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What are the best golf sunglasses? The Today’s Golfer equipment team selects the best models to help protect your eyes and look good on and off the course.

The importance of a good pair of golf sunglasses has become more and more apparent as we increase our understanding of the damage that can be done by the UV light.

The likes of Henrik Stenson (below), Ian Poulter, Adam Scott and Hideki Matsuyama have also brought their considerable influence to bear around this conversation and the result is an incredible range of options.

Henrik Stenson always wears sunglasses when playing golf.

The right pair of sunglasses will also dramatically improve your view of the golf course and that will help clarify your thoughts and ultimately aid concentration levels.

The technology in sunglasses means you get a much better and more defined view. Add in the fact you don’t have to keep squinting in bright days – this can be especially bad in winter with low suns – and a good pair will provide a considerable list of benefits.

Ryder Cup legend Ian Poulter regularly wears sunglasses on the golf course.

It is also worth remembering that all sunglasses are ranked by their ability to filter out sunlight (UV). There are five categories of protection:

• 0 – 3-20% protection
• 1 – 21-57%
• 2 – 58-82%
• 3 – 83-92%
• 4 – 92-97%

Of course there’s a lot more to keeping yourself comfortable and protected on the golf course than sunglasses, which is why we’ve produced so many apparel accessories guides to make your buying decisions easier. Whether it’s the best Golf Trousers, BeltsThermal Golf Jackets, Winter Mitts, Beanie Hats, Rain Gloves, Base Layers, Polo Shirts, Waterproof Jackets, Mid Layers, Golf Socks or Spikeless Golf Shoes, we’ve got you covered. You can click here to see all of our ‘Best’ guides, from clubs to clothing.

Now let’s head into our selection of the Best Golf Sunglasses…

Oakley Flak

Oakley Custom Flak 2.0

RRP £149.00 | VIEW OFFER
UV Filter Category: 3 | No of Colours 14 | Gender Men

Oakley’s range is vast and the sunglasses specialist has a pair to suit every possible requirement.

The Flak 2.0 are particularly attractive because of their fit and attention to detail when it comes to making sure they don’t move during the swing. Unobtanium nosepads and earsocks ensure they stay fixed to your face.

The lens themselves are as hi-tech as you would expect from Oakley. The use of plutonite makes them extremely durable while all golfers will really appreciate the contrast-enhancing Prizm technology. The difference, when you slip the glasses on, is quite remarkable. All the colours are much bolder and the view is much more defined. And that can only help when it comes to getting yourself in the right frame of mind. 

With Oakley you also get a dizzying array of colour options and they have certainly covered all the bases re personal style preferences.

Bolle Bolt

Bolle Bolt 2.0

RRP £145.00 | VIEW OFFER
UV Filter Category: 3 | No of Colours 9 | Gender Men

The winter sport specialist has quickly established themselves as a popular option for golfers and with offerings like the Bolt 2.0 it is easy to see why.

They are unashamedly distinctive and Bolle has spent a lot of time developing lens which enhance your view of the landscape. Volt+ is its patented colour-enhancing perception technology and the manufacturers have put a figure of 30% improvement.

Whatever the number they really help clarify what’s in front of you out on the course plus you get better depth perception (always very helpful) and 100% UV protection. 

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Henrik Stenson Stinger 3.0

RRP £135.00 | VIEW OFFER
UV Filter Category: 3 | No of Colours 4 Gender Men

Henrik Stenson is arguably the most famous sunglasses-wearing golfer and his crusade to throw the spotlight on eye health has evolved into him producing his own range.

The Iceman has certainly delivered in style and his range is quickly becoming popular all over the world.

The Stinger 3.0 is particularly good all-rounder with great features enhancing fit and performance that can be customised for extra security. They stick to your face and then some thanks to a three-point grip system.

You also get anti-scratch lens and a clever coating (oleophobic) that makes them resistant to sweat, dirt, moisture and fingerprints.

They are extremely light and you get a great view with contrast enhanced to a degree that actually does take a bit of getting use to. 


Sunwise Greenwich

UV Filter Category: 2 | No of Colours 4 | Gender Unisex

Sunwise’s range of less expensive golf sunglasses will certainly appeal to those who appreciate substance over everything else.

They certainly don’t have the glamour of some of their more illustrious sunglasses makers but what really matters is performance and its Greenwich model look and feel the part.

