Best Golf Grips 2022


The best golf club grips to keep your clubs secure in the hands, shot after shot, in 2022.

Using expensive golf clubs with poor quality or worn out grips is like buying a Ferrari and then putting Lego tyres on it.

So many golfers neglect their grips, but it’s a big mistake, as they are your only point of contact with the club.

When your grips get worn out, you won’t have such a secure hold on the club, and will more than likely end up gripping tighter (often without even realising it) to compensate.

A brand new set of grips is one of the best feelings in golf, and can breathe new life into your clubs and your golf game. But which golf grips should you go for? How often should you replace your golf grips? And how do you clean your golf grips? We’ve got the answers to these questions – and more – before our selection of the best golf grips available…

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Best golf grips

How often should I change my golf grips?

Golf Pride’s Craig Watson recommends that regular golfers (those who play at least once a week) replace their grips at the start of every season: “After that point, they start getting shinier and firmer due to the sweat and oils from your hands, and the weather conditions when you’re playing golf.”

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How to change the grip on a golf club? 

Most pro shops and retailers will install your new grips for little to no extra charge, but if you want to change them yourself, here’s how to do it:

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What golf grip size should I use?

If the grip is too big for you, there’s a chance that your hands will struggle to square the clubface at impact. If the grips are too small, there’s a danger that the hands will be too active and initiate an early release.

As a general rule, the fingers on your left hand should just be touching the pad below your left thumb when you make your grip. If there is a big overlap where the fingers meet, you probably need an extra layer of tape to stop the club twisting in the hands. If your fingers are nowhere near reaching your hand, the grips are too big for you.

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How to clean golf grips? 

Giving your golf grips a clean once a month will help to prolong their usability.

Avoid using harsh cleaning products on your golf grips as the chemicals can break down the compounds in the grips. Hot water and a scrubbing brush should do the trick, with a small amount of soap if needed.

Once clean, pat your golf grips dry, rather than rubbing them. This will help maintain that tacky texture.

Golf Pride MCC Align golf grip

RRP £11.99  | VIEW OFFER

Golf Pride MCC Align golf grips

This best-selling hybrid grip combines rubber and cord for all-weather performance with Golf Pride’s brilliant Align Technology for consistent hand placement every time.

A brushed cotton cord under the top hand helps to wick away moisture, while a softer rubber material in the lower hand offers extra feel and cushioning.

Also available in a Tour-inspired larger lower hand design that simulates the feel of four extra layers of tape to encourage lighter grip pressure and more power.

Lamkin Crossline golf grip


Lamkin Crossline golf grips

Lamkin’s best-selling Crossline grip is a favourite among elite players and has accrued over $200m in worldwide tour earnings.

It offers excellent traction and some of the best durability you’ll find from any golf grip, which is great if you’d rather not replace your grips too often.

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Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid golf grip


Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid golf grip

Lamkin’s latest grips feature different compounds and textures in an effort to better line up with how a golfer’s top and bottom hands work in the swing.

These grips feature the company’s “Genesis” rubber compound, which combines a softer feel with a tacky feel that stays consistent in a range of temperatures.

A cord design in the upper section adds traction and grip; the smoother texture on the lower section improves feel.

The Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid is also available as a reminder ribbed grip called “calibrate”.

SuperStroke S-Tech Cord golf grip

 RRP £8.95  | VIEW OFFER

SuperStroke S-Tech Cord golf grips

Super Stroke say their Traxion grips have X-Shaped tread in high sensory areas of the grip to enhance feel and comfort.

Eight different shapes in a variety of sizes mean there’s a solution for everyone.

We, like Jordan Spieth, love the Flatso’s pentagonal shape, while an embossed ridge down the back increases your chances of gripping the club consistently in the same position.

Golf Pride ZGRIP Align golf grip

RRP £15.95 VIEW OFFERGolf Pride ZGRIP Align golf grip

Not only is the Golf Pride ZGRIP Align used by Callaway and TaylorMade on all their irons aimed at better players, it’s also the number one grip on tour.

It’s the firmest grip Golf Pride offer, which helps maximise feedback at impact, something good players tend to prioritise.

A brushed cotton cord throughout the grip helps to wick away moisture, making it one of the best golf grips for all weather conditions.

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