Longest Drivers


What is the longest golf driver? 

Before we get into the numbers and name the longest golf drivers of 2021, we feel it's important to state that we wouldn't recommend you buy a driver based on our data alone. 

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Golf clubs perform differently in different golfers’ hands, due to things like your swing speed and the way you deliver the club into impact. That's why it's so important to test any club you're thinking of buying for yourself, comparing it to the performance you get from your current club(s) and any other contenders you may be considering. A custom fitting is a great way to do that, with the help of an expert to dial in the numbers. 

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That said, if distance is what you want from your driver (and who doesn't?), you should definitely consider testing these models.

TG pro Neil Wain tests the longest drivers

How we conducted our longest golf drivers test

– We gathered all of the 2021 driver models at our indoor test lab at Keele Golf Centre.

– Most of the drivers were in the spec of TG Test Pro Neil Wain, while models aimed at more modest swing speeds were in Equipment Editor Simon Daddow's ideal spec. 

– We used Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track balls and a Foresight GC Quad launch monitor to create the most reliable data possible.

– We recorded how shots launched, span, peaked and dropped out of the air, before crunching the numbers to come up with our conclusions.

We used the Callaway Chrome Soft X to test the longest drivers of the year

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And so, without further ado, here are the... 

Longest Drivers of the Year


Callaway Epic Speed driver

1. Callaway Epic Speed

Callaway know what they're doing when it comes to creating drivers that deliver distance.

The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero was the longest driver we tested last year, and this year they've created two of the three longest drivers we've tested, in the Callaway Epic Speed and Callaway Epic Max. (With the Callaway Epic Max LS coming in fourth.)

Not only was the Callaway Epic Speed the longest driver we tested, it was the fourth most forgiving, making it a superb all-round driver.

FULL REVIEW: Callaway Epic Speed driver

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Callaway Epic Max driver

2. Callaway Epic Max

Ball speed: 167.1mph

Spin: 3,053rpm

Carry distance: 280 yards

It's hard not to be impressed by what Callaway have done with their Epic drivers this year. Improving on the 'Jailbreak' bars that have helped boost ball speeds since their introduction in 2016, Callaway's 'Speed Frame' further reduces crown deflection, meaning more energy is passed from club to ball. 

The result is greater ball speeds, which equals longer drives. 

The Callaway Epic Max may have come up a little short of its sibling, the Epic Speed, when it comes to all-out distance, but the fact it offers greater forgiveness without giving up very much in yardage means it will be a fantastic driver for a huge number of golfers. 

The Epic Max is the most draw capable, the highest launching and the most forgiving Callaway Epic driver available. Combined with distances that are almost top of the pile, the Callaway Epic Max is likely to be one of, if not the best-selling driver of the year. 

FULL REVIEW: Callaway Epic Max driver

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Honma TR20 driver

3. Honma TR20

Ball speed: 164.4mph

Spin: 2,348rpm

Carry distance: 280 yards

The Honma TR20 driver features three sole weight ports, meaning it can be set up for different needs. 

In the Honma TR20's most forgiving setup (with the most weight at the back) we found it performed superbly. Not only was it one of the three longest drivers of the year, it was one of the three most forgiving drivers, too. 

At £599, it's not cheap, but the performance does back up the price tag.  

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Callaway Epic Max LS driver

4. Callaway Epic Max LS

Ball speed: 166.2mph

Spin: 2,727rpm

Carry distance: 279 yards

The Callaway Epic Max LS rounds off Callaway's hugely impressive showing in terms of drivers for 2021, with three of the four longest drivers of the year bearing the name Epic. 

The Epic Max LS is Callaway's low spin model, so it won't be for everyone, but for high swing speed players who generate a lot of spin, it could well be the longest driver you can get your hands on. 

