Srixon Z-Star Diamond Golf Balls Review

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  • TG Rating 5 out of 5
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  • Pros

    – Blends greenside control and long-game distance

    – Developed with Srixon's Tour staff

    – Impressive ball speed and distance

    – 0.6mm urethane cover aids spin and control on approaches

    – Dimple pattern helps improve flight, especially in wind

  • Cons

    – Only really benefits better players with high ball speeds

    – Not as long as the Z-Star XV golf ball

  • RRP £39.99

What we say...

Srixon reveal Z-Star  Diamond Golf ball, a blend of their best-selling premium models and the ball being played by four-time Major champion Brooks Koepka.

Working with their tour stars, including Koepka, Masters champion Hideki Matsuyama and 2019 Open Champion Shane Lowry, Srixon have expanded their superb Z-Star golf ball family to three models with the introduction of the new Diamond.

Designed to blend greenside control and long-game distance, the new ball also delivers increased spin on long and mid-iron shots.

The Srixon Z-Star Diamond golf ball.

Aimed at better players with high ball speeds, the three-piece Diamond is the idea model for golfers looking to hold the green from anywhere on the course.

Srixon’s FastLayer Core, which is soft at its center and firm around its outer edge, is at the foundation of the Diamond ball, providing speed and feel. It combines with the brand’s proprietary Spin Skin with SeRM – a durable 0.6mm urethane coating that digs deep into wedge and iron grooves on every impact to increase friction and maximise spin and control.

The 338 dimple pattern is designed to deliver less drag and more lift for a long and true flight, even in strong winds 

Brooks Koepka, four-time Major champion and former World No.1, signed for Srixon late last year and has already put the new model into play.

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The Srixon Z-Star Diamond golf ball.

Srixon Z-Star Diamond key technologies

FastLayer Core: The new FastLayer Core starts soft in the center and gradually becomes firm around its edge, it gives high-speed players exceptional feel and plenty of ball speed for maximum distance.

SpinSkin with SeRM: A new, thicker thermoplastic urethane cover features SpinSkin with SeRM, a durable coating with flexible molecular bonds. It digs deep into wedge and iron grooves, maximizing spin for more control and stopping power.

338 Speed Dimple Pattern: The new 338 Speed Dimple Pattern delivers less drag and more lift boosts overall distance and flies true, even in the toughest wind conditions. 

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Brooks Koepka plays the Srixon Z-Star Diamond golf ball.

What Srixon say about the new ball

“By working closely with our global Tour staff, we created the Z-Star Diamond ball as an enhancement to our premium Tour line-up,” said Lionel Caron, Chief Sales and Marketing at Srixon Sports Europe.

“It is something of a best-of-both-worlds type product, blending many of the benefits of our two current models. Like the Z-Star XV, the Z-Star Diamond produces really good ball speed and distance. But thanks to a slightly thicker cover, the Diamond features exceptional spin and control on approach shots.

“This is also the ball that our latest signing and four-time Major Champion, Brooks Koepka is using on tour.”

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How the different Srixon Z-Star balls compare.

Should I play the Srixon Z-Star, Srixon Z-Star XV or Srixon Diamond golf ball?

All three of the premium golf balls are aimed at better players seeking either maximum spin (Z-Star) or maximum distance (Z-Star XV) or a blend of the two (Z-Star Diamond).

  Z-Star Z-Star XV Z-Star Diamond
Construction 3-piece 4-piece 3-piece
Feel Softer Soft Soft
Distance Long Longer Long
Flight Mid Mid-High Mid-High
Greenside spin High Highest Higher
Driver Spin Low Low Mid
Cover (size) Urethane (0.6mm) Urethane (0.5mm) Urethane (0.6mm)
Core FastLayer Core Dual Core FastLayer Core

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Product Information

Srixon Z-Star Diamond Golf Ball

RRP: £39.99 per dozen

Construction: Three layers

Cover: Urethane

Colours: Pure White

First released: March 2022

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