Best Golf Push Trolleys 2022


What are the best golf push trolleys in 2022?

Gone are the days of pushing a metal handle into a frame – the best golf push trolleys are just as high-tech as their electric cousins.


Best golf push trolleys for £250-£300

Best golf push trolleys for £200-£249

Best golf push trolleys for £150-£199

Best golf push trolleys under £150

Most push trolleys come with a simple, fast assembly process. Couple that with the lack of need to connect a battery and push trolleys suit those golfers who like to get going straight away when they arrive at the course.

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Is the Big Max Blade IP one of the best push golf trolleys?

Big Max Blade Blade IP Trolley

RRP £349.99 | VIEW OFFER
 6.5kg | Folded Size: 880mm x 620mm x 125mm | Warranty: Five years | Main accessories: Height adjustable IP; double-brake system; Storage for balls, drink, tees and two scorecards; additional anchor points for another storage net, GPS and umbrella holders (sold separately)

While the price tag may seem a little steep at first glance, this is a seriously impressive bit of kit that folds down to the height of a cup of coffee and comes with a market-leading five-year warranty.

Thanks to some very clever German engineering, the Blade folds flat so it can slide into a car boot with a bag full of golf clubs on top, making it the ultimate solution if storage is tight.

Last year we awarded the Big Max Blade IP one of our Today’s Golfer Editor’s Choice Awards for the second year in a row. Why? Well, not only does it collapse to just 12.5cm high and weigh just 6.5kg, its genius one-fold mechanism means it takes seconds to put down or pop up.

The Blade IP, Big Max’s best-selling trolley, is available in five colours (black, black-green, black-red, white and white-green). 

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Is the Big Max Blade Quattro one of the best push golf trolleys?

Big Max Blade Quattro Trolley

RRP £299.99 | VIEW OFFER
 6.5kg | Folded Size: 720mm x 590mm x 180mm | Warranty: Five years | Main accessories: Quick-Fold Technology; High-tech Organiser Panel; Adjustable Handle & Bag Brackets; Detachable wheels and foot brake

It’s not often we prefer a five or a four to a three on the golf course, but the five-year warranty and four wheels make Blade Quattro a great option when it comes to reliability and stability.

Ideal if your home course is undulating, this Big Max model follows the Blade IP in folding flat and weighing just 6.5kg, meaning it’s another great option if storage space is at a premium. As with IP, Quattro unfolds and folds in seconds, with all four wheels detachable to further suit your storage needs.

The adjustable bag holder ensures the Quattro is as stable with a stand bag as it is with a trolley bag, while the adjustable handle makes it comfortable for the shortest and tallest golfers and the brake system ensures further security on those hilly courses.

The Quattro has four colour options (black, black-green, white, white-red) and comes with that market-leading warranty.

Is the Stewart R1 S one of the best push golf trolleys?

Stewart R1-S Push Trolley

RRP £279.99 | VIEW OFFER
 8.1kg | Folded Size: 570mm x 460mm x 360mm | Warranty: Two years | Main accessories: Quick-release wheels; foot brake; soft touch handle; drinks holder, magnetic ball marker, golf ball holder, umbrella holder 

This is the Bentley of golf push trolleys. Every part of the R1 is designed and assembled in the UK, with the frame made from 6063-TG Aerospace-grade aluminium!

Stewart say their “rack and pinion” driven folding mechanism, which is similar to what you’d find in a car’s steering system, is superior to the competition. We certainly found it quick and easy to unfold and fold during testing and it folds down to a very competitive size.

The R1-S has a delightful soft touch handle, reliable and easy to use foot brake and it is fully adjustable to fit different golf bags. At 8.1kg it is among the heavier options we’ve selected here, but it’s barely noticeable, such is the quality of the overall package.

There are also 10 different colour combinations thanks to two frames (black, white) and five wheel options (black, white, green, red, blue).

Is the BagBoy Nitron one of the best push golf trolleys?

