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The styling of golf trousers has changed dramatically over the years with the tapered leg becoming increasingly popular, but there are still plenty of options for those who prefer a more classic look.

There are a plethora of brands who have engineered their garments to help you keep cool when it’s hot, and some also give your legs extra help staying warm when it’s cold.

Ranging from just over £50 to just under £190, we have selected our favourite options from the market leaders. 

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But first, let’s take a closer look at the best golf trousers.

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Nike Flex

Nike Flex

Sizes 30/30 – 42/30 | Colours Dark Grey. 

As the name suggests, these highly-popular Nike trousers are designed to cope with the most demanding of players when it comes to twisting/turning and bending/stretching.

The offer on the Nike website relates to the dark grey version only, but you will struggle to find trousers of this quality for under £40 anywhere else.

Made from 100% polyester, they are tailored for warm-weather conditions and utilise Nike’s Dry-Fit method of moving perspiration from your skin to the outside of the garment for rapid evaporation.

Adidas 365

Adidas Ultimate365 Tapered

Sizes 30/32 – 40/34 | Colours Black; Grey Five; Grey Three; Beige; Crew Navy; Hemp

Another great-looking pair of trousers from adidas that focuses on providing extra give around the waist to ensure full freedom of movement.

While they have primarily been designed with spring/summer golf in mind, they will also cope admirably with light rain.

They look very contemporary thanks to the tapered leg finish and also utilise the moisture-wicking fabric to help keep your legs as dry as possible when the heat is really on.

GG Noah

Galvin Green Noah 

Sizes 28/32 – 40/34 | Colours Sharkskin; Beige; Surf Blue; Black; Iron Grey; Steel Grey; White; Navy

Four years ago Galvin Green unveiled its Ventil8 moisture-wicking innovation and it enormous success shows no sign of abating.

Unsurprisingly its Noah trousers are one of many lines that take advantage of the fantastically-helpful breathability aid. Staying cool and dry, even in the most intense heat, gives golfers a massive advantage.

They are also easy to look after (quick drying and easy to iron) and the attention to detail on the cut is what you would expect from a Galvin Green garment. 

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OJ Davenport

Oscar Jacobson Davenport Tapered

Sizes 32/29 – 40/33 | Colours Light Grey; Navy; Black 

A highly contemporary offering from the Swedish clothing giants and one of the many that uses four-way stretch fabric to aid comfort and feel.

The combination of polyester and spandex (11%) means there are no concerns re mobility and they also incorporate a waistband gripper to help with the irritating issue of shirts popping out. Nobody wants to look scruffy on a golf course.

OJ have also added a fifth pocket just for your tees and the pockets are particularly roomy on these versatile trousers. 

UA ColdGear

Under Armour ColdGear Infrared

Sizes 30/30 – 42/34 | Colours Black; Concrete; Academy (dark blue). 

UA is one of the market leaders for a very good reason and its ColdGear trousers exemplify why.

They contain technology to help keep your legs warm when it is cold and also keep you cool when it’s hot. The ColdGear Infrared lining uses a thermo-conductive inner coating to absorb the heat your body gives off and retains it to help you stay insulated. On the flip side the material also transports moisture to the surface to keep you dry in the heat of the summer.

The trousers also repel rain and the four-way stretch element ensures you can move through the swing without worrying about discomfort.

Ping Bennett

Ping Bennett

Sizes 30/29 – 42/33 | Colours Black; Clay; Navy; Snorkel Blue

A very stylish offering from Ping which is made up of 50% cotton so feel wise they are hard to beat.

They will appeal across the age ranges thanks to their Performance Chino fit while remaining incredibly practical. Like all the trousers in the list, a lot of attention has been paid into maxmising freedom of movement without compromising on fit and look.

Ping’s SensorCool system certainly works well and that moisture-wicking element ensures they are highly versatile pair of golf trousers.

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Puma Jackpot

Puma Golf Jackpot

Sizes 30/Short – 40/Long | Colours Black; Pea (blue); Peacoat (dark grey); Quarry (light grey)

Puma makes a lot of affordable and appealing golf kit and their trousers are no exception.

Does pretty much everything its more expensive competitors manage although they are not designed for wet weather golf.

They has a fifth pocket just to give you that bit of extra space every golfer needs at some point in their round. Puma’s dryCELL technology takes care of the moisture-wicking requirements and the lighter stretch mesh waistband plus PUMA gripper tape keeps everything neat and tidy without compromising on freedom of movement.