FULL REVIEW: Callaway Epic Max LS driver

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PXG 0811 Proto driver

5. PXG 0811 X+ Proto

Ball speed: 166.8mph

Spin: 3,016rpm

Carry distance: 279 yards

The PXG 0811 X+ Proto driver is a versatile beast, proving to be one of the longest and most forgiving drivers of 2021. That's thanks to the four-weight sole set up, meaning the PXG 0811 Proto can be set up to focus on lowering spin or on a higher launch and greater forgiveness.

The PXG 0811 X+ Proto was our joint longest low spin driver at 279 yards and in its more forgiving set up was also just a yard back from our longest traditional forgiving driver, which means it’s a versatile and powerful option.

If you're someone who generates quite a lot of spin with your driver the PXG 0811 X+ Proto is well worth testing.

And, at £405, it's cheaper than many of its competitors, which isn't something you can normally say about PXG. 

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Cobra Radspeed driver

6. Cobra RAD Speed

Ball speed: 166.6mph

Spin: 2,834rpm

Carry distance: 279 yards

If you want a driver that helps reduce spin and delivers fantastic distance, without breaking the bank, the Cobra RAD Speed could well be for you. 

With a 279-yard carry, it was the joint-longest of all the low spin drivers we tested. And, at just £369, it's one of the cheapest drivers available, which is incredible when you consider how much technology is packed into it. It features adjustable weighting, a CNC milled face, skeleton titanium body, carbon crown/sole panels, new radial weighting and an Arccos shot-tracker in the grip. It makes the Cobra RAD Speed a fantastic value driver, but there is a catch. The Cobra RAD Speed isn't particularly forgiving, with considerably more carry distance drop-off than the Ping G425 LST, a low spin model that proved far more friendly on off-centre hits. 

FULL REVIEW: Cobra RAD Speed driver

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TaylorMade SIM2 Max driver

7. TaylorMade SIM2 Max

Ball speed: 164.9mph

Spin: 2,821rpm

Carry distance: 278 yards

The TaylorMade SIM2 Max was five yards behind the longest driver we tested this year (the Callaway Epic Speed), which perhaps shouldn't be surprising given that TaylorMade have focused a lot on tweaking the original SIM design in order to increase forgiveness. 

As such, the SIM2 Max has a 5% larger face and 3% higher MOI than the TaylorMade SIM range it replaced. And whilst many golfers will understandably be drawn to the Callaway Epic Speed and the promise of five yards more distance, the TaylorMade SIM2 Max still outperformed the likes of Ping, Titleist, and Mizuno. Plus, all of the leading drivers are brilliant these days, so the performance differences are relatively small. 

FULL REVIEW: TaylorMade SIM2 Max driver

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Titleist TSi3 driver

8. Titleist TSi3

Ball speed: 168.0mph

Spin: 3,154rpm

Carry distance: 277 yards

Titleist haven't always featured among the longest drivers available, but new shaping reduces drag by 15% which boosts clubhead speeds and, in turn, ball speed and distance. 

The Titleist TSi3 is a driver aimed at the better player (the Titleist TSi2 is a more forgiving alternative for golfers who don't always find the middle of the face) and many tour pros quickly put it in the bag when it launched in Autumn 2020. 

At £519 (rising to £679 with a premium shaft) the Titleist TSi3 doesn't come cheap, but it's a very good-looking driver and whilst it didn't top the charts for carry distance, it recorded the highest ball speed of any driver we tested. Carefully custom fit to your spec, that could make it a real contender for good golfers with high swing speeds who generate a lot of spin, particularly if budget isn't an issue. 

Just be wary of the drop-off between your good and bad strikes when testing. We found it dropped 79% more carry distance on mishits than the Ping G425 LST, which is the benchmark for forgiveness. 

FULL REVIEW: Titlest TSi3 driver

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Models that target distance often produce better launch monitor data and produce the fastest and longest drives when struck purely, but some golfers will find them more punishing when they don't quite catch it out of the middle. That's why we've put together a list of the most forgiving drivers as well. Or you can check out our list of the Overall Best Golf Drivers 2021.

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