Best Golf Accessories 2022


What are the best golf accessories? From balls, gloves and grips, to headcocovers, tees and divot tools, we’ve got you covered.

There are so many helpful and innovative golf accessories to keep even the most particular golfer satisfied.

Best Golf Accessories contents:

► Balls ► Gloves & Mitts ► Training Aids ► Umbrellas ► Grips & Headcovers ► Belts ► Tees, Towels & Tools

And we all need durable and effective umbrellas, gloves, tees, towels and head covers and here we spotlight some of the best around.

There are also a multitude of training aids, designed to help you improve your game. However we would always recommend you consult with a PGA Pro to help you assess the worthiness of a particular product.

Best Golf Accessories: Golf Balls

Getting the right golf ball can make a considerable difference to your game. It is always worth consulting with a PGA Pro re what ball suits your swing speed. Some spin a lot more than others and it pays to do your homework with this crucial golf accessory. Check out our features on the Best Golf Balls, Best Premium Golf Balls and the Best Winter Golf Balls for further ideas.

Z Stars

Srixon Z-Star golf balls


This ball performed well in Today’s Golfer’s own testing and if you can get a dozen of these for less than £30, that represents a great purchase. If you’re swinging the driver at 90mph+ (93mph is the club golfer average), you should be looking at the Srixon Z-Star golf ball.

And as you approach 105mph+, the firmer Z-Star XV (the Z-Star is 90 compression where the Z-Star XV is 102) becomes the better option. Hideki Matsuyama won the Masters this year with an XV and it’s the ball of choice of 2019 Open champion and Ryder cup star Shane Lowry.

Pro V1s

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls


The three-layer Pro V1 has been the benchmark for tour-level balls since its introduction in 2000 and is used by some of the world’s top players, such as Viktor Hovland.

Titleist rarely talk numbers around new products, but they do say the new cover is the softest ever used on a Pro V1. That means an increase in greenside spin over the previous generations.

Expect lower long game spin than the Pro V1x and a lower ball flight.


Srixon AD333 Golf Balls


If in doubt you can’t go far wrong with a pack of AD333s, which has been held up as an excellent all-round value proposition for club golfers since hitting the market in 2006.

This year Srixon launched the ball’s 10th generation and it uses a lot of the tech you’ll find in the brand’s premium Z-Star balls and gives more distance and forgiveness than previous versions thanks to a slight reduction in compression and reformulated FastLayer Core.

Best Golf Accessories: Gloves and Mitts

Especially in winter, having the wrong golf glove can cost you a lot of shots. With this golf accessory, it is always handy to have a number of wet-weather and dry-weather options, plus some effective mitts will do a great job keeping your hands warm in the cold. And you need your hands as warm as possible for that all-important feel. For further suggestions check out our features on Best Winter Golf Mitts, Best Golf Rain Gloves and Best Winter Golf Gloves.

MacWet Micromesh

MacWet Micromesh Golf Glove


These are our waterproof golf gloves of choice with a pair living in the bag all year and worn for every round throughout the winter months. Not only are they fully waterproof and breathable, they grip more the wetter they get.

They’re also incredibly durable. We’ve used ours across two seasons and, because they’re machine washable, they still look fantastic.

The MacWet Aquatec can be worn all year-round – just wear one glove in normal to dry and humid conditions and wear the pair when it’s wet or damp. In use, they dry naturally within five-10 minutes, keeping performance consistent without the need to change gloves.

GG Beck Gloves

Galvin Green Lewis Thermal Golf Gloves


The Galvin Green gloves featuring Interface-1 technology are completely windproof to keep your hands warm.

Cabretta leather palms and super tacky finger tips provide excellent grip during colder months, while excellent breathability ensures the hands remain warm without getting damp or sweaty.

Very durable, easy to wash and maintain and, as you’d expect, a high-quality product that justifies the price.

Ping Wintert

Ping Cart Winter Mittens


These Ping Sensorwarm Golf Mittens incorporate five-finger fleece-lining for that optimal on-course warmth.

But they are also very much built to last – designed with clever reinforced palms for increased durability as well as improved grip…a very solid option for the upcoming cold season.

Also water resistant… an excellent value-for-money option.

Footjoy Wintersof

FootJoy Wintersof Golf Gloves


Sold in pairs, you get a lot of glove with this offering from FootJoy. Foam fleece on the glove back adds warmth, which can be a godsend for those who feel the cold or suffer with arthritis in the fingers.

An extended cuff tucks up under a jacket or sweater sleeve to keep the cold at bay and their polyester microfibre fleece design will appeal to those who don’t want their golf gloves too bulky.

