Best adidas Golf Shoes 2022


Which are the best adidas golf shoes for 2022?

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The German giant is the second biggest sportswear company in the world and uses all its considerable muscle in the lucrative golf market.

Certainly its range of golf shoes is highly regarded and the likes of Collin Morikawa, Dustin Johnson and Xander Schauffele are well-known brand ambassadors. 

And adidas continues to set the standard. Their Tour360 22 shoes has been branded as “their best-performing model’ while their new spikeless Rebelcross fuses the best of casual and golf into an eye-catching and potentially iconic shoe.

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But here is our take on the best adidas golf shoes…

Best adidas Golf Shoes: Spiked

tour360 22

adidas Tour360 22 Golf Shoes

RRP £159.99 | Unisex? Yes | Men – VIEW OFFER; Ladies – VIEW OFFER
Sizes 4-12 | Colour options White + Black + Blue; White + Silver; Cloud White + Navy + silver; White + Orange + Blue | BOA option? Yes | Waterproof? Yes

The Tour360 shoe has long been a best-seller for adidas and is worn by everyone from Major champions to high-handicappers.

seventeen years after it first launched, adidas Golf delved into the brand’s archives before taking the Tour360 back to the drawing board with a focus on two critical areas – fit and traction. The result is the Tour360 22, which adidas say is the “best-performing model” they’ve ever released.

And it is difficult to argue with that assessment. Adidas has pulled out all the stops to produce a shoe that mimics the natural movement of the feet and responds to the demands put on our base by all that shifting weight.

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Meanwhile the Dualstack midsole is the most advanced the brand have ever created, combining Boost cushioning with an EVA stability frame – a horseshoe-shaped piece at the perimeter of the forefoot to provide lightweight stability, comfort and performance. 

A Geofit collar is designed to enhance the fit and feel around the top of the foot, the 3D Torsion System provides more stability in the middle of the foot and the Insite Sockliner cradles the foot’s contours, especially in the heel, for even more cushioning, comfort and support.  

adidas worked closely with their tour stars to get the shoe right, even looking at their foot pressure traces to help create the latest iteration of Spikemore, with cleats directly injected onto the TPU base. It allows for more precise locations, adjust density, make the arm shapes unique and adjust the size depending on where the cleat sits on the outsole.

ZG21 men

adidas ZG21 Golf Shoes

RRP £150 Unisex? Yes | Men’s – VIEW OFFER; Ladies – VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 3.5-12 | Colour options: Core Grey + Yellow + Focus Blue; Crew Navy + White + Sonic Aqua; Core Black + Grey; White + Dusk + Silver; White + Yellow + Blue; White + Black + Solar Red; Black + Silver + Grey | BOA option? Yes | Waterproof? Yes

While adidas has long been known for producing footwear that ticks most of the boxes, some golfers have taken issue with the weight of their spiked shoes. 

Adidas’s response is the ZG21, a hybrid concept which utilises the considerable advancements in spike technology. 

It suits all terrains and weathers while remaining classically adidas in look. Considering the jobs it performs, it is remarkably light and, thanks to the brand’s renowned Boost sole cushioning, it is exceptionally comfortable. 

The four-layer upper provides complete waterproof protection, while the six cleats and a secondary lug provide superb grip, making this an ideal wet-weather golf shoe. Worn by two-time Major champion Collin Morikawa.

sg21 boot

adidas Golf S2G Mid-Cut Golf Boot

RRP £100.00 | Unisex? Yes | Men’s – VIEW OFFER; Ladies – VIEW OFFER
Sizes 3.5-12 | Colour options Black; Black + Grey + Mesa | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

No one likes playing golf in terrible weather but if you are that hardy then the S2G boot will keep your feet dry – come what may.

Adidas’s much-vaunted .rdy system of layering materials to suit the prevalent conditions and this shoe uses the Rain.Rdy system. The combination of synthetic and leather upper provides ample protection.

Underneath, as you might imagine, the Adiwear/V-Traxion lugs combine with ThinTech Golf Cleats to create a highly responsive and durable gripping system.

Also surprisingly lightweight and you will want to wear them if hiking/walking is also your thing. 

