Best Duca Del Cosma Golf Shoes 2022


Which are the best Duca Del Cosma golf shoes?

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Since 2004 Duca Del Cosma have introduced a considerable amount of Italian flair into the golf shoe market. Their eye-catching designs and classical lines have added a new dimension for many players. Baldovino Mattiazzo’s creations certainly ooze sophistication.

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However all that style does come at a cost and the Duca Del Cosma range is invariably priced at the top end of the market. But if you really want to look the part with footwear bordering on the beautiful, they offer you plenty to go at.

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Six-time DP World Tour winner Joost Luiten wears Duca Del Cosma golf shoes.

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But let’s start with the best Duca Del Cosma golf shoes…

Best Duca Del Cosma Golf Shoes: Men’s Only


Duca Del Cosma Elpaso golf shoes

RRP £179.97 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes 6-12 | Sole? Spikeless | Colours options Navy; White; | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

Introduced in 2021, the Elpaso is a classic-looking golf shoe but its unfussy exterior belies a shoe with some clever innovations.

One slightly quirky feature many Duca Del Cosma shoes is a raised heel, which the manufacturer believes will aid posture. While this is certainly true for many players, not all require help in this department.

Duca Del Cosma’s spikeless soles are also certainly bold in their use of very grippy nubs and this latest Airplay XI outsole will certainly provide you with a very stable base.

The soft leather upper is a pure delight in terms of comfort while the company’s patented Arneflex insole – it is a memory foam insert covered with recycled microfiber – is beautifully engineered to assist your comfort levels.


Duca Del Cosma Standford golf shoes

RRP £179.95 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes 6-12 | Sole? Spikeless | Colours options Coffee; Black | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

This modern twist on a quintessentially Italian piece of footwear is the definition of golfing elegance. And while the Standford is obviously designed for golf, they could definitely be worn in a number of off-course locations.

The first thing to say is you might think boot and then think clunky but they are incredibly light. The chunky sole is designed to aid posture. With all that support around your ankles, you certainly have a stable base, aided by the Airplay VI outsole, which is packed with rubber nubs.

While our first thought with golf boots is winter golf, these are probably not your go-to option if that’s what you are after. And that’s nothing to do with wanting to cover the beautiful Nappa Leather upper in mud.


Duca Del Cosma Heritage

RRP £199.99 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes: 6-13 | Sole? Spiked | Colours options: Black + Grey; White + Navy; Chocolate | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

They look like something from yesteryear but all the modern shoe developments are built into this hardy soul as well as some classic elements.

The upper leather portion certainly adds to the traditional vibe but the rest is very much 21st century. The patented Arneflex sole, which utilises memory foam technology, ensures you get a supremely comfortable fit.

And the A6 spike outsole is designed to give you maximum traction with minimum effort.

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Duca Del Cosma JL2

RRP £179.95 | VIEW OFFER

Sizes (UK): 6-13 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Black + camouflage green + orange + white | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes, one year

The Italian designers have certainly carved out a niche in terms of thinking outside the box since entering the golf market nearly two decades ago and they are going for it in terms of producing plenty of options for those who need a shoe that performs in the wet weather.

Front and centre is the special edition of the successful JL they created in conjunction with European Tour stalwart Joost Luiten.

Like its predecessor, the JL2 is classically quirky and employs a sock system with OnSteam recyclable microfiber which does a great job in the rain while the trademark soft Italian Nappa leather is made for keeping shoes waterproof.


Duca Del Cosma Kingscup golf shoes

Sizes: 7-12 | Sole: Spikeless | Colours options Grey; Navy; White | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

One of the many bold design ideas from Duca Del Cosma, the Kingscup looks a ‘sneaker’ from the 70s but don’t be fooled by its apparent lack of substance. There is a lot going on.

One of the many interesting things about the model is the use of recycled materials in the microfibre upper while the heel support is made from old cork. Plenty of cork in wine-loving Italy so why not!

The Kingscup may not look particularly robust but included is a waterproof sock liner, which also increases your comfort levels and this is a golf shoe with plenty of that.


Duca Del Cosma Kuba 2.0 golf shoes

RRP £179.95 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes: 7-12 | Sole: Spikeless | Colours options: White + Green + Red | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

Duca Del Cosma updated the Kuba for 2021 and its popularity is assured with the additional features added to this lightweight-yet-durable golf shoe.