You certainly get a lot for your money with lenses that offer 100% protection against UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays. The British-made glasses also utilise a patented polarised Polafusion system and they certainly do a great job minimising the glare and maximising your view.

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Ray-Ban Daddy-O II

RRP £103.00 | VIEW OFFER
UV Filter Category: 3 | No of Colours 2 | Gender Men

It is the most famous sunglasses brand and still Ray-Ban produces stellar products that have a classic feel yet still technologically at the forefront in this marketplace.

Looks wise they certainly are a bit of a throwback and the likes of Ray Charles and those cool Beatnik types became synonymous with similar-looking glasses. 

However the Daddy-O II offer fantastic protection against the sun while you really do get a high-definition view thanks to Ray-Ban’s excellent polarising system.

They don’t offer the fitting options of some of the other more golf-specific offerings but they are as sturdy as they look and hold well on the face during the swing.


Maui Jim Banyans

RRP £190.00 | VIEW OFFER
UV Filter Category: 3 | No of Colours 3 | Gender Men

Maui Jim sunglasses have a well-deserved strong reputation and any number of their models could have been high up on this list.

The Banyans, named after a famous surf spot in Hawaii, have been designed specifically with a larger head/face in mind. Those who need ‘bigger’ glasses will know how hard it can be to find specs that fit.

And looks wise they certainly ooze class while the rimless nature of these golf sunglasses will have plenty of fans. 

Maui Jim certainly make sunglasses that are built to last (just try and break them and you’ll really struggle) and you get a fantastic view with the company’s patented PolarizedPlus2 lenses and a bi-gradient mirror combining to great effect. 

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Dirty Dog Sly

UV Filter Category: 3 | No of Colours 5 | Gender Men

Another of the cheaper-end golf sunglasses with lots of appeal. Dirty Dog may not be quite as effective as most at protecting your eyes but for many golfers, spending more than £150 on sunglasses also isn’t really an option.

However the polarizing treatment is strong enough to place them in the second most effective category (3) so you get plenty of UV protection.

The Sly sunglasses are also designed to be unisex and the first thing you notice is just how incredibly light they are. The Grilamid TR90 frame and polycarbonate lens combine to create featherlight glasses.

Cheaper-end stuff tends to be associated with a lack or durability but you can’t say about these sunglasses. There are no worries in that regard.  


Julbo Ultimate

RRP £170.00 | VIEW OFFER
UV Filter Category: 3 | No of Colours 7 | Gender Unisex

Ultimate by name, pretty special by nature… Julbo’s top-end offering is full of clever innovations.

Most eye-catching of the Ultimate’s features is the photochromic tint on the lens which adjusts to the amount of light. In darker conditions they clear but if the sun suddenly comes out, you will see the lens rapidly darken.

Julbo has also paid a lot of attention to the fit and you get a custom fit temple and 3D Fit Nosepad. The result is pretty good attempt, to take into account, the shape of your face. 

You also get plenty of UV protection and glasses designed to be impact resistant yet light enough to make you wonder just how they have managed it. 

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Smith Emerge

Smith Emerge

RRP £150.00 | VIEW OFFER
UV Filter Category: 3 | No of Colours 4 | Gender Men

A very classic-looking pair of sunglasses from Smith but look closely and you will start to see what makes them a stand-out pair of golf sunglasses.

Smith’s ChromaPop lens innovation will help all golfers out on the course whether the sun is bright or not. The patented technology filters out two specific wavelengths of light that deter our ability to clarify colours. The nett effect is much clearer definition and sense of more natural colours.

Fit wise Smith has also created a neat nose-pad system which aids comfort and stability while the frames are made from polyamide, which is hypoallergenic. 

EV Pitch

Oakley Radar EV Pitch

RRP £160.00 | VIEW OFFER
UV Filter Category: 2 | No of Colours 6 | Gender Men

The EV Pitch certainly sits on the futuristic-looking end of golf sunglasses appearance spectrum.

The large wraparound lens will appeal to those who have concerns regarding the practicalities of playing with sunglasses on. Your vision will not dip in and out of a normal/protected view while swinging the club, no matter how much you move your head. 

Oakley has also certainly packed every bit of technology into the product, starting with the company’s patented O Matter frames made with the nylon-based propionate compound. It makes them hypoallergenic and incredibly lightweight.

When it comes to the lens, Oakley’s High Definition Optics patented system of clears up the picture to the point where they actually do get a bit of getting used to.