Best Golf Accessories: Training Aids

A good training aid used properly can slice shots off your handicap and, again, check with a PGA Pro to make sure you get the right one and you are using it properly. We have compiled a comprehensive list of this type of golf accessory in our Best Golf Training Aids feature. Check it out and improve your golf game. Also have a look at out features on the Best Putting Mats and Best Golf Practice Nets for more tailored solutions.


SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor and Simulator 


A truly fantastic piece of kit that makes it affordable for most golfers to get every bit of information they could ever wish for while hitting practice balls.

It captures all the important data – distance (carry), swing speed, ball speed, back spin, side spin.

It also hooks up to your tablet or computer so you get immediate readouts and a subscription gives you the opportunity to play some of the most famous courses in the world from anywhere with the required space. You could be hitting balls in your back garden into a net off a matt, ensuring your practice sessions will never be the same again.

Orange Whip Trainer

Orange Whip Full-Sized Golf Swing Trainer

RRP £139.99 | VIEW OFFER

It was pretty revolutionary at the time and its success can be measured by the enormous number of variations it has inspired.

However the Orange Whip training system is still as popular as ever because not only does it assist strengthening the muscles we all need to swing the club properly, but also helps with the all-important rhythm of the golf swing.

Its real genius is you instantly know when the tempo isn’t quite right because of the famous wobble you get due to its design. Also a great way of warming up your muscles ahead of playing a round.

Links Choice Net

Links Choice Practice Net


This is one of the many easy-to-store, golf-practice-net options but it will also be attractive to those who don’t have lots of space or money to spend on this type of golf training aid.

It is compact (7ft x 10ft x 5ft (max)) but it won’t take you long to work out the optimum striking distance and it is plenty wide enough to cope with even the worst mis-hit. It also feels nice and sturdy once it’s ready for use.

The black target helps take the sting out of even the biggest drives so there are no safety concerns and it is a golf practice net that is relatively quick and easy to assemble.

PuttOut Putting Studio

PuttOut Academy Putting Studio

RRP £149.00 | VIEW OFFER

How much time do you spend working on your putting? If you’re any like us, then not enough. At least, that was the case until we treated ourselves to one of these, so we could practise whenever we fancied at home.

This package includes their original six-foot Pro Practice Putting Mat, which rolls flat immediately out of the carry bag and runs at around 10 on the stimp to mimic medium-fast greens. It includes alignment markings and targets along with suggested drills.

You also get the brilliant Puttout Pressure Trainer, a scientifically shaped target which rejects bad putts and returns good ones. Increase the difficulty by opening a small hole in the trainer and aiming for the ‘perfect putt’.

The icing on the cake is the Putting Mirror and Alignment gate to help you perfect your stroke and start line. Both the trainer and mirror can also be used on real greens

Best Golf Accessories: Umbrellas

It goes without saying that an umbrella that can cope with the worst of the British winter, is worth its weight in gold. Nobody plays well when they are wet through. It is probably the most important golf accessory outside of balls and for a full list of our favourites, check out our Best Golf Umbrellas feature.

Taylormade umbrella

TaylorMade 68” Double Canopy Umbrella


It sounds like a lot of money for an umbrella but the Titleist Tour Double Canopy is a great option for golfers out there looking for guaranteed protection, come rain or shine.

Included within the £70 price tag is a premium anti-inversion system, proprietary Titleist handle as well as a huge 68 inches of coverage. We especially like the UV protection, meaning it can be used as a sun shield during the summer, which makes it one of the most versatile umbrellas on the market.

Mizuno umbrella

Mizuno Tour Twin Canopy Golf Umbrella


Available in four different colourways, this striking Mizuno umbrella is an excellent value-for-money choice for golfers looking to battle against the most extreme of weather conditions.

Used on the European and USPGA professional golf tours by all their staff players, it employs a sophisticated twin canopy to prevent structural damage in high winds.

Offering a 55″ diameter, it’s not as vast as some of its competitors – but this slightly reduced size, in tandem with its soft EVA grab handle might make it the most easy-to-wield umbrella for those particularly gusty British days.

Under Armour Umbrella

Under Armour Double Canopy Golf Umbrella


Under Armour pride themselves on designing products that do the job, and their umbrella is no different.

Made from Under Armour’s signature Storm technology, it is an umbrella that is as sophisticated as it is durable. Boasting an extra-large 68-inch double canopy it will guarantee protection and for £40 it certainly isn’t bad in the value-for-money department either.

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Best Golf Accessories: Grips and Headcovers

Maintaining either end of your clubs is a vital component of the game and there are lots of golf accessories to choose from in this department. There have been huge advancements in grip technology during the last few years and every golfer should take advantage of the latest releases. Also, when it comes to headcovers, you can always have a bit of fun too. For our favourites check out any of our Best Golf Grips and Best Lamkin Golf Grips features.