It looks like a summer golf shoe but will work well in virtually all conditions. The Airplay IV outsole, which is fully recyclable, makes sure of that.

You also get a fantastically comfortable ride thanks to the Arneflex insole and waterproof sock that is made with recycled Microfibre.

The soft Italian leather upper (Nappa) completes the job in fine style and good luck to the designer tasked with upgrading this if they want a Kuba 3.0.


Duca Del Cosma Tomcat golf shoes

Sizes: 7-12 | Sole: Spikeless | Colours options: Navy; Black | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

Arguably the most out-of-character Duca Del Cosma shoe you can buy and one that resembles a modern walking shoe.

However, the Italian designers should be applauded for bringing out the Tomcat because it is made almost entirely of recycled materials.

The sole is different from most of Duca Del Cosma’s other models too. The B-light rubber innovation features 2-way twist triangle nubs in the ball area for extra grip in just the right place.

Comfort-wise they are a total joy. The removable high-density foam, PU insert moulds to your feet. Your feet are also well-protected thanks to the Duca Linza MTP 2.5 Aqua-Stop lining and the ventilation in the shoe is also excellent.

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Duca Del Cosma Valderama golf shoes

RRP £179.95 | VIEW OFFER
6-13 | Sole? Spikeless | Colours options Black; White | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

Released in 2021, the Valderama was part of a new wave of Duca Del Cosma shoes which emphasised the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Central to that is the Airplay IV, its first fully recyclable spikeless outsole, which also features nubs of all the different shapes and sizes. The idea is they create ‘progressive stability’, which means putting the greater traction in the areas of the sole that most need it.

Like most Duca Del Cosma shoes, the Valderama is designed to be played all-year-round and they particularly work well in hot conditions with the Arneflex insole central to a system that is highly waterproof yet breathable. It also has an antibacterial facet so unwanted odours are kept to a minimum.


Duca Del Cosma Belair golf shoes

6-13 | Sole? Spikeless | Colours options White + Cognac; Blue | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

The Belair is certainly one of the most aesthetically pleasing golf shoes on the market, right down to the wax laces, which come in two different colours. The perforated Nappa leather upper also adds to the sense of style

However this shoe is more than just a pretty face and even though it has been designed with off-course use in mind, more than holds its own in all but the most extreme weather.

The Airplay VI outsole is grippier than it looks while the protective toe bumper affords you extra protection from the elements. You also get the Arneflex memory foam and leather insoles plus Duca Del Cosma’s patented waterproof sock system.


Duca Del Cosma Eldorado golf shoes

RRP £179.99 | VIEW OFFER
6-13 | Sole? Spikeless | Colours options White; Black; Cognac; | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

An interesting-looking option, the Eldorado features a totally classic-looking leather upper with a supremely-modern outer sole, which is dominated by square nubs.

It certainly emphasises Duca Del Cosma’s intent to make its shoes practical as well as easy on the eye although the contrast means the Eldorado isn’t quite as aesthetically pleasing as some of the company’s other models.

However the high levels of practicality mean you get a very effective golf shoe. Certainly the soft tumbled leather upper is guaranteed waterproof and feels great. All Duca’s shoes are cleverly engineered at the base so you get lots of comfort and the Arneflex insole is good as anything out there in terms of looking after your feet.


Duca Del Cosma Monterosso golf shoes

6-13 | Sole? Spikeless | Colours options: Navy; White; Cognac | BOA option? No | Waterproof? No

There are golf shoes that are designed to look very casual and then there is the Monterosso, a shoe so laid back its best friend is a pair of slippers.

Clearly this is not a shoe for everyone and on the damp British fairways, not probably top of many people’s lists. However if you are drawn to footwear that is extremely lightweight and comfortable, then they certainly fit the bill from that perspective.

They also look fantastic. The green and red lines along the outer sole are just so Duca Del Cosma and they scream Mediterranean sophistication.

The Airplay 1 sole is water-resistant but the least grippy the company utilises so definitely a summer golf shoe but one that will look and feel fantastic on hard, dry fairways.

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Best Duca Del Cosma Golf Shoes: Ladies’ Only


Duca Del Cosma Lorenza golf shoes

Sizes: 2-8 | Sole? Spikeless | Colours options: Navy; Black + Croco; Brown | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

Possibly the most extraordinary-looking golf shoe currently available, the Lorenza looks more like a ski boot. To say they are bold is an understatement. One could imagine Vivienne Westwood wearing these on a stroll down Carnaby Street.