BagBoy Nitron Auto-Open Push Golf Cart

RRP £269.99 | VIEW OFFER
 7.6kg | Folded Size: 560mm x 490mm x 350mm | Warranty: One year | Main accessories: Top-Lok attachment technology; Nitro Piston auto assist mechanism; full-feature scorecard console; umbrella holder; handle-mounted parking brake; large bag (under the scorecard) for extra storage

One of those golfers who’s always in a rush to get to the tee? Then you need this trolley.

The Nitron sets itself up at the push of a button thanks to Nitrogen-powered pistons inside the frame, meaning no more fiddly assembly or trapped fingers! It also folds down to an impressively small size for ease of transporation and storage and, considering the tech, weighs in at a relatively lightweight 7.6kg.

The brake is conveniently operated via the handle and BagBoy say their patented Top-Lok Technology ensures secure attachment of all cart bags.

And while some brands ask you buy accessories separately, the Nitron comes with umbrella, drinks and mobile phone holders, along with integrated umbrella storage. There’s also a pencil and scorecard holder, along with golf ball storage and an extra-large pocket for your glove and headcovers.

The Nitron trolley is available in eight colours: grey-lime, grey-pink, black-red, graphite-charcoal, lime, navy-red, silver-black, white-blue.

Is the ClicGear Model8 one of the best push golf trolleys?

Clicgear Model 8.0+ Golf Push Trolley

RRP £269.00 | VIEW OFFER
 10kg | Folded Size: 381mm x 686mm x 432mm | Warranty: One year | Main accessories: Patented 4XFOLD folding system; patented footstep; dual front wheel adjustment; centre-hand brake; large storage net; large console with magnetic closure

Some will consider this beast from Clicgear over-engineered but the Hong Kong-based company claims it is just responding to customer feedback, which suggested a bigger and bolder push trolley was required.

And Clicgear has certainly done that with the 8.0+. This is the trolley you would want if you were playing golf in the Rocky Mountains. It’s tougher than a Gurkha on a mission.

Available in black, blue and silver, it’s unique four-wheel folding mechanism makes a potentially unwieldly bit of kit very manageable. At 10 kilograms it is at the top end in terms of weight but if you don’t mind that, this is a push trolley that provides a wonderful ride and has been beautifully designed to be super sturdy but also very steerable.

Is the ClicGear 4.0 Alpha one of the best push golf trolleys?

ClicGear 4.0 3-Wheel Push Golf Trolley

RRP £259.00 | VIEW OFFER
 8.45kg | Folded Size: 600mm x 380mm x 330mm | Warranty: One year | Main accessories: Extra deep console; posi-lock brakes; front wheel adjust; Lid lock; umbrella tube strap; scorecard and pencil holder; storage, brake system, cup holder; mesh pocket for extra storage

ClicGear have been at the forefront of trolley design ever since the rise in popularity of push trolleys. The 3.5+ was a TG Editor’s Choice Award winner and the new upgraded model claimed another of our prizes in 2020.

The 4.0 has seen tweaks to everything. The storage net is 80 per cent larger, a new ‘Easy-Clip’ bag strap makes it easier to fit any golf bag on the trolley, and the brake system has been redesigned to eliminate cable wear.

The umbrella holder has also been improved to keep a tighter grip, the cup holder has a more adjustable and lighter mount, while the new silicone scorecard and pencil holder not only does its job perfectly, but looks great, too. It can also colour customised.

A new lid-locking strap ensures all of your accessories don’t fall out as you lift the trolley in or out of the car and any front wheel alignment issues are a thing of the past thanks to the new, single screw adjustment system.

At 8.45kg the ClicGear might not be the lightest push trolley available, but its aircraft-grade aluminium frame is second to none in terms of build quality. Its tiny storage size is also comparable to some “super compacts” on the market.

It is also available in eight colours: black, white, silver, army green, army brown, teal, pink and yellow.

Is the Powakaddy DLX Lite FF one of the best push golf trolleys?

