Srixon AD333 Tour Golf Balls Review

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  • TG Rating 5 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 5 out of 5
  • Pros

    Excels in all areas with feel close to a premium ball. Penetrating flight and stable on full shots. 

  • Cons

    Not as soft as it could be. 

  • RRP £36.00

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Designed for golfers without tour level swing speeds, but who want many performance traits that a tour ball provides.

Srixon is hoping to build on the success of its AD333 with this Tour version, a three-piece ball aimed at golfers who want a long, softer-feeling mid-price offering.

It boasts many of the features found in Srixon’s premium Z-Star ball, including an Energetic Gradient Growth (EGG) core, Speed Dimples and Spin Skin coating. 

“We developed the AD333 Tour to offer the aspiring club player a three-piece option with characteristics of a Tour-type product,” said Dean Cracknell, Cleveland Golf/Srixon product manager. “The construction has been tailored to accommodate a wide cross-section of golfers.”

The core means the rubber is soft in the middle and harder at the perimeter to create a spin separation between clubs – less with the driver, more with the irons and wedges. The Spin Skin enhances control on short shots, aided by a urethane cover.

As reviewed in our Balls Test
Deserving of its tour moniker – it delivered around the green with control levels on a par with the majority of premium balls.

Appealing combo of driver and short game performance. Not the spinniest on the 50-yard pitch, but the cover feels nice and soft which boosts confidence around the green.

Driver numbers didn’t disappoint either.

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Srixon Balls User Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 ZStar performance in my AD333 box !

    By Brian T

    Pros ... - bright bright white cover, which is very resilient to scuffs - great feel off all the clubs - superb spin characteristics off the wedges. - premium ball performance qualities but at discounted ball pricing (retail pricing currently £27) I do wonder what Srixon is gonna do with the ZStars they still have in storage, because there really is no reason for me to play them if AD333 Tours are readily available. I played one of these over a whole weekend of competition play (Medal and then Matchplay knockout), having played the AD333 for a while, and been a long time supporter of the ZStar, I feel I know the differences between the different models and how they play on course for me. I've been playing fairly consistent lately and have had the AD333 in play for a while, so taking this ball out I wasn't surprised to see the usual bright white cover on the tee peg, such a difference to many balls these days that just look a little dull. First thing I noticed on striking the ball is that the distance gains for me were minimal, without the aid of a trackman monitor I couldn't be sure of any improvements. Feel on the other hand can be felt from all clubs, and whilst the original AD333 is harsher than this one, it does feel very similar to the ZStar for me in these warmer temperatures. Spin has been improved over the AD333 and I managed quite a few half wedges that stuck on the green immediately, which on harder greens at the moment is quite an achievement. Putter feel is lovely with a nice positive click and the ball rolls out well from my Daddy Long Legs putter. Biggest surprise is that after 36 holes the ball required no more than wipe with a damp cloth to regain its pristine looks. Great resilience from the cover to a few bunkers and couple of tree glances. Getting me my best score (75, 3 over gross) of the last year means this ball might be the best ball launched for me.

  • 5 out of 5 Tour ball but without the price of them

    By Seve16

    I was given a sleeve of these balls to try at a recent trade show with Srixon telling me how good there were! I can honestly say they are excellent in all areas. Good distance,soft around the greens and durable. Great ball that's £10+ per dozen cheaper than the "other" tour preferred balls. Try them for yourself,you won't be disappointed.