Best Ladies’ Golf Balls


What are the best women’s golf balls?

When it comes to golf balls many manufacturers in the industry would argue that there is no such thing as a ladies’ ball. It’s like saying a you can’t be a powerlifter because you’re too weak or you must wear a dress to work because you’re a woman.

Yet many golf ball brands do still stamp ‘lady’ or ‘women’ on their golf balls, why? If you look at the general spectrum of female golfers and took the average swing speed (around 60-65mph with driver) it’s about one third lower than a typical man. These balls are engineered to fit that criteria.

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We explain the difference between men's and ladies' golf balls.

Is a there a difference between men’s and ladies’ golf balls?

Yes. When the ball is struck by a club travelling at a slower speed you get a lower flight with little spin. Women-specific balls are made with soft cores that compress more under low pressure, increasing ball speed, lift, carry and therefore distance. Aerodynamic dimple pattern designs add lift, as the longer the ball can stay in the air the further it will travel, as we’ll explain within our ladies’ golf ball reviews.

What should I look for when choosing the right golf ball for me?

When doing you ladies’ golf ball comparison, there are plenty of other factors to consider with affordability being one of them. The key is to ask yourself what do you want the golf ball to do for you? Is the best ladies’ golf ball for distance your main priority or do you want to improve your touch and feel around the greens?

The short game is often overlooked in golf ball selection and yet if you can find a ball that offers a superior feel to putt with, increased spin when you land on the green, greater control on your short game shots, the difference to your scores will be phenomenal.

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Equally don’t be fooled into thinking you’re not worthy of using an expensive premium golf ball, they are not just designed for long hitters and professionals. There are tremendous benefits to playing these balls – superior spin control, touch and feel – to name a few. And just as golf clubs can be custom fit so too can golf balls.

Our picks are made up of golf balls we know ladies will absolutely love and which will perform, so without further ado, let’s reveal the best ladies’ golf balls.

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TaylorMade Kalea

Colours White, Matte Purple, Matte Peach

The TaylorMade Kalea is one of the best ladies' golf balls.

As a brand TaylorMade are champions of the women’s game with a complete ladies line-up of hardware from tee-to-green including the Kalea golf ball.

Engineered specifically for ladies with a slow-to-moderate swing speed it has the lowest compression of any ball TaylorMade offer (60 compression), and as we’ve already suggested, the slower your swing the more compression you need.

It’s been designed to give you a helping hand to get more lift on your shots, making this one of the best kadues goilf balls for distance. The secret lies hidden in the heart of the ball, where TaylorMade’s high-energy REACT core allows the ball to compress off the club face faster, boosting carry distance.

Adding power sometimes means a compromise to control, but not in this case. The Kalea’s soft ionomer cover improves feel and increases the spin you get on your touch shots, so you get great feedback with the putter in hand.

2. Vice Tour

Colours White

Vice Tour is one of the best women's golf balls.

Vice Golf began life as a bunch of avid golfers who felt that they could design and manufacture a better ball at a better price.

The brand has come a long way in a relatively short space of time and they’re doing a lot of neat stuff to make golf ball selection more straight-forward. For starters there’s a fantastic golf ball recommender tool on their website. Simply answer a short set of questions, including what your 7-iron carry distance and driver club head speed is, to get a suggested ball.

Vice’s tool really helps you to think about the sort of performance you want from your golf ball and your personal feel and spin preferences. For instance, if you want to play with a soft golf ball that offers great spin control on your short game shots and typically carry your 7-iron around 100 yards it will recommend the Vice Tour golf ball.

This three-piece ball has a super soft cover and a dimple design that will help you hit the ball further with a consistent, stable flight. The Vice Tour offers excellent greenside control and an amazingly gentle feel. It has a handy pre-marked alignment line to help you aim your putter with confidence.

Big praise goes to Vice Golf’s pricing structure – the more balls you buy the lower the price – making them an affordable gift on a ladies’ open day for instance. For a coloured ball, check out the vibrant selection the Vice Pro Soft comes in, there’s Lime, Red, Peach Parfait, Living Coral and Blue Light to choose from.

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Srixon Soft Feel Lady

Colours Pure White & Passion Pink

Srixon Soft Feel Lady is one of the best women's golf balls.

The fact that this is the seventh generation of the Srixon Soft Feel is proof of its incredible popularity and a testament to the brilliant all-round performance you can expect.

It’s a combination we all adore – soft, responsive feel off the putter face with plenty of spin so the ball checks up on our touch shots but with the added benefit of more distance on our long game shots.

Slice the Soft Feel open and you’ll discover a Fastlayer Core that is softer near the centre and gradually firmer around the perimeter. This helps the ball to launch higher, carry further and do so with less effort. This is particularly important for ladies who generally have slower swing speeds and can add game-changing distance.

A new and improved dimple pattern, designed from Srixon’s tour players’ feedback, further increases carry distance by reducing drag, and is especially effective in windy conditions.

For ladies who struggle with poor sight to follow the ball in flight the new Soft Feel Brite, with its dazzling finish, could well hold the solution. It is available in a choice of three visibility-enhancing colour options – red, orange and green.

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Titleist Pro V1 & Pro V1x

Colours White, Optic Yellow & Pink

The Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x are among the best women's golf balls.

