Callaway SR-2 Golf Balls Review

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  • TG Rating 3 out of 5
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  • Pros

    Works well with a fast swing.

  • Cons

    Underperforms with slower swing. 

  • RRP £39.99

What we say...


A five-piece ball is aimed at golfers with mid driver swing speeds of 90-105mph.

All three SR balls feature a new, soft cover, which is said to deliver tour-level control for the short game, plus Callaway’s trademark HEX pattern, which optimises aerodynamics by covering a greater surface area with hexagonally shaped dimples.

The soft inner core also reduces spin off the tee for longer distances.

As reviewed in our Balls Test: Will work well for players with a faster driver swing.

Launched over a degree lower with more spin on 50-yard pitches.

The SR2 really stood out from the fairway and rough compared to the best of the SR range and it is a nice stable ball in testing conditions.

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Pieces 5 pieces

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