Lamkin grip

Lamkin ST +2 Hybrid Standard Grips


Lamkin ST grips have only been around for a couple of years, but they’re already a stock grip on Mizuno woods (the ST +2 Hybrid) this year. All +2 models have a little extra thickness under the lower hand (like adding two extra layers of tape beneath the grip) which Lamkin say gives a comfortable feel for the guiding hand.

We like the subtle cord that’s embedded in the upper section, it means the ST is a great all-weather option, as it’s capable of providing excellent tackiness and traction in any conditions. Anyone who’s not a fan of the reminder shaping that runs down the back of all Lamkin Calibrate grips should look at the standard ST +Hybrid instead.

Daphne's Doodle Dog

Daphne’s Doodle Dog Headcover


The people at Daphne’s might have excelled themselves with this uber-cute headcover.

It will accommodate up to 460cc of driver and has been fully lined to protect your clubhead. Is also elasticated to help ensure you don’t lose your new favourite golfing companion mid-round.

Shamrock headcover

Shamrock Barrel Headcover


Those clever people at Titleist have created something out of the ordinary with this Irish tartan headcover.

The new barrel style gives it a special feel and, for those with Irish heritage, it will be a nice reminder. Psychology seeing that shamrock every time you pick out the driver might reinforce positive lucky thoughts. And we need as much positive reinforcement as we can get out on the course.

Best Golf Accessories: Belts

Getting the right belt is always a good move, especially if you’ve treated yourself to some of the best golf trousers. Feeling uncomfortable around the waist is not going to assist you playing your best stuff. They also can help those image-conscious golfers look and feel the part with this classic golf accessory.

Golfino belt

Golfino Stretch Belt


Made from 100% elastane, this colourful belt from Golfino is designed to fit every shape and size.

The buckle is bold and pretty funky and the colouring will appeal to those who like a bit of verve in their attire.

J Lindeberg belt

J Lindeberg Bernhard Belt


An eyecatching belt from J Lindeberg that is highly practical as well as stylish. The brushed silver buckle certainly gives it a touch of class.

Available in three lengths (85cm/90cm/95cm), it’s braided style might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it certainly helps when it comes to its ability to stretch to just the right size.

puma belts

Puma 6 Pack Web Belts


Every golfer should wear a belt and I guarantee most don’t have enough options which is why this neat little package from Puma will service the needs of most players. You get three reversible webbing straps in navy, grey and black and of course the iconic Puma buckle.

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Best Golf Accessories: Tees, Towels and Tools

We don’t give this type of golf accessory much thought but attention to detail makes a big difference to playing well or otherwise. Getting the right-sized tees is the foundation of every round and a good hardy towel can come into its own when the going gets tough. Check out our list of the Best Golf Tees for a full list of alternatives.

Oceantee tees

OceanTee 54mm & 70mm Bamboo Tees (40 mixed pack)


100% sustainable bamboo tees made by a company which is a pioneer in the field of sustainable, mass-produced products.

OceanTee sources, manufactures and packs its tees in the same place to reduce its carbon footprint. Bamboo can grow at the rate of 40 plus inches per day and any product made with it represents a step forward from an environmental perspective.

Bamboo is also very tough and these driving-sized tees (54mm/70mm) are less likely to break than their wooden cousins.

PGA Leather Organiser

PGA Tour Real Leather Golf Organiser with Scorecard, Holder and Accessories


One of those golfing accessories that will leave you wondering why it took you so long to get one.
Sits neatly in any pocket and means no more crumpled up scorecards and fumbling around for tees, pitchmark repairer, ball markers and pencil. You can also clip it to your bag if you like your pockets free of stuff.

Ultimate tour towel

Titleist’s The Ultimate Tour Inspired Golf Towel


Not the most exciting part of a golfer’s arsenal but the towel is probably the most overlooked golfing accessory.

Titleist’s maximum absorption terry material is just the ticket during a downpour and at 16” x 32”, it is a good size without using up too much room in the average golf bag.

silent care

Silentcare Golf Accessories, Multifunctional Golf Ball Marker, Golf Club Brush and Golf Towel Kit, Foldable Divot Repair Tool with Golf Marker, Golf Club Cleaner, 3-Piece Golf Gifts Set


A great little bit of kit for the disorganised golfer, containing everything necessary to keeps clubs clean during and after a round.

As someone who believes any golfer who plays my course needs to prove they can repair a pitchmark properly before stepping on to the first tee, every golfer in the country should have at least one stainless steel multi-functional tool. The towel and golf brush also include handy clips.

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