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Wilson says the Tx4 Pro features shallow dimples that “rip through the air to create a stable, high trajectory” – and our testers agreed. Both thought this was one of the firmer balls on test and that it was a sound but unspectacular offering. Mark also thought it lacked a bit of feel with his wedge.

The Tx4 Pro is a multi-layer sphere of energy that provides excellent distance, checks on demand, and matches shot-for-shot, other competing urethane balls that lead the worldwide tours.

The Tx4 Pro features multi-layer construction and thin urethane cover for low driver spin, high wedge spin and precision accuracy from 100 yards and in. Nano-Tech particles are infused into the rubber chemistry which produce an extremely lively, but soft inner core. The Performance mantle layer fuels maximum acceleration off of the club face and generates higher iron spin rates. The Wilson Tx4 Pro Golf ball has a thin urethane cover which promotes spin, delivers soft feel, and provides extra control off of irons. The ball has a unique flat-bottomed, shallow dimples which rip through the air to create a more stable, penetrating flight

The Wilson TX4 has a 4-piece construction, a scruff-resistant performance. It is 213 flat-bottomed with shallow dimples create a more stable high trajectory flight.

Wilson TX4 Pro Golf Balls

Contact: 01294 316270
Web: www.wilsonstaff.com

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  • 4 out of 5 What a surprise!

    By chrismdunn

    I was always one of those golfers who thought you didn't have to spend a lot on balls to get a good result. A friend bought a box of Wilson TX4 Pros and suggested I try them as he was impressed with how they'd affected his game. Dubiously I duly forked out more that I'd ever spent before on a box. Surprisingly I now feel that it is money well spent. I'm getting longer drives, my pitches are running smoothly onto the green and my putting is better than ever. I'm guessing it's not all down to the new balls but certainly I have more confidence when I use them and this must be having an overall positive affect on my play. Give them a go. You might be pleasantly surprised as well.

  • 5 out of 5 the ball of champions

    By haynrich

    these balls may look pricy but well worth every penny. you just cant beat them. they never let me down and have made me much more confident on the green.