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What is a golf towel used for? And why do we need a golf towel?

Playing golf in the UK without a golf towel is never going to end well. Even in the height of summer, the British climate ensures that a golf towel is an essential golf accessory.

In fact having two towels is always a good idea. One should be attached to your golf bag and used to clean the clubs and/or wipe grips and other one should be kept in the golf bag so hands can be kept dry when the weather turns.

Golf towels come in all shapes and sizes and the advent of super-absorbent microfibre has increased your material options.

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TaylorMade Golf Towel

Size 24” x 42” | Material Blend | Colours White

At three-and-a-half feet long, this heavily branded TaylorMade golf towel is a great one to have in the bag. A familiar sight on the main pro tours, it came out in 2019 and has been a popular addition to leading players’ accessory options since then.


Motocaddy Golf Towel

Size 16cm x 27cm | Material Cotton | Colours Black + White

A very nice, compact golf towel which, unsurprisingly, is designed to click on to trolley bags. Very thick, it is designed to keep those club faces free of moisture and debris. Also at the cheaper end of the market.


Titleist Players Towel

RRP £21.00 |  VIEW OFFER
Size 16” x 31” | Material Terry cloth | Colours Black + Red

A very stylish offering from a company who knows how to do classy and effective. The Terry cloth material does a great job absorbing moisture.


Callaway Golf Trifold Towel

Size 16” x 21” | Material Cotton | Colours Black; Blue; Grey; Pink; White

Plenty of colour options from Callaway on their tried-and-tested cotton golf towel. Clips on to any golf bag and plenty big enough to handle a full round’s work.


Mizuno Golf Towel

Size 40cm x 60cm| Material MicroFibre | Colours Black; Blue

Microfibre can feel slightly odd to the touch, but Mizuno have overcome potential touch test issues by weaving the super-absorbent material into a waffle weave design. Also makes the towel more dense and effective.


Cobra Golf Towel

Size 39” x 14” | Material Microfibre | Colours Black + Yellow

A very large waffle-weave microfibre golf towel from Cobra that is ideal to have inside your golf bag. Perfect for drying hands, clubs and grips and so big it should cope in even the worst golfing conditions.

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The Open

The Open Golf Towel

Size 30cm x 15.4cm | Material Cotton | Colours White; Navy; Navy + White; Navy + Yellow; Tartan; Yellow + Navy; Yellow + White

A small golf towel from the R&A but still a nice little bit of official merchandise. Comes in a wide range of colours and certainly a good way to remember the delayed 149th Open.


Under Armour Golf Towel

Size 52cm x 23.8cm | Material Cotton | Colours Academy Blue + White

Certainly an eye-catching design from UA and one designed to fulfil a multitude of functions. There is a plush section for water absorption and a textured section for cleaning away other debris.


PXG Golf Towel

Size 19” x 37” | Material Microfibre | Colours White + Black + Grey

A striking large golf towel from PXG. Its camouflage design ensures you will stand out on the course. Another waffle weave microfibre offering and one that is at the expensive end of the market.


Golfino Golf Towel

Size 16” x 32” | Material Microfibre | Colours Blue

A plain-looking golf towel from Golfino but just the right size in terms of attaching it to your bag. It’s bigger than the average bag towel but at this time of year you need plenty of absorption.


Masters TourDri Golf Towel

Size 99.5cm x 50.5cm | Material Microfibre | Colours Black; Navy + Black; Red + Black

The manufacturers claim it can absorb up to seven times its own weight so one to consider. It is also a big golf towel and a slit in the middle means you can hang it over any of your clubs. Another popular waffle-weave product and plenty of value for money to be had.

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Rife Golf Towel

Size 16” x 24”| Material Microfibre | Colours Black

Rife just don’t do expensive – and you should be able to get this for around a tenner. A good size to attach to your golf bag.


Champkey Golf Towel

Size 16” x 21” | Material Microfibre | Colours Black; Grey

Another no-nonsense golf towel that sits discreetly on your golf bag and won’t cost the earth.

PersonalisedPersonalised Tri Fold Golf Towel

Size 50cm x 40cm | Material Cotton | Colours Light Green; Black; Burgundy; Dark Green; Grey; Light Blue; Navy, Orange; Pink; Purple; Red; Royal Blue; White; Yellow

If you are going to get one bit of golfing apparel personalised then the golf towel is probably the most natural fit. You get to choose from 14 colours and then five different styles. You then have a choice of five different fonts and 29 thread colours. Lots of fun to be had designing this for a loved one.

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