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Best adidas Golf Shoes: Spikeless


adidas Rebelcross golf shoes

RRP £140 | Unisex? No | VIEW OFFER
Sizes 7-12 | Colour options  Magic Grey + Almost Lime + Grey Four; Core Black + Magic Lime + Aluminium; White + Core Black + Aluminium | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

Adidas is certainly embracing the evolution of the golf shoe with their new release – The Rebelcross (it came out on February 14th).

Increasingly golf shoes are being designed for multi-use and certainly this does that in spades. Adidas’s super -uccessful Yeezy trainer brand is the inspiration for the design, most eye-catchingly across the sole.

Adidas has also embraced the need for sustainably-made products with an upper that is made from a combination of leather and recycled materials. The TPU heel clip is also a nice touch, providing stability for golfers worried that the shoe might be just a bit too flimsy for them. 

The midsole utilises both the Lightstrike and Boost cushioning system so the result is something lightweight but sturdy and supportive in all the right places. 

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codechaos men

adidas Codechaos Golf Shoes

RRP £130.00 | Unisex? Yes | Men – VIEW OFFER; Ladies – VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 4-12 | Colour options: Black + Pulse Lime; White + Grey One + Blue Rush; Cloud White + Silver Metallic + Signal Coral | BOA option? Yes | Waterproof? Yes

adidas Codechaos 21 spikeless golf shoes feature recycled Primeblue material as brand aims to make golf more sustainable.

Building on the success of the 2020 Codechaos shoe, the 2021 model continues the brand’s bid to use only recycled polyester in all of its products by 2024 and remains one of the lightest golf shoes on the market.

Primeblue is adidas’ high-performance recycled material that’s made in part with Parley Ocean Plastic. These plastics were intercepted from beaches, coastal communities and shorelines, preventing them from polluting the oceans. adidas take that plastic waste and turn it into a performance solution.

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codechaos ladies

adidas have enhanced the upper to feature a sporty design aesthetic containing more than 50 per cent Parley Ocean Plastic.

But this textile upper goes beyond just recycled content. It’s also waterproof (one-year warranty) to provide solid protection if golfers ever find themselves facing the elements.

As part of the upper, adidas included overlapping microfibre panels on both the lateral and medial side of the shoe to give golfers more stability and protection when they play.

The spikeless outsole features Twistgrip technology where adidas used heat-map studies to determine the most optimal location for the lugs, providing all players with the best grip possible.

tour 360 XTSL

adidas Tour360 XT-SL Golf Shoes

RRP £99.95 | Unisex? Yes | Men’s – VIEW OFFERLadies (FASTEN8) – VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK):
 3.5-12 | Colour options: Black + Grey + Red; Grey + White + Yellow; White + Black + Silver ; Cloud White + Wild Pink + Silver; Core Black + Silver Metallic | BOA option? Yes | Waterproof? Yes

The Tour360 XT SL was the first highly technical spikeless Tour360 golf shoe that adidas ever made, geared for providing both comfort and stability in the golf swing. 

The entire outsole features the X-Traxion lug system, strategically placed so players get the comfort of spikeless while still maintaining the grip they expect from a high-performance shoe.

The X-shape lugs also vary in height, allowing for some lugs to go deeper into the ground, which adidas found to help increase overall traction.

The shoe is also highlighted by the X-Torsion system through the midfoot to provide more stability and control throughout the swing. The X-Torsion system features an X-shape, connecting the heel and forefoot, which is visible through the TPU outsole. Players will appreciate full-length BOOST in the midsole, providing unparalleled energy return and even more comfort throughout the round.


adidas S2G SL Golf Shoes

RRP £85.00 | Unisex? Yes | Men’s – VIEW OFFER; Ladies – VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 4-12 | Colour options: Blue + Crew Navy + White; Grey Four + Core Black + Grey Six; Grey Three + Cloud White + Hazy Orange; White+ Grey Four + Grey Six; Grey Three + White + Screaming Pink; Hazy Sky + Cloud White + Grey Two | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

Arguably adidas’s most casual-looking shoe and probably their most comfortable to boot.

Not one for the fairways of the UK in Winter but on firm, dry ground, they are ideal. The bounce midsole offers all the cushioning you could wish for.

You also get a waterproof microfibre upper that will mould around the contours of your foot.

