Best Kids’ Golf Clubs 2022


Which are the best golf clubs for kids? We pick out the best junior clubs and sets from TaylorMade, Callaway, Ping, Wilson, Lynx and many more.

Golf manufacturers are working a lot harder to satisfy the demands of parents, who increasingly understand just how important club fitting is, even for the youngest of golfers.

Most brands offer a box set option, tailored to the height of the player, but there is also plenty of scope to customise your kids’ golf clubs so both ends of the market are satisfied in that respect.

The boom in golf is certainly filtering through to junior players with more and more youngsters taking up the game in the hope of becoming the next Rory McIlroy or Tiger Woods. Read on for our selection of the 13 best junior options available this year, starting at just £89.99.

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Best Kids’ Golf Clubs 2022

Callaway XJ are some of the best golf clubs for kids

Callaway XJ Junior Golf Sets

RRP From £299.95 | VIEW OFFER (Level 1) VIEW OFFER (Level 2) VIEW OFFER (Level 3)
Level 1 (38-46”) – Woods Fairway | Irons 7, SW | Putter Callaway Blade putter | Bag Callaway Stand Bag
Level 2 (47-53”) – Woods Driver (17°), Fairway (23°) | Irons 7 (36°), 9 (42°), SW (52°) | Putter Callaway Blade putter | Bag Callaway Stand Bag
Level 3 (54-61”) – Woods Driver (17°), Fairway (23°) | Hybrid (27°), | Irons 7 (36°), 9 (42°), SW (52°) | Putter Callaway Blade putter | Bag Callaway Stand Bag

Callaway’s offerings for kids unsurprisingly hit the target from many different perspectives.

They are noticeably lightweight and this is to help players as young as 3 or 4 get the ball in the air.

You also get a nice big sweetspot and like, many of the junior clubs on this list, forgiveness is a major part of the appeal. The graphite shafts certainly help in that department as well.

US Kids Golf are some of the best golf clubs for kids

US Kids golf clubs

RRP From £99.95 | VIEW OFFER
Woods DV3 Driver; 3W Fairway Driver | Irons 4 hybrid5-PW; 52°/56° Wedges | Putter Longleaf | Bag US Kids Stand Bag
Height versions (inches) Infant; 36-39; 39-42; 45-48; 48-51; 51-54; 54-57; 57-60; 63-66; 66-69

It’s no big surprise that the US Kids clubs have become the go-to option for many parents of talented youngsters.

When you consider just how tailored golf clubs are for adults, kids, for too long, have had to settle for clubs that are too small/big. The game is hard enough without the equipment holding you back.

Step forward the US Kids system, with its ten player-size bandings, starting at those under three feet and finishing at 5’9”.

You can tailor your sets with the company’s dizzying array of club options. Select the combination to suit and, although it might feel pricey, if your son or daughter is keen and talented, these well-made golf clubs will be just the ticket.

TaylorMade Rory are some of the best golf clubs for kids

TaylorMade Rory McIlroy Junior Golf Package Set

RRP From £299+ | VIEW OFFER
4-7 years – Wood Driver (16°); Rescue (30°) | Irons 7; Sand Wedge | Putter TM Mallet | Bag TM Stand Bag
8-11 years (boys/girls) – Wood Driver (16°); 3W (24°) Rescue (30°) | Irons 7; 9; Sand Wedge | Putter TM Mallet | Bag TM Stand Bag

TaylorMade’s junior offering, made in conjunction with Rory McIlroy, comes in two sizes, which is far from ideal. The company says 4-7 years but if you are a four-year-old they might be a bit much.

Whichever boy or girl is lucky to get a set, their attention might be drawn to the Rory-emblazoned St Bernard headcover, but once you can focus their minds on swinging the clubs, they are sure to get a lot of joy out of TaylorMade’s superb clubs.

With the younger set you get five clubs while the 8-11-years version also includes a 3 wood and a nine iron.

The only real danger is seven clubs might not be enough for many good 8-11-year-olds.

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MKids make some of the best golf clubs for kids

MKids golf clubs

RRP From £189.95+ | VIEW OFFER
Woods Fairway Metal | Irons 6; 8; Wedge | Putter SLA Mallet | Bag MK Pro Stand Bag
Height versions (inches/No of pieces) 45 (4); 49 (5); 53 (5); 57 (5); 61 (5); 65 (5)

There are some nice touches from the junior golf clubs made by MKids, who have six different sizing bands.

Many of the sets available don’t include a driver and that seems a sensible option, especially for those just learning the basics. The fairway metal seems a much more appropriate club.

Also, MKids’ MKLite Tour Style Grip helps promote a light pressure grip and there are thousands of adult players who could do with a bit of help in that direction.

The heads on their irons are almost as big as irons for adults and each set comes with either four or five clubs. 

