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Chris Ryan, PGA professinal: “Forget the wacky shaped dimples on the new, low-compression Wilson Staff Dx2 Soft: I hit it really well, even when it’s not suited to my game. The controllable ball flight, decent feel and a small price tag make this an attractive ball for all club golfers.”

We loved the feel of this ball and think it's a great choice for most club golfers. The core is soft and you can really feel the difference between this distsance ball and the others. Spin rates were higher in our test, without sacrificing length.

2009, Updated Model - Review

According to Wilson, the Dx2 Soft is 22 per cent softer than its rivals and both Ed and David agreed this was the softest ball in this category. Ed said he’d have no problem using one regularly and although David loved the feel off the wedge’s face, he felt it was too soft for his game and might cost him yards.

It spins less off the tee while the Compression Core is 22 per cent softer than the nearest two piece rival.

The Wilson Staff Dx2 Soft ball is super soft, super lively, and super value, these Second Chance  DX2 Soft Golf Balls are designed to fly high and far with a wonderfully soft feel.

The features include a super-soft, high velocity core. The softest core in the game today utilizes advancements in rubber chemistry to maintain high initial velocity.
The speed-generating HPF mantle encases the low compression core to generate higher spin. The ball has a thin, responsive ionomer cover which delivers a soft feel with maximum durability and improved scuff-resistance. With PhD Aerodynamics, the ball is large, flat-bottomed with shallow dimples that deliver a stable, penetrating ball flight. Softest Core in the Game

The large, flat-bottomed, shallow dimples on these Wilson Staff DX2 Soft Golf Balls Dozen 2010 deliver a stable, penetrating golf ball flight, while the Traction Control Technology integrates with the urethane cover to generate the highest spin possible from club faces with the 25° of loft or more, providing for ultimate shot-making and scoring.

One of Wilson's mid-range balls.

Wilson Staff Dx2 Soft Golf Balls

Contact: 01294 316270
Web: www.wilsonstaff.com

Your Reviews

Wilson Staff Balls User Reviews

  • 4 out of 5 Soft & long

    By squires369

    These were recommend by the shop pro, I usually use NXT's.  21 handicap, slight slice - These balls have stopped my slice! Softer than NXTs with no loss of distance, plus if you look they can be had for under £15 a box, bargain!

  • 4 out of 5 TOP DRAW BALL!


    I found one of these while looking for my own ball at my local club & decided to use it. I was amazed at the difference in feel & accuracy it was giving. I've not looked back since. Dont get me wrong Titlest beats anything on the market hands down, but if you fancy something a bit different.....

  • 2 out of 5 Bit of a let down...

    By Nimster

    Read throught the reviews on this and thought I'd just give a whirl in the morning 9 hole, distance was ok, found it had quite a bit of side spin and was not great on feel feedback...

  • 4 out of 5 Not Bad for £2 a sleeve

    By Peter Walsh

    I used a Dx2 soft ball on a recent golf trip to Ireland having bought some from the Today's Golfer magazime offer for £2 for a sllve of three. I found this ball gave excellent distance off the driver and stopped very well on the greens - even with a 5 iron from 175 yards at the Druid's Heath par 4 first.

  • 4 out of 5 Great value, feel and distance.

    By Anonymous

    Having out grown the lottery which is lake balls decided to splash some cash. A fine choice, excellent feel off the club face. Inspires confidence, look out for last years Dx2's as prices are falling due to the release of the Dx2 soft.

  • Not yet rated Nothing great but decent

    By Anonymous

    Great value for money though

  • Not yet rated Nothing great but decent

    By Anonymous

    Great value for money though

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