The sole looks fairly sturdy and will provide excellent traction on hard surfaces thanks to the dozens of v-shaped cleats (of all different sizes) that have been engineered to maximise grip. 


adidas Flopshot Golf Shoes

RRP £120.00 | Unisex? No | VIEW OFFER 
Sizes (UK): 7-12 | Colour options: Black + Grey Six + Legacy Burgundy; Tan Brown + Golden Beige + Pulse Mint; White + Gold Metallic + Blue Rush | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

Another spikeless offering that oozes comfort and for those who like their golf shoe to look a bit more formal, the Flopshot will certainly provide plenty of appeal.

It is packed with features but perhaps, most interestingly, is the attention to detail around the collar where adidas’ Fitfoma Geo addition is designed to create a precise fit around the ankle. Any golfer knows the heel is the most fragile when it comes to new shoes and rubbing in that area is never nice.

On top of that is a full-grain leather upper while the fatigue problem is met full in face by the Boost midsole which has been championed by the company as system that sets a new standard in terms of providing comfort and support. 

The Puremotion flexible spikeless outsole has been well tested by players all over the worl and, when you put it all together, it adds up to a superb golf shoes. 


adidas Golf EQT Golf Shoes

RRP £110.00 | Unisex? Yes | Men’s – VIEW OFFER; Ladies – VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 3.5-12 | Colour options: Grey + Sub Green + Black; White + Grey; White + Hazy Sky + Crew Navy | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

Another golf shoe that looks like an adidas trainer at first glance but has plenty of strings to its bow, not least the adiwear rubber sole that is incredibly grippy and will cope pretty well on wet fairways.

They are also surprisingly waterproof thanks to an ingenious synthetic mesh upper that is also designed to help keep your feet cool in warm weather.

Again the Boost midsole system is a welcome addition and the company’s long-term sustainability goals are encapsulated well here. Primegreen recycled materials are embraced in all areas of the EQT.

Best adidas Golf Shoes: Ladies Only


Adidas Summervent Ladies Golf Shoes

RRP £85.00 | VIEW OFFER 
Sizes (UK): 3-8 | Colour options: White + Almost Slime | BOA option? No | Waterproof? No

Adidas are aiming to get to 100 recycled polyester in all its products by 2024 and the Primegreen material is all over this most summery of products.

The emphasis is very much on keeping cool and adidas’s Heat.Rdy material structure is designed to aid breathability and help your feet stay cool and dry when it gets hot.

Playing golf in hot conditions can really take it out of you so the bounce midsole is more than welcome and the combination of elements will really take the stress out of energy-sapping rounds. 


adidas Alphaflex Sport Ladies Golf Shoes

RRP £85.00 | VIEW OFFER 
Sizes (UK): 3-8 | Colour options: White + Tech Indigo | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

A really interesting attempt by adidas to create something with lots of style while not compromising on substance.

The patterned design tricks your eyes into thinking this is a fairly lightweight offering but that is far from the case. These are one tough pair of golf shoes that will cope with awful weather while offering plenty of support.

You get adidas’s X Traxion rubber outsole that is as grippy as you can get without utilising spikes and mesh upper is so tight you feel well protected.

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adidas Adicross Retro Ladies Golf Shoes

RRP £75.00 | VIEW OFFER 
Sizes (UK):
 4-7 | Sole? Spikeless | Colour options: White + Golf + White; White + Pink + White; White + White + Pink; Ash Pearl + Gold Metallic + White; White + Grey + White; White + White + Mint; White Tint + Pulse Amber + Ecru Tint; Core Black + Magic Lilac + White; Almost Pink + White + Almost Pink; White + Almost Pink + Ecru Tint; White + Black + White | BOA option? No | Waterproof? No

Looks a tennis shoe from the 80s and certainly has a retro feel to this. Even the sole looks a bit Bjorn Borg but look closer and a web of grips speaks to a golf shoe that is, actually, as modern as they come.

Adidas only do footwear that have considerable attention to detail applied to them and the support you get with Adicross is top notch. Every golfer will appreciate the high abrasion rubber compound that protects the medial forefoot.

The full grain leather is soft but water resistant rather than waterproof but the manufacturing giants do like to emphasise the shoe’s windproofing qualities and that never goes amiss. 

Also available in 11 different colour styles so lots you are guaranteed to find a mix that appeals visually. 


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