Selecting the right golf ball can be a mind-boggling task. We often go on trial and error or simply price, but making a ‘best guess’ means that you are probably missing out on trying a ball that could be doing more for your game. Forward-thinking Titleist offer a simple solution. Through their website you can book a free virtual golf ball consultation service via zoom and chat with an expert fitter who will discuss your needs and help with a personalised golf ball recommendation.

Of the many choices on offer for 2021 are the new and improved Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x, whose most noticeable improvement is to the dimple pattern, which has previously not changed since 2011 and is now more aerodynamic and efficient, as well as boasting a reformulated inner core.

One of the big misconceptions ladies have is that these premium-priced balls won’t suit them because we see the world’s best players putting them into action week-in, week-out so we assume they won’t work for our more moderate swing speed.

In fact it really doesn’t matter what standard of player you are, if you want the best feel, spin and performance then this is the Ferrari of the golf ball market, and has been the number one ball in golf for the last 20 years, not trying a Titleist Pro V1 is a travesty!

5. Callaway Reva

Colours Matte orange, green, red & pink, gloss yellow & white

The Callaway Reva is one of the best women's golf balls.

The new Callaway Reva golf ball has been designed specifically to help women to unlock more distance and is effectively a ladies’ version of the Supersoft Max… in fact it’s the same ball, just with different packaging, colour choices and alignment graphic.
It has been designed with Callaway’s Tri-Blend Ionomer Cover, which the brand say they developed especially for lady golfers. It maximises distance and forgiveness in the swing and is built for longer, straighter shots from ball speed, high-launch and low spin while providing an impressively soft feel.

The Reva is oversized, measuring .05 inches larger than a “standard” golf ball. It is designed for moderate swing speed players who don’t always make perfect contact. The idea is that the larger size will boost your confidence over every shot, leading to more consistent contact for better results and is ideally suited to beginners and seniors.

If it’s a Callaway ball you’re after but the Reva doesn’t match your needs, then try the Supersoft. It’s immensely popular with women’s golfers amd the 2021 has been improved with a new hybrid cover that uses a Paraloid Impact Modifier made by Dow Chemical. It works to increase your ball speed, with the high launch, low spin combination we all crave, while offering a soft feel. Read our full Callaway Supersoft review here.

6. Wilson Staff DUO Soft+

Colours White

The Wilson Staff DUO Soft+ is one of the best women's golf balls.

Wilson Staff have an illustrious history of making great golf clubs but you may not automatically think of them as a ball brand. However, times are changing.

For 2021 Wilson claim to have produced the world’s softest and longest premium two-piece ball. The DUO Soft+ is an unbelievably soft-feeling golf ball. It has been made with advanced materials and has a fancy VelocitiCOR to extract and amplify every ounce of power from a ladies swing, making it one of the best ladies’ golf balls for distance while providing exceptional feel with every shot.

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Mizuno RB566

Colours White, yellow & orange

The Mizuno RB566 is one of the best women's golf balls.

Named after the 566 micro dimples that make up the design, Mizuno have created a super soft-feeling golf ball that will power up your game in terms of performance.

]The dimple pattern is configured to delay the rate of the ball’s descent past the apex of the flight – this means you’ll get a longer, more stable mid-trajectory ball flight with your driver and a more nimble touch around the greens.

If feel and spin are your main priorities then there is a softer, higher-launching version, the RB566V, for a tenner more.

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Bridgestone e6 Lady Soft

Colours White & pink


The Bridgestone E6 Lady Soft is one of the best women's golf balls.

Big-hitting Bryson DeChambeau and 15-time Major champion Tiger Woods are among the many Tour players who choose Bridgestone, a company world-renowned for being specialists in the rubber industry (supplying Formula One race cars with championship tyres is just one of their other arenas.)

For 2021 Bridgestone has replaced the popular Lady Precept with the e6 Lady Soft and we think you’ll love the performance. It is a soft-feeling ball that’s been designed specifically for ladies with slower swing speeds.

The low compression means it propels off the club face faster, travels further and has a more aerodynamic dimple that improves launch, helping you hit high shots with ease. A soft cover gives it a great feel on the greens and makes it one of the best golf balls for women.

Volvik Vivid Lite

Colours Yellow, blue, orange, pink

The Volvik Vivid Lite is one of the best ladies' golf balls.

If you like coloured golf balls then you’ll love Volvik, a brand which makes vibrant golf balls in pretty much every colour in the rainbow.

We think that ladies will love the new Vivid Lite with its distinctive matte finish, which stops unwanted glare in bright light, making it really easy to spot in flight (or when searching in the rough).

It is designed to work with the typical ladies slower swing speed (55-85mph) – to give you a higher ball flight and longer carry on your shots, while offering a buttery soft, responsive feel off the putter face and plenty of spin and stop on short game shots.

Pinnacle Soft Feel

Colours White & Pink |

The Pinnacle Soft Feel is one of the best ladies' golf balls.

Pinnacle has long been a champion of the women’s game, making golf balls that suit slower swing speeds, with a high energy, low compression core to help you hit the ball further.

The new Soft is just that. It has a super soft cover that offers an extremely soft feel, while a clever dimple pattern ensures that you get a very consistent ball flight on every shot.

The mere fact that Pinnacle sell their golf balls in packs of 15 rather than 12 says a lot about the typical golfer they are targeting, and if you’re the type of player who loses a lot of golf balls, or simply likes to use a new ball every time you tee off and money matters, then the Soft does offer excellent value.

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- Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this page, we never allow this to influence product selections.