It is worth nothing, though, they don’t offer the strongest UV protection, compared to other sunglasses of a similar price but for UK golfers they will certainly do the job.

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Nike MAverick

Nike Maverick

RRP £135.10 | VIEW OFFER
UV Filter Category: 3 | No of Colours 7 | Gender Unisex

You have got to give Nike its dues. The American powerhouse sports company doesn’t do anything by halves and the Nike Maverick range of golf sunglasses affords players a dizzying array of style options.

With the Maverick you have seven different frame colours and seven different lens colours plus the range utilises different technologies so you are bound to find a pair that suits your needs/preferences.

The polarized version is the most expensive but Nike’s super-light plastic/nylon-made lens is a highly-effective and stylish-looking component. 

The ventilated rubber nose pad is discreet yet well designed and will cope with even the biggest beak while Nike have also gone big on eliminating the potential damage caused by UVA, UVB and blue-filtered light thanks to its MAX Optics lens technology. 


Maui Jim Mahaka

UV Filter Category: 3 | No of Colours 2 | Gender Unisex

Sleek doesn’t do justice to the Mahaka range from Maui Jim and, I appreciate this is all very subjective, but looks wise this pair of golf sunglasses is right up there.

For the majority of golfers looks won’t be the number one priority but fit wise, despite being featherweight, they feel very secure during all parts of play which is a testament to the excellent design. 

The ultra-thin MauiPure lenses certainly add to that degree of classiness and for something so fragile-looking, they certainly pack a lot of punch when it comes to protection and staying as good as new for as long as possible. 

As you might imagine from a company that plays heavily on it Hawaiian heritage, the Mahaka sunglasses are designed to thrive in bright sunlight so you get tonnes of protection and increasing clarity. 

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Henrik Stenson Iceman 3.0

RRP £145.00 | VIEW OFFER
UV Filter Category: 3 | No of Colours 4 | Gender Men

They are golf sunglasses that got the Henrik Stenson range that for the Swedish star established in this marketplace and their popularity shows no sign of waning.

Version 3.0 certainly stays true to Stenson’s vision and the focus remains on combating eye degeneration/fatigue.

100% of UVA/UVB light and 95% of damaging blue light are filtered out while they are a match for any of competitors when it comes to enhancing contrast while maintaining a natural colour balance.

And with all Stenson glasses you get a three-point grip system that utilises a highly-effective soft-touch rubber formula. 

Oakley Half Jacket

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0

RRP £121.00 | VIEW OFFER
UV Filter Category: 3 | No of Colours 5 | Gender Unisex

The new-and-improved Half Jacket range looks the part and certainly is. There is no doubt it deserves inclusion on a list of the best golf sunglasses.

They also look very sturdy/Substantial and certainly are all of that. The curves are designed to fit around your head snuggly while the Unobtanium no-slip components certainly do their job. 

The lenses are made from a high-grade polycarbonate (Plutonite) and are interchangeable so you can customise to suit. They are also treated with Oakley’s patented Prizm technology so you can be assured that your view is dramatically enhances and your eyes are well protected.

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Bolle Lightshifter XL

RRP £185.00 | VIEW OFFER

UV Filter Category: 3 | No of Colours 7 | Gender Unisex

They were originally designed with cyclists in mind but the enlarged version of the Lightshifter makes this list because they really tick all the boxes when it comes to a list of the best golf sunglasses. 

Because cyclists work a lot harder than golfers, Bolle has incorporated anti-fogging technology and that will certainly appeal to plenty of golfers who get fed up having to clean their glasses after every hole.

For many they will just be too big but for others, the photochromic aspect of what these sunglasses can do will supersede all other concerns. To see the lens darken as the sun comes out is something to behold. When you also consider the problems of the erratic British weather, having just the right amount of light hitting your eyes is really helpful. 


Oakley Mercenary

RRP £189.00 | VIEW OFFER
UV Filter Category: 3 | No of Colours 7 | Gender Unisex

Another top-end offering from Oakley and the stunning Mercenary range is available for up to half price right now (depending on the colour).

As you would expect from golf sunglasses that retail at nearly £200, all of Oakley’s considerable armoury of features is incorporated into this model.

The Prizm lens are held in place buy a supremely-strong frame. This range are popular with climbers for a reason. The lenses also come with the impact-resistant Plutonite treatment.

The lenses also look stunning and overall the look and feel of these sunglasses with afford mass appeal. 

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