Ping Prodi are some of the best golf clubs for kids

Ping Prodi G Junior Golf Set

RRP £699.99 | VIEW OFFER
Woods Driver (15°), 5 wood (22°) | Hybrid 5 (27°) | Irons 6 (32°),  7 (35°),  8 (39°),  9 (43°)  PW (47°),  UW (52°), SW (56°)  | Putter Ping Prodi G Voss putter | Bag Hoofer Bag

Ping take a very grown-up approach to their kids’ golf clubs. That is reflected in the price but for serious juniors, it will be just the ticket.

The Prodi G range is aimed at seven-to-13-year-olds and each club can be adjusted to fit. For example, the driver has a default length of 39.5 inches but it can be shortened to 35.75 or lengthened to 41.5

Also Ping’s ‘Get Golf Growing programme, exclusive to the Prodi range is a one-time free opportunity to lengthen the shafts, get the clubs reweighted, or even regripped as your child grows. You must also buy at least five clubs. 

The club themselves incorporate all the same technology Ping use in their clubs designed for high handicappers so oodles of forgiveness and the precision fit will really help your child’s game.

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Golfway Champion Club Sets

RRP From £219.99 | VIEW OFFER
110cm – Woods Driver | Irons 7, 9 | Putter SLA  putter | Bag Golfway Champion Club Stand Bag
120cm -170 (6 sizes) Woods Driver | Irons 6, 8, PW | Putter SLA  putter | Bag Golfway Champion Club Stand Bag

Golfway is not just a junior golf club brand, it is a new take on helping get kids introduced to golf.

The company behind MKids and Masters Golf, has teamed up with the Golf Foundation and is driving participation in schools.

The equipment, which comes in seven sizes (110cm-170cm) has been designed for extreme ease of use and is available in box sets or you can buy individual clubs.

The company also has its own development programme and golf academies can earn accredited status by having their own certified Golfway coach. 

Lynx Golf make some of the best golf clubs for kids

Lynx Junior Ai golf clubs

RRP From £225.00 | VIEW OFFER

Woods: Driver; 3W, 5W | Hybrids 3, 4 Irons 5-SW | Putter Junior Ai putter | Bag Junior Ai Stand Bag
Height versions (inches) 36-39; 40-44; 45-48; 48-51; 51-54; 54-57; 57-60; 63-66

Lynx’s Ai range is just about as comprehensive as the market-leading US Kids junior golf option with clubs available for those as young as two.

There are eight different age options, starting out at 3ft tall toddlers, going all the way up to teenagers measuring 5ft6.

The Surrey-based company offers sets but also the option to customise your set with a great range of options, especially in the wedge department.

For those who are really serious about their game, Lynx really hit the spot and their eye-catching cavity-backed irons are excellent in helping those starting out enjoy the feeling of getting the ball in the air.

And Lynx is to be applauded for its commitment to reducing plastic packaging. The club sets come with cloth protection for the heads and, unlike other manufacturers, the woods and irons come with no shrink-wrap plastic around the shafts.

Cleveland CGJ are some of the best golf clubs for kids

Cleveland Junior Golf Sets

RRP From £139.95 | VIEW OFFER (Set 1) VIEW OFFER (Set 2) VIEW OFFER (Set 3)
Set 1 (36-43”) – Woods Fairway (22°) | Irons 7 | Putter Cleveland mallet putter | Bag Cleveland Stand Bag
Set 2 (44-53”) – Woods Driver (18°) | Hybrid (28°), | Irons 7 (36°), 9 (42°), Wedge (56°) | Putter Cleveland Mallet putter | Bag Callaway Stand Bag
Set 3 (54-63”) – Woods Driver (18°), Fairway (22°) | Hybrid (28°), | Irons 7 (36°), 9 (42°), Wedge (56°) | Putter Cleveland Mallet putter | Bag Callaway Stand Bag

A very nice kids golf club option from Cleveland and of course the wedge is going to work a treat.

The set 1 option, designed for 4-6-year-olds, is a little bit skinny with just three clubs included but you get plenty of value for money, as with most Cleveland products.

All the same technology that is in the full-size clubs is packed into the junior version which means a helpful cavity-backed that will really help the little ones get the ball airborne and enhance the experience. 

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Longridge Challenger are some of the best golf clubs for kids

Longridge Challenger Cadet Set

RRP From £99.95 | VIEW OFFER (4-7) VIEW OFFER (Set 8-11) | VIEW OFFER (12) VIEW OFFER (13+)
Set 1 (4-7) – Woods Driver | Irons 7, 9 | Putter Mallet Style Zinc putter | Bag Longridge Stand Bag
Set 2 (8-11) –  Woods Driver | Irons 7, 9 , PW | Putter Mallet Style Zinc putter | Bag Longridge Stand Bag
Set 3 (12+) – Woods Driver | Hybrid 4 | Irons 7, 9 , PW| Putter Mallet Style Zinc putter | Bag Longridge Stand Bag
Set 4 (13-16) – Woods Driver, 3 wood | Hybrid 4 | Irons 7, 9 , PW| Putter Mallet Style Zinc putter | Bag Longridge Stand Bag

Longridge, the junior club specialist, offer four different options and each one represents excellent value for money.

