Best Golf Club Sets 2022


So what are the Best Golf Club Sets? Now, more than ever, there are a large range of options for men, women and juniors.

The post-lockdown boom in golf has made golf club sets more popular than ever with thousands of men, women, boys and girls taking up golf.

And we have broken the sets down into two categories (just click on the link to jump to the relevant section):


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Best Golf Club Sets: Men/Women

The TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite package is among the best golf club sets.

TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite Graphite/Steel (M/F)

Men – Woods 
Driver; 5-wood | Irons 4 Hybrid; 6-SW | Putter Mallet (‘Pure Roll’) | Bag TM Premium Cart Bag
Women – Woods Driver; 5-wood | Irons 5 Hybrid; 7-SW | Putter Mallet (‘Pure Roll’) | Bag TM Premium Cart Bag

TaylorMade’s RBZ range has been a hugely popular option for more than a decade now and this Speedlite variant is a great option for those starting out in the game as well as high handicappers and intermediates.

Forgiveness is certainly the theme that runs through the driver, 3-wood and two hybrids (#4 and #5). Plus their lightweight design will help those who need a bit of help generating clubhead speed.

You also get six irons (6-SW), a mallet putter and premium bag plus a set of headcovers plus a two-year guarantee.

PXG 0211Z

PXG 0211Z (M)

Driver; 4-wood (Fairway) | Irons 5 Hybrid; 6-S | Putter Hellcat | Bag Lightweight Carry Bag

PXG has made a sizeable impact since launching seven years ago and at the end of 2021  entered the golf sets market with this considerable package.

Designed for new players who are keen enough to invest more than £1,500 this early in their golfing careers, they have also been engineered to help less capable golfers get the ball in the air.

The irons look like a cross between an iron and a hybrid and they are designed to be forgiving while also helping to generate some elusive spin.

The driver comes with a chunky 16 degrees of loft while the fairway wood is nominally a four wood but its face only has an extra twos degrees of loft.

The impressive golf package also includes a PXG hat and four headcovers.

MacGregor CG3000

McGregor CG3000 Stand Bag Steel Set (M)

Ti-Matrix Driver; Fairway| Irons Hybrid; 6-SW | Putter Mallet-style | Bag Stand/Cart

Don’t be put off by the fact this entry set of golf clubs costs less than most premium drivers. For those starting out, the benefits of ‘better’ clubs only really kicks in once you start hitting the ball properly. How you hit it, rather than what you’re hitting it with, is much more important.

For most newbies McGregor’s package will suffice and for those buying direct from the manufacturers, there is even to add an inch to the length of the shaft (steel/graphite). You can also choose between a cart or stand bag.

The 13° driver is designed for maximum forgiveness and the low weighting should help you get some air. The undercut cavity on the irons also helps in that department.

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Cobra Fly

Cobra Golf Fly XL (M/F)

Men – Woods Driver; 5-wood | Irons 4 Hybrid; 6-SW | Putter Blade putter | Bag Cobra Cart Bag
Women – Woods Driver; 5-wood | Irons 5 Hybrid; 6-SW | Putter Mallet putter | Bag Cobra Cart Bag

Cobra believes their combination covers a wide range of players – not just beginners looking for starter sets – and there is a lot to back up that claim.

Cobra has long produced clubs that offer value for money and there is a lot of technology in the Fly XL range.

The 10.5-degree driver incorporate heel weighting to help offset the big slice, commonly associated with higher handicap players while the perimeter-weighted irons will help achieve a more consistent strike.

For the men, the more traditional blade putter is included while the women’s version includes Cobra’s mallet putter.

Benross HTX

Benross HTX (M)

Woods Driver; 3 wood | Irons 4 5-SW | Putter Mallet putter | Bag Cart Bag

Benross are renowned for their value-for-money products and this 16-piece set of clubs/bag is ideal for those starting out in the game. That’s a lot of options when you are a beginner.