JLindeberg Strike

J Lindeberg Strike 

RRP £189.00 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes 30/30 – 38/32 | Colours Black

J Lindeberg is not averse to creating bold designs and these seasonal Strike trousers certainly fit into that category. You will certainly stand out wearing them.

Its iconic bridge logo has been morphed into a lightning bolt and these trousers do tick a lot of boxes but, then again, they should for the money.

For the ethically aware they have been certified by Oekotex so no concerns re harmful chemicals. They are also PFC free.

The other good news is they are water repellent and they feel pretty sturdy with it so trousers that can be worn in virtually all conditions. The fast-drying feature is also extremely welcome.

GG Nigel

Galvin Green Nigel

RRP £129.00 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes 28/32 – 40/34 | Colours Grey Melange; Navy Melange.

A very contemporary offering from Galvin Green with a standout seam, straight down the middle of either leg – a feature that really jumps out at you.

With the legs being tapered in that Erik van Rooyen style too, they won’t be for everyone but they feel fantastic and come with the usual raft of features that has become synonymous with the Swedish company.

Super stretchy – Galvin Green’s Ventil8Plus technology does the job here – and highly breathable – highly-effective moisture-wicking helps a great deal in the heat – they also come with extra give in the waist.

They are also made with BLUESIGN-approved fabric, which means they’re part of the fast-growing brands to put the emphasis on sustainability.

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Abacus Links

Abacus Links Warm

RRP £109.00 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes 30/Short – 40/Long | Colours Black; Navy Blue

Warm AND dry is the major appeal here. A considerable 15,000 waterproof seam-sealed fabric ensures this Abacus offering are a great option should rain be a concern. Anything above 10,000 will cope well with persistent showers. Abacus’s patented Bounce 3-Layer innovation is behind that welcome protection.

Despite all that waterproofing, they are also still pretty stretchy. Looks wise there are no bells and whistle (which in itself will appeal to many). They are very classic looking but the warmth and security the trousers provide will certainly ensure they remain a popular option.

Kjus Ike

Kjus Ike Warm

RRP £159.00 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes 30/32 – 42/32 | Colours Black; Dark Jet Green; Steel Grey; atlanta Blue

A company that specialises in Ski wear, producing golf trousers with ‘Warm’ in the title, better be just that and they certainly are.

The fleece lining (see, you’re feeling warmer already) ensures the Ike are just about the cosiest trousers in the marketplace. You can also get a pair of these in regular fit or the more leg-hugging tailored style.

Kjus also claim they are water and stain repellent, which is always helpful, and the anti-slide scorecard pocket is definitely and welcome addition (we’ve all lost one at some point).

Silicon tape inside the waistband keeps the polo shirt in check and the Chino-style pockets help give them their own look.

Golfino Tech

Golfino Tech

Sizes 32/32 – 41/35 | Colours Navy; Classic Red; Light Grey 

Golfino were acquired by the company that owns American Golf last year and you can see the appeal of a brand that makes golf trousers that look and feel the part without costing the earth.

These are another pair of trousers that are designed for playing in spring and summer. They are very lightweight and breathability is their main appeal.

They are not as stretchy as most and are quite high maintenance (no tumble drying allowed) but they do come with a branded ball marker, attached to the front right pocket and one of the back pockets is zipped for higher security.

Lindeberg Elof

J Lindeberg Elof


Sizes 29/32 – 38/34 | Colours Majolica Blue; JL Navy; Black

J Lindeberg’s latest offering certainly look very modern, with a tapered leg look, and they also are made up of 54% recycled polyester so offer more than a nod to sustainability.

The updated Elof range come with extra give, courtesy of a patented Light Poly Stretch innovation. They will also repel water and are also quick drying.

The slanted pockets add to the contemporary feel and they remain lightweight so golf trousers you could wear all-year round. 

Abacus Cleek

Abacus Cleek Stretch


Sizes 30/Short – 40/Long | Colours Black; Grey; Navy Blue

A very lightweight pair of golf trousers from Abacus that are designed for Spring and Summer.

As their name suggests, the emphasis has been put on ensuring wearers get plenty of support and comfort during the swing. You certainly get that, plus a feeling of freshness thanks to the moisture-wicking technology.

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- Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this page, we never allow this to influence product selections.