Powakaddy DLX-Lite FF Push Cart

 6.8kg | Folded Size: 710mm x 585mm x 200mm | Warranty: Two years | Main accessories: Innovative flat fold design; soft touch ergonomic handle; multi feature handle with scorecard holder; umbrella holder base; adjustable handle height; drinks holder; pen/pencil holder; easy-to-use footbrake; Powakaddy Key Lock system

Winner of Today’s Golfer Editor’s Choice award for 2022, the DLX-Lite FF is extremely lightweight and has been been designed with optimal storage in mind.

Thanks to an ingenius flat-fold design that allows it to fold down to only 20 centimetres deep so it can be squeezed into the very tightest of spaces. 

Available in gunmetal with yellow or red trim, the Key Lock System ensures your PowaKaddy bag cannot tip or swivel, while strong, adjustable straps make it suitable for use with bags from other manufacturers.

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Is the Powakaddy Micra one of the best push golf trolleys?

Powakaddy Micra 3-Wheel Push Cart

RRP £239.99  | VIEW OFFER
 7.5kg | Folded Size: 535mm x 335mm x 380mm | Warranty: Two years | Main accessories: Quick folding system; soft touch ergonomic handle; multi-feature handle with scorecard holder; pen/pencil holder; drinks holder, Powakaddy Key Lock system; quick-release sporty wheels

The Micra Push Cart is a highly compact trolley that offers sleek colourways and a simple folding mechanism while the high-tech 3-wheel design and wider wheelbase makes itvirtually effortless to push.

A rejigged version of the successful Cube, it also additionally offers a dedicated soft-lined, water-resistant mobile phone storage area, and an ergonomic soft touch handle, that is easily height adjustable.

Is available in yellow, blue or red trim.

Is the Fastfold Mission 5 one of the best push golf trolleys?

Fastfold Mission 5.0 3-Wheel Push Trolley

RRP £229.00 | VIEW OFFER
 7.2kg | Folded Size: 300mm x 300mm x 890mm | Warranty: One year | Main accessories: Footbrake; storage net; tee holder; ball holder; mobile phone holder; ball marker; 3 bases for accessories; velcro for glove storage

Another excellent push trolley that has put a lot of stock in making itself very easy to put up. FastFold by name and certainly by nature.

The large wheels will also appeal to many who like that extra assurance regarding stability and it certainly covers all types of ground in an impressive manner. There are also a multitude of storage options and it will easily cope with the largest golf bag.

The Fastfold Mission is available in three colour styles – White Shiny/Black; Silver Shiny/Black and Charcoal Matt/Black.

Is the icart Volta 360 Push one of the best push golf trolleys?

iCart 360 3 Wheel Push Golf Trolley

RRP £219.99 | VIEW OFFER
 7.2kg | Folded Size: 780mm x 335mm x 420mm | Warranty: One year | Main accessories: Quick-Lok folding system; multi-function scorecard holder; two-handed soft touch handle; quick release wheels; foot brake; attachment for Master umbrella holder

We all know a lot of thought goes into making every golf trolley but you really feel it from this iCart offering.

All will appreciate the lengths gone to ensure any bag will fit on here comfortably and the patented Quik-Lok folding system makes it incredibly easy to put up and down.

Folded down its not the smallest but for those of us with larger-than-average cars this is not an issue while ease of use and durability, which this has in spades, is much more important. 


Is the Powakaddy Twinline 5 one of the best push golf trolleys?

Powakaddy Twinline 5 Lite Golf Push Cart

RRP £199.99 | VIEW OFFER
 7kg | Folded Size: 750mm x 425mm x 400mm | Warranty: Two years | Main accessories: Quick folding system; ergonomic handle; multi-feature handle with scorecard holder; adjustable handle height; drinks holder; Powakaddy Key Lock System; Quick release sporty wheels

Available in black or white, The Twinline 5 Lite has been designed to make it as easy to push as it is to pull. The long base gives you plenty of stability and the quick-folding system is always a welcome benefit. 

The TwinLine’s easy to operate footbrake keeps your push trolley exactly where you leave it, with the soft touch telescopic handle quickly adjustable to suit your height. It has also been designed to provide comfort for both right and left-handed golfers.