It comes with a titanium graphite-shafted driver, 3-wood, #4 hybrid and seven irons (5-PW) plus a mallet putter. It also includes a premium cart bag and vintage-style headcovers.

The woods have been designed to help high handicappers. Lightweight shafts – Benross has long been a maker of excellent golf shafts – and larger sweet spots should aid the transition from beginner to the mid-handicap range as long as you put in the hours.

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Rife RX2

Rife RX2 (M)

Woods Driver; 3 wood | Irons 4&5 hybrid; 6-SW | Putter Mallet putter | Bag Lightweight stand bag

Another excellent golf club set option for beginners who don’t want to spend too much at the start of their golfing journey.

Rife has built its reputation producing golfing equipment that delivers lots of bang for your buck and the RX2s certainly do that.

The inclusion of two hybrids is certainly welcome and having a four/five iron bridges the gap between 3 wood and 6 iron better than most other golf sets.

Rife believes its work, improving the aerodynamics, will give new players a few extra miles an hour of clubhead speed and the oversized stainless steel irons are just what is required.

Wilson XD

Wilson Ultra XD (M)

Woods Driver; 15° Fairway | Irons 5 hybrid; 6-SW | Putter Wilson Blade Putter | Bag Levitator Stand Bag

You just can’t knock this Wilson golf set, considering the outlay. The Ultra XDs are another great example of how ‘inferior’ sets are benefitting from the advances in golf club technology, driven at the top-end of the market.

So much of what is incorporated into the elite clubs eventually makes its way down the food chain so you get excellent grips, shafts and design.

This golf package set would work perfectly in the hands of intermediates as well as beginners and the lightweight graphite shafts certainly help when it  comes to maximising clubhead speed.

Wilson Women's Styrewtch

Wilson’s Women Stretch (W)

Woods Driver; 5 wood | Irons 6 hybrid; 7-SW | Putter Blade Putter | Bag Stretch XL Cart Bag

You get nine clubs from this Wilson set which can be bought with an extra inch in the shaft should that be required.

There are sets with more options but factor in the price, and the solidity of the Wilson brand, and you have an impressive golf starter set.

Like all beginner golf packages, Wilson has put the emphasis on forgiveness and heel/toe weighted putter is a bit of a throwback to when the manufacturer was at the top of the putting tree.

MAsters GX1

Masters GX1 (M)

Woods Driver; 3 wood | Irons 4 hybrid; 5-SW | Putter Blade Putter | Bag Lightweight carry bag

Of course golf is an expensive sport for the average person but when you can buy virtually a full set for less than £250, it provides a pathway into the sport for most.

And the Masters golf set includes an impressive 11 clubs. They are not going to win many design awards but they are perfectly fine for the golfing beginner.

Cavity backed irons and all the weight in these clubs is loaded in the right place to encourage lofty shots. That is par for the course in this marketplace and Masters has produced a competitive option.

Fazer CTR22

Fazer CTR22 (W)

RRP £249.99 | VIEW OFFER
Woods Driver; 3 wood | Irons 5 hybrid; 6-SW | Putter Mallet Putter | Bag Cart Bag

Fazer’s golf starter set for women is generous in more ways than one.

Firstly you can’t ignore the price and then you get 10 clubs for your money. The all-weather grips are also a nice add on.

Fazer is another brand that focuses on the lower end of the market but that shouldn’t take away from its efforts to produces a strong package for less than £250.

For ladies taking up the game, this golf set requires serious consideration. Compared to rival sets, they will do the job as well as other starter clubs.

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Best Golf Club Sets: Juniors

US Kids

US Kids

RRP £99.95+ | VIEW OFFER
Woods DV3 Driver; 3W Fairway Driver | Irons 4 hybrid5-PW; 52°/56° Wedges | Putter Longleaf | Bag US Kids Stand Bag
Height versions (inches) Infant; 36-39; 39-42; 45-48; 48-51; 51-54; 54-57; 57-60; 63-66; 66-69

It’s no big surprise that the US Kids clubs have become the go-to option for parents of talented youngsters.

