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It has a three-piece construction with a compression of around 65, lower than the majority of balls used out on tour, and it features a new ‘SoftFast’ core, which retains energy as the ball compresses and deforms on the face at impact, but also returns to its original shape quicker. Callaway says this results in lower spin and more distance. A stiffer mantle layer is designed to improve energy transfer, while a new DuraSpin cover is the softest and most durable urethane cover Callaway has ever made, resulting in Tour-level control greenside. Finally, hexagonal aerodynamic dimples create optimal performance on both low spin and high spin shots.


“This is the best ball I’ve ever played,” says Callaway staffer Phil Mickelson, who is likely to play a slightly modified version of this ball on Tour next year. “It is revolutionary and the average player can see the difference. I’m getting lower spin, but more stability from 5-iron through to driver. I noticed practising at home with my SR3+ that one chip shot would come off low, another a little high, it was inconsistent. But with the Chrome Soft the flight was the same every time. My short game has never been so good as it has with this ball.”


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Callaway Balls User Reviews

  • 4 out of 5 Will drop numbers off my handicap

    By Mervyn King

    I used the calaway super soft before trying this ball, so glad I did it will drop numbers off my handicap . I am a 13 at present this ball will enable me to get a single figure handicap for the first time in my life

  • 4 out of 5 Soft but no compromise.

    By Brian T

    A ball with a soft core that gives great low compression, provides low spin (which is great for hitting straight into the wind, that my course has most of the time) and a super soft urethane cover that gives buttery feel and grip with the wedges! On opening the pack there are no shocks, a pretty bright white ball, good depth to the dimples, the covers actually feels soft (finger nail test passed) From the first shots I hit the ball felt good, I have to admit I have no idea what tech allows you to make a ball feel solid off driver, and long irons when it feels so soft off wedges and putter! First false perception squashed was that this ball would be shorter off the tee for higher swing speeds, I noticed nothing to suggest this, it was just as long off all shots I have seen. Shorter shots were a bit more of a shock, as this ball really did check quickly! It caught me out many times when the ball would hit the fringe and only just trickle onto the green, it took quite a while for me to be confident enough to throw the ball closer to the flag. You get a lot more confidence to do this as the ball really feels to grip the wedges! One of the most underrated parts for ball testing for me is the feel off the putter. I'd read quite a bit about the Chrome Soft off the putter, and thought most of it was rubbish as the ball 'felt' fine from the putter, quiet too. One thing that was a change for me was the distance control, it really felt like I had to give the ball a bit of a whack to get it to the hole for longer putts. This could well have been caused by the insert on my putter but it didn't cause me any issues and only took a couple of holes to adjust. One last thing, which could be the deal breaker for some .... sorry but they don't float!

  • 5 out of 5 It don't get no better than this ball makes pro v1 look silly for the price

    By Ceeps

    Straight away I noticed the difference between this ball and the hex black the ball is a lot softer and compresses really well but still has the drop and bomb it of the tee, but even better is how durable it is, my mc daddy's normal chew balls but not these bad boys.

  • 5 out of 5 Best ball for me

    By Mike1809

    This really is the best ball I've ever hit. It gives me at least 10 yds extra carry as the "hang time" is definitely longer. Wedge control from 100 yds in is improved with shorter stopping distance on the green (if I hit the green that is!). The real plus for me tho is the feel of the ball off the putter giving me more confidence and distance control on long putts. Just about to order 12 doz.

  • 4 out of 5 Neil Smith - Hcap 8

    By Anonymous

    How did it perform from the tee? I was initially concerned about distance. I use a firm ball because I’m not the longest hitter, but I didn’t lose distance with this. It held its own and felt good off the face. What about the ball flight? The trajectory was good and it travelled straight and true in the air. Did you get much greenside spin? It stopped quicker on chips and pitches, which let me be more aggressive. How was it on the greens? It felt a bit lifeless and I struggled to gauge distance with the putter. However, it was good on off-centre hits. With a firmer ball it usually feels terrible if you don’t middle it, but this felt good and rolled out. Will you keep them in the bag? It will be a big change for me but they’re much cheaper than the balls I currently use.

  • 5 out of 5 Ryan Slater - Hcap 18

    By Anonymous

    How did it perform from the tee? It easily went further than the soft ball I currently use. The distance was impressive. What about the ball flight? I hit it a touch higher with my irons, allowing me to get some more stop. Did you get much greenside spin? I don’t spin the ball at all so it was great to see a couple of iron shots spin back. How was it on the greens? I couldn’t get it to the hole and felt like I had to over-hit it to get it there. Will you keep them in the bag? Distance and spin were better than my current soft ball so I definitely will.