The Twinline 5 is available in two colours (classic black, polar white) and comes with a one-year warranty.

Is the Fazer Pro one of the best push golf trolleys?

Fazer Pro Compact Push Trolley

RRP £189.99 | VIEW OFFER
 7.8kg | Folded Size: 750mm x 406mm x 329mm | Warranty: One year | Main accessories: Simple folding action; umbrella holder and accessory station with magnetic closing mechanism; ergonomic foam handle; adjustable bag supports

A sleek-looking push trolley from Fazer, which, at the time of writing, is widely available for just under over £100 so something of a bargain.

The high-grade steel frame will give this golf product some serious shelf life and its popularity is based around its simplicity. There are no frills but it’s a golf trolley after all. 

Most importantly it is well designed and highly useable. The larger back wheels give it plenty of stability and the bungee-based, bag-securing method cleverly keeps your bag firmly in its place.

The Fazer Pro Compact is available in blue and black and it also has a foot parking brake…ideal for when you playing from a slopey lie.

Is the Motocaddy Cube one of the best push golf trolleys?

Motokaddy Cube Push

RRP £189.00 | VIEW OFFER
 6.8kg | Folded Size: 560mm x 365mm x 440mm | Warranty: Two years | Main accessories: Quick-release wheels; foot parking brake; adjustable handle; Easilock connection; drink, scorecard and tee holders to an accessory compartment and golf ball storage spaces; umbrella holder; folding lock

A winner in our annual TG Editor’s Choice Awards, the Cube has had a makeover and it’s now 40% smaller than Motocaddy’s entry-level Z1 push trolley.

Simple to use thanks to its two-step folding system, this is the king of compacts and is a great idea if car boot space is at a premium or garage storage space is tight. Quick release wheels free up even more space.

The oversize wheels and rubber tyres help the trolley handles varying terrains with ease, while the foot parking brake ensures you won’t be chasing it across undulating courses.

It’s impressively light at 6.8kg and is available in three colour combinations: graphite-blue, graphite-lime, graphite-red.

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Is the ClicGear Rovic one of the best push golf trolleys?

Clicgear Rovic RV1C Compact push trolley

RRP £189.00 | VIEW OFFER
 7.25kg | Folded Size: 600mm x 380mm x 330mm | Warranty: One year | Main accessories: Adjustable front-wheel tracking; ball clip, umbrella holder and covered storage; pencil and scorecard holder (plus two further tabs should you wish to buy further accessories)

Rovic trolleys are made by ClicGear, but typically cost a little less.

The RV1C is a robust and stylish trolley with an arching lightweight aluminium frame that folds down to an impressively compact size. It is exceptionally easy to use thanks to a one-touch design.

Easily adjustable silicone straps ensure any stand or trolley golf bag is held firmly in place, regardless of the terrain, while the brake is incorporated into the soft touch handle for impressive comfort and ease of use. It is available in five colours: charcoal-lime, charcoal-black, white, white-lime, silver-black.

Is the Motocaddy P1 one of the best push golf trolleys?

Motokaddy P1 Push Trolley

RRP £179.99 | VIEW OFFER
 6.9kg | Folded Size: 850mm x 410mm x 410mm | Warranty: Two years | Main accessories: Adjustable handle; Easilock connection system; , drink, scorecard, ball and tee holders; covered accessory compartment and under handle storage net 

Motocaddy are synonymous with golf trolleys and the P1 is another example of the brand’s super engineering in a more traditional push trolley package and at a great price.

It isn’t the most compact of the models on show here, but an uber-simple one-step folding system means you’ll be ready to go in seconds, while quick-release wheels make getting it into the boot and storage a little easier.

Like the more expensive Cube, P1 has oversize wheels and maintenance-free rubber tyres to help tackle all conditions. The foot brake is simple to use and extremely effective and, despite its less compact folded size, P1 weighs just 0.1kg more than Cube.

The P1 is available in graphite-blue or graphite red.

Is the Anglo Tri 360 V2 one of the best push golf trolleys?