When you consider just how tailored golf clubs are for adults, kids, for too long, have had to settle for clubs that are too small/big. The game is hard enough without the equipment holding you back.

Step forward the US Kids system, with its ten player-size bandings, starting at those under three feet and finishing at 5ft 9in.

You can tailor your sets with the company’s dizzying array of club options. Select the combination to suit and, although it might feel pricey, if your son or daughter is keen and talented, these well-made golf clubs will be just the ticket.

TaylorMade Rory

TaylorMade Rory

4-7 years – Wood Driver (16°); Rescue (30°) | Irons 7; Sand Wedge | Putter TM Mallet | Bag TM Stand Bag
8-11 years (boys/girls) – Wood Driver (16°); 3W (24°) Rescue (30°) | Irons 7; 9; Sand Wedge | Putter TM Mallet | Bag TM Stand Bag

TaylorMade’s junior offering, made in conjunction with Roy McIlroy, come in two sizes, which is far from ideal. The company says 4-7 years but if you are a four-year-old they might be a bit much.

Whichever boy or girl is lucky to get a set, their attention might be drawn to the Rory-emblazoned St Bernard headcover, but once you can focus their minds on hitting the ball, they are sure to get a lot of joy out of TaylorMade’s superb clubs.

With the younger set you get five clubs while the 8-11-years version also includes a 3 wood and a nine iron.

The only real danger is seven clubs might not be enough for many good 8-11-year-olds.

MKids Pro

MKids Pro

RRP £189.95+ | VIEW OFFER
Woods Fairway Metal | Irons 6; 8; Wedge | Putter SLA Mallet | Bag MK Pro Stand Bag
Height versions (inches/No of pieces) 45 (4); 49 (5); 53 (5); 57 (5); 61 (5); 65 (5)

There are some nice touches from the junior golf clubs made by MKids, who have six different sizing bands.

Many of the sets available don’t include a driver and that seems a sensible option, especially for those just learning the basics. The fairway metal seems a much more appropriate club.

Also MKids’ MKLite Tour Style Grip helps promote a light pressure grip and there are thousands of adult players who could do with a bit of help in that direction.

The heads on their irons are almost as big as irons for adults and each set comes with either four or five clubs.

Benross Aero

Benross Aero

Woods Driver | Irons Hybrid; 7; PW | Putter Benross Mallet | Bag Benross stand bag
Ages/Height versions (inches/No of pieces) 43-49 (5); 49-55 (5); 55-61 (5)

Benross has created a three-tier system designed for youngsters between 3ft7 and 5ft1 and once again it has produced a highly affordable and well-made golf set option.

Lightweight graphite shafts ensure that children have every opportunity to swing the club properly.

Wilson Deep Red

Wilson Deep Red

8-11 years: Wood Driver | Irons Hybrid; Long iron; Mid iron; Wedge | Putter Wilson Junior Putter | Bag Wilson Deep Red Stand Bag
11-14 years: Wood Driver; Fairway | Irons Hybrid; Long iron; Mid iron; Wedge | Putter Wilson Junior Putter | Bag Wilson Deep Red Stand Bag

Wilson has focussed its attentions on the older end of the junior golf club set market and interestingly has included a long iron. Not the easiest club to hit and, when you have hybrid options, possibly a bold move.

The set for younger players (8-11) does not include a fairway wood but you still get six clubs while the 11-14-years set has seven.

Wilson have also disposed of the numbering system on its clubs – possibly a nod to the compute game generation – but I’m not sure it is a good idea.

Kids are getting better at a younger age and, although the Deep Red are excellent golf clubs, kids would be better served with the classic numbering system, especially as they will inevitably end up with clubs that are numbered.

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