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Chris Ryan, PGA professional: “I hit some big drives with this. The rainbow-shaped flight would add extra yards in run during summer. Yes it span less than some with the wedge, but the lack of back and sidespin helped my accuracy. I’d expect to stop this close from 100 yards.”

“I really like how the HX Tour is more stable in the wind. Aerodynamically it’s fantastic, and bad shots don’t seem so prone to wandering off line, like some of the premium balls. The brilliant, powerful ball flight is noticeable over its rivals. Very impressive.”

The Callaway HX Tour 56 golf ball features the 3-piece technology with softer feel and amazing greenside control. The soft, thin Urethane cover helps provide a delicate feel with enhanced control and consistency on low-spin distance shots, with responsive sticking power around the green while reducing drag and increasing distance for a tour-level precision and trajectory performance.

One of Callaway's premium balls aimed at the serious golfer.

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Pieces3 pieces

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  • 5 out of 5 GREAT PERFORMANCE


    Tried various balls... In the winter I use the Callaway HX Hot....Had reports that the cover on the HX Tour 56 can cut up, never had a problem with them and found the distance good and they will take spin... Great for long game and short as well.

  • 5 out of 5 One for the warner climates

    By Anonymous

    I don't normally buy premium balls but got some logo overruns in a barrel at NXT Tour price. When it's warm this ball really flies and it's great around the greens. Next to the Srixon Z-URS it has become my favorite ball. However, when the temperature drops- so does the distance performance- must be designed in CA :-)