However, from a practical perspective, they also have a lot going for them. You would expect a high degree of waterproofing and they certainly don’t let you down.

Elsewhere the Airplay IX outsole is highly grippy while the soft leather upper make them surprisingly easy to get on and off.


Duca Del Cosma Atlantis Ladies golf shoes

Sizes: 2-8 | Sole? Spikeless | Colours options: Crema; Red | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

Very much a shoe for the ladies with the embossed flower pattern in the soft leather upper ensuring they ooze with style. It is all very understated too and the focus here is again on comfort.

On the undersole the Airplay VI traction system provides ample stability so, like most Duca Del Cosma offerings, they are a good all-rounder despite their relatively delicate appearance.

Come with all the latest Duca Del Cosma innovations with the Duca Cor Linza MTP 2.5mm Aqua Stop and Arenflex insert lining ensuring your feet stay dry and comfortable.


Duca Del Cosma Queenscup Ladies golf shoes

Sizes 2-8 | Sole? Spikeless | Colours options Red; Pink; White | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

Very much the sister to the Kingscup (see above) with the emphasis put on creating a shoe that looks fantastic and is great for sustainability too.

It is very much one to consider for those who like extremely lightweight golf shoes and the moulded Airplay III outsole is a big part of the reason for that.

Elsewhere you get the standard Duca Del Cosma fare with the Arneflex insole and recycled microfibre waterproof sock doing their stuff. Like the Kingscup you also get a heel lifted using recycled cork. What will they think of next?


Duca Del Cosma Kubana golf shoes

2-8 | Sole? Spikeless | Colours options Silver + Zebra; Navy + Silver; White; White + Lilac | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

Golf shoes don’t come much more eye-catching than the Kubana. Who hasn’t wanted to play in shiny silver and Zebra skin-style footwear?

They are certainly flamboyant and borderline outrageous – don’t let the old boys see you in them… it might precipitate an emergency committee meeting.

But for all their bling, there is a lot of substance too and the full range of Duca Del Cosma’s patented features is incorporated so you are well protected and the Arneflex memory foam inner sole is the foundation for the company’s well-deserved reputation for making highly comfortable golf shoes.


Duca Del Cosma Siren golf shoes

2-8 | Sole: Spikeless | Colours options: White; Black | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

The Siren looks a lot like a tennis shoe and certainly this is Duca Del Cosma’s attempt to woo golfers who like their footwear to be practical yet sporty-looking.

Your eyes are immediately drawn to the giant sole, which looks big enough to support a small dwelling. And certainly the bottom half of the shoe is where all the fireworks come.

The Airplay XII outersole is recyclable and features conical nubs around the ball area. This has been done to optimise traction and the overall effect of the base is to create a supremely grippy shoe.

All Duca shoes contain heel support to help with your posture but it is really noticeable here while all the heel gets well look after with a reinforced back of the shoe, adding to the sense of stability.


Duca Del Cosma Wildcat golf shoes

RRP £159.95 | VIEW OFFER
2-8 | Sole: Spikeless | Colours options: Pink Fluo; Silver; Blue | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

Duca Del Cosma encapsulate the Wildcat by saying they are where ‘fresh and fun meets world-class Italian design’. The more reserved British palate might call them brash but beneath the garish gel print colouring is a golf shoe with a lot going for it.

The sole looks like it will add about three inches to your height but that is a slight trick of design and the Airplay XII outer sole ensures grip is never going to be a concern. They are also very waterproof despite appearances with the microfibre upper cleverly protected.

The Italian company has also tried to make this one of its most environmentally-conscious products with the emphasis on using materials that are recyclable.


Duca Del Cosma Festiva golf shoes

2-8 | Sole: Spikeless | Colours options: Navy; White; Black; Yellow; Red | BOA option? No | Waterproof? No

Style-wise Duca Del Cosma tend to go from one extreme to the other and the Festiva are very much at the understated end of the spectrum.

They are also very Italian in feel. Thrown in a pair of three-quarter length chinos and a stripy t-shirt and you have the quintessential continental look.

Like the Monterosso men’s option, they were not designed with the British in mind but for those who like their golf shoes casual, are a great option for summer golf.

They would also get plenty of wear away from the golf course, such is their versatility.


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