards any more. Then again I couldn't get any feel from the makes I'd tried. I was shaking for a pastime and on the cusp of forgetting it. THEN I get given three E6 balls and WOW!!!!! Off the tee these things fly. I'm putting a three wood 16 degree around 230-250 and the dimple design does seem to keep the ball low to start, then rise and either slightly fade or draw ... but then again the F or D might be me. On irons say six up to nine, the feel of this ball when struck on the SS (sweet-spot) is quite baffling. There is almost no feel; almost as if you are just taking a practice sweep at the grass and hey presto off it pops. PW & SW in particular around the green for simple pitching I found this ball a joy to use. Once again feel was great. Putting. Absolutely hopeless for putting with. THEN AGAIN I have a sneaky feeling that is currently my fault! :) I really want to try the Nike white balls with teh free two ball offer but for me I only like to use yellow balls and thus far they are only in white. Anyway, hope this might help someone in doubt . Mozzy.

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