Axglo Tri-360 V2 3-Wheel Push Golf Trolley

RRP £159.99 | VIEW OFFER
 7.4kg | Folded Size: 813mm x 400mm x 394mm | Warranty: One year | Main accessories: Two separate section console which allows you divide up your devices/accessories; adjustable handles; Engage and release system; umbrella holder; drinks holder; mesh bag underneath for extra storage

The 360 part of Axglo’s popular Tri range comes from the manoeuvrability of its front wheel which allows for a greater degree of flexibility as you traverse the varied landscapes found on our great and good golf courses.

It is typical of a company that is trying its hardest to stand out in a crowded marketplace and that normally means good news for the consumer. 

The Tri-360 V2 also included a gliding system which eliminates the possibility of your trolley being scratched during the opening and closing process.


Is the Motocaddy Z1 one of the best push golf trolleys?

Motokaddy Z1 Push Trolley

RRP £145.00 | VIEW OFFER
 6.0kg | Folded Size: 750mm x 360mm x 500mm | Warranty: Two years | Main accessories: Simple two-step folding system; easy-push ergonomic handle; friction-free oversize wheels; three handle height settings; scorecard holder; accessories compartment.

A Motocaddy trolley for less than £150… wow. And it’s an impressive piece of kit, too.

The Z1 is Motocaddy’s entry-level model and a perfect choice for budget-conscious golfers. It’s readily available for little over £100 now and you’re not going to get the most compact trolley in the world, but it weighs in at just 6kg, the lightest of the brand’s three push models that we’ve featured here.

The Z1, which comes in graphite-blue and graphite-red, has a simple two-step folding system and quick-release wheels to help with transportation and storage, while comfortable handle has three height settings.

Like those found on Micra and P1, oversize wheels and maintenance-free rubber tyres make it a doddle to use across varying course terrains, and the Easilock connection system keeps Motocaddy bags secure without a lower strap. Never fear if you don’t have a matching bag – additional supports ensure the trolley is fully compatible with all brands’ offerings.

You get plenty of storage for your money with drink, scorecard, ball and tee holders, plus a covered accessory compartment for your glove and valuables.

Is the Xtreme Rider Push one of the best push golf trolleys?

Xtreme Rider Push Trolley

RRP £129.00 | VIEW OFFER
 7kg | Folded Size: 770mm x 420mm x 390mm | Warranty: One year | Main accessories: Umbrella holder; adjustable bag support; drinks holder; foot parking brake; storage net; organiser panel

Xtreme’s Quickfold technology definitely works and the ease of opening is just one small element of what makes this push trolley highly attractive.

The price is certainly another and you get a lot of added extras with the Ride Push. The umbrella holder and drinks holder are much appreciated.

Is the MacGregor MacTec one of the best push golf trolleys?

MacGregor MacTec Wheel Push Trolley

RRP £119.99 | VIEW OFFER
 6kg | Folded Size: 1120mm x 340mm x 370mm | Warranty: One year years | Main accessories: Adjustable bag brackets; footbrake; umbrella holder; drinks holder, storage net, scorecard holder

Available in black and white, MacGregor has entered the push trolley with a typically cost-effective and very handy bit of golf kit.

The design is a three-wheel classic but also highly stable thanks to some lightweight-but-highly-sturdy wheels.  It is very to use and will give you plenty of mileage, as is normally the case with MacGregor products. 

Is the Ben Sayers D3 one of the best push golf trolleys?

Ben Sayers D3 Golf Push Trolley

RRP £109.99 | VIEW OFFER
 6kg | Folded Size: 870mm x 280mm x 270mm | Warranty: One year | Main accessories: Ergonomic grab handle; retractable front wheel; adjustable height handle; umbrella holder; scorecard holder; drinks holder; tee and ball storage; other storage section

You have got to hand it to Ben Sayers. They really do value for money like no one else and this extreme lightweight push trolley is a great example of that.

It is aluminium-based rather than steel which helps re the weight and the rest is pretty standard. It is a doddle to put up and take down and the click-on-off footbrake is very helpful when you need help keeping your trolley in one place. 

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