The Longest Driver 2020


What is the longest golf driver of 2020? 

Before we get into the facts about the longest golf driver of 2020, we feel it's important to state that you should never buy a driver based on our data alone. 

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Golf clubs perform differently in different golfers’ hands, due to things like your swing speed and the way you deliver the club into impact. That's why it's so important to test any club you're thinking of buying for yourself, comparing to to the performance you get from your current club(s) and any other contenders you may be considering. A custom fitting is a great way to do that, with the help of an expert to dial in the numbers. 

TESTED: Best Driver 2020

That said, we'd bet good money that one of the top three longest drivers of 2020 from our test will become the best-selling driver of 2020.  

1. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero

Ball speed: 161.6mph

Spin: 2,300rpm

Carry distance: 280 yards

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2. Mizuno ST200

Ball speed: 159.1mph

Spin: 2,296rpm

Carry distance: 279 yards

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3. TaylorMade SIM Max

Ball speed: 161.5mph

Spin: 2,166rpm

Carry distance: 278 yards

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How they placed (1st - 5th)

Longest golf driver

4. Callaway Mavrik

Ball speed: 161.4mph

Spin: 2,394rpm

Carry distance: 278 yards

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5. Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero

Ball speed: 160.4mph

Spin: 2,196rpm

Carry distance: 277 yards

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Longest golf driver


Models that target low spin often produce better launch monitor data and produce the fastest and longest drives, but some golfers will find that a low spin driver punishes their mishits more severely when they don't catch it out of the middle. That's why we've put together a list of the most forgiving drivers of 2020 as well. 

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