Again the emphasis is on helping with swing speed so, although not as lightweight as some, they are pretty good and overall you are getting a lot of golf club for your money. 

Fazer JTek are some of the best golf clubs for kids

Fazer J TEK 5.0 Junior Package Set

RRP From £89.99 | VIEW OFFER (3-5) VIEW OFFER (6-8) VIEW OFFER (9-11)
3-5 years – Woods Fairway | Irons 7 | Putter Fazer semi-mallet putter | Bag Fazer J TEK Bag
6-8 years – Woods Driver | Irons hybrid7, PW | Putter Fazer semi-mallet putter | Bag Fazer J TEK Bag
9-12 years – Woods Driver | Irons hybrid7, PW | Putter Fazer semi-mallet putter | Bag Fazer J TEK Bag

The way Fazer has structured their clubs makes a lot of sense (narrower age bands so clubs should fit better). It also goes in at 3, which is an age many parents are looking to get their boys or girls interested.

The 6-8 package also includes five clubs, which are larger than average for comparable brands so the Fazer option has a lot going for it in that respect. Impressive value at less than £90 and is a great kids’ golf set option.

Benross Aero are some of the best golf clubs for kids

Benross Aero Junior Package Set

RRP From £159 | VIEW OFFER
Woods Driver | Irons Hybrid; 7; PW | Putter Benross Mallet |Bag Benross stand bag
Ages/Height versions (inches/No of pieces) 43-49 (5); 49-55 (5); 55-61 (5)

Benross has created a three-tier system designed for youngsters between 3ft7 and 5ft1 and once again it has produced a highly affordable and well-made golf set option.

Lightweight graphite shafts ensure that children have every opportunity to swing the club properly.

Wilson Deep Red are some of the best golf clubs for kids

Wilson Deep Red Junior Package Set

RRP From £229 | VIEW OFFER
8-11 years – Wood Driver | Irons Hybrid; Long iron; Mid iron; Wedge | Putter Wilson Junior Putter | Bag Wilson Deep Red Stand Bag
11-14 years – Wood Driver; Fairway | Irons Hybrid; Long iron; Mid iron; Wedge | Putter Wilson Junior Putter | Bag Wilson Deep Red Stand Bag

Wilson have focused their attention on the older end of the junior golf club set market and interestingly has included a long iron. Not the easiest club to hit and, when you have hybrid options, possibly a bold move.

The set for younger players (8-11) does not include a fairway wood but you still get six clubs while the 11-14-years set has seven.

Wilson have also disposed of the numbering system on its clubs – possibly a nod to the compute game generation – but I’m not sure it is a good idea.

Kids are getting better at a younger age and, although the Deep Red are excellent golf clubs, kids would be better served with the classic numbering.

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Ram G-Force are some of the best golf clubs for kids

Ram Golf Junior G Force Golf Clubs Set

RRP From £99.99 | VIEW OFFER
4-6 years – Woods Driver (14°) | Irons 7, 9| Putter Ram putter | Bag Ram G Force Stand Bag
7-9 years – Woods Driver (21°) | Woods Hybrid (22°) | Irons 7, 9, wedge| Putter Ram putter | Bag Ram G Force Stand Bag
10-12 years – Woods Driver (21°) | Woods Hybrid (22°) | Irons 7, 9, wedge | Putter Ram putter | Bag Ram G Force Stand Bag

Ram may not be the most fashionable golf brand but value wise they are hard to beat.

As a starter set you don’t really need the bells and whistles and Ram have put together three very handy packages across the 4-12-year-old price range.

Like all other junior golf clubs they are forgiving as possible and lightweight.

Slazenger Ikon are some of the best golf clubs for kids

Slazenger Ikon Junior Golf Set

RRP From £169.99 | VIEW OFFER
3-5 years – Woods Driver | Irons 7 | Putter Slazenger Kids Akon putter | Bag Slazenger Akon Stand Bag
6-8 years – Woods Driver | Irons 7, 9 | Putter Slazenger Kids Akon putter | Bag Slazenger Akon Stand Bag
9-11 years -Woods Driver | Irons 7, 9 | Putter Slazenger Kids Akon putter | Bag Slazenger Akon Stand Bag

Slazenger make excellent golf clubs and the iconic sports brand may well have slipped down the pecking order in the golf market but the fact remains you are on to a winner.

Slazenger also offers the ability to customise your sets online so if you do have a particularly talented 3-year-old, you can expand their sets with an extra hybrid and irons.

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