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Which Ping golf driver is right for me in 2022? We reveal the best model for your game.

Ping and drivers go together like fish and chips or Tyrrell Hatton and on-course bust-ups. When Karsten Solheim set up Ping more than 60 years ago it was because he could not find a decent putter. But in the last 30 years, Ping have firmly established themselves as an iconic drivers brand.

They were the first company to understand the value of custom fitting and have long been considered a technological pioneer. Much of what is now considered conventional thinking, in terms of design, is down to Ping.

It still has a massively loyal following and Lee Westwood has been a world-famous Ping brand ambassador. Like Westwood, Viktor Hovland, Tyrrell Hatton and Tony Finau also use the latest low-spin Ping driver (the G425 LST), along with Westwood. Louis Oosthuizen was spotted using the iconic Ping G400 earlier this year.

Ping also famously make brilliant irons and you should also check out our feature on Which Ping iron is best for me. They also still are one of the most popular putting brands and you can see how they compare with the rest in our Best Putters of 2022.

But first, check out our selection of the best Ping Golf Drivers…

The Ping G425 Max is one of the best Ping Golf drivers

Ping G425 Max Driver

Lofts:  9° / 10.5° / 12° | Stock shafts: Ping Tour, Ping Alta CB

Many golfers thought Ping were late to the movable weight party when they revealed their first driver with a movable CG, the G410 Plus in 2019. But Ping being Ping (essentially they’re a company built on engineering) refused to make a movable weight model until they could include a weight track that had zero compromise on MOI and forgiveness.

The Ping G410 was replaced by the Ping G425 Max, which has a 460cc head that is rounder in shape than the LST model, and thanks to a 26g CG shifter (which is 10g more than the G410 Plus) you get 7% more MOI forgiveness than you did from the Ping G410 Plus.

The launch monitor data from our forgiving drivers test.

The Ping G425 Max also enables golfers to add 20% more draw bias or 16% more fade bias than the previous model, to help really dial in your preferred shot shape.        

Thanks to the updates, if like many golfers your favourite recent G driver is still the G400 Max, Ping say the G425 Max boasts more forgiveness than this MOI monster. Incredibly this great-looking driver nudges the 10,000 (g-in2) MOI barrier, which was the level Nike needed a square head to tip (the SQ-Sasquatch) back in 2008. In simple terms, it makes it incredibly stable, which helps you keep the head square at impact.  

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The Ping G425 LST is one of the best Ping Golf drivers

Ping G425 LST driver

Lofts 9° / 10.5° | Stock shafts Ping Tour, Ping Alta CB

What Ping say…

The LST is Ping’s lowest spinning driver. A smaller, 445cc head is teamed with a 17g CG shifter to give a degree of shot shape control. The LST is usually a good match for higher swing speed players who specifically want to target lower spin for more distance.  The big-hitting American Tony Finau certainly fits into that category

Today’s Golfer drivers test verdict…

From what is a really good-looking head shape and powerful profile at address, the LST was our second-best low-spin driver at preserving ball speed from off-centre hits, and the third best at minimising carry loss. 

The launch monitor data from our low spin golf drivers test.

In terms of ball speed and carry, the LST wasn’t quite the fastest or longest, but from our experience Ping drivers rarely are as its engineers tend to err on the side of slightly more forgiveness. Even though the LST is now into its second year, Ping assure us the model will comfortably see out 2022.

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The Ping G425 SFT is one of the best Ping Golf drivers

Ping G425 SFT driver

Loft 10.5° | Stock shaft: Ping Alta CB

What Ping say…

The ultimate slice buster; 23g of draw weighting means you can dial in 10 yards more left bias than the previous G410 SFT, and 25 yards more than the G425 Max.

The SFT’s counter-balanced stock Alta CB shaft is great for many average-speed players, but if you really need help rinsing extra zip from a slower swing speed, Ping’s soft, regular 40g Alta Distanza turns the SFT into a very strong, lightweight, draw-biased driver. 

Today’s Golfer drivers test verdict…

The last two generations of SFT have seen the model morph from a cracking ‘keep-a-slice-in-check’ driver into a flat-out slice-busting machine. And Ping is happy to heap extra focus on helping golfers at this end of the scale as they know there are very good levels of draw bias available for less severe slicers from their G425 Max (with the sole weight in the draw position).

The launch monitor data from our draw drivers golf test.

That means not all players who’ve been fitted into an SFT before will need the same model in 2022, illustrating brilliantly how the SFT is the most draw-capable driver we’ve hit over the last two years.

If you want to keep a severe slice in check this year, you cannot afford to ignore this model. TG’s Equipment Editor didn’t quite hit it as well as in 2021, but the SFT still sounds louder than its rivals, and there’s no mistaking the driver’s calling card of naturally being able to turn shots over and produce that big, high, looping draw.

If your game would benefit from staying out of the right rough more often, the G425 SFT really can help you out.

The Ping G410 Plus is one of the best Ping Golf drivers

Ping G410 Plus Alta Driver

Lofts 9° / 10.5° / 12° | Stock shafts Ping Tour, Ping Alta CB

The G410 Plus was Ping’s first movable weight driver, engineered to increase forgiveness and optimise ball flight

Until this point, Ping had stayed away from the adjustable market because they believed weight tracks (particularly those that go through the centre of the head) meant a compromise on MOI performance. But with the launch of the G410 Plus driver, Ping felt the time was right to introduce a moving weight track to their driver, without feeling like they will have to sacrifice forgiveness or MOI performance.

The G410 driver has a 455cc head size, which Ping say has a 15% higher MOI than competitor drivers with moveable CG locations.

A 16g tungsten weight (which is 8% of the head’s weight) can be positioned to give up to 10 yards of shot bias to help dial in a golfer’s preferred shot shape, which Ping say improves fitting capability.

The Ping G410 SFT is one of the best Ping Golf drivers

Ping G410 SFT Driver

 9° / 10.5° / 12° | Stock shafts Ping Tour, Ping Alta CB

The Ping G410 SFT (Straight Flight Technology) Driver has a 455cc head and is engineered with a fixed ultra-high-density tungsten weight (16g) positioned on the clubhead’s extreme perimeter.

It also has 50% more heel-side CG than its predecessor to ensure straighter ball flights, offering more draw bias than the previous G400 SFT.

A lighter swing weight helps golfers maximise club speed but also gives extra time to square the face at impact.

All the same improved creased crown and internal dragon y tech as the G410 Plus, but with a stationary 16g tungsten weight in the heel. Ping says there is 50% more mass in the heel than the G400 SFT, which to us sounds like a draw driver on steroids.

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The Ping G Le 2 is one of the best Ping Drivers

Ping G Le2 Ladies Driver

RRP £349.00 | VIEW OFFER
Lofts: 11.5° | Shaft: Ping ULT 240 (Lite and Ultra Lite flexes)

Improving an already successful driver is no easy task. It can sometimes be hard to believe that a ‘next-generation club’ is genuinely better than the original but in the Ping G Le2’s case the goal was to improve the feel of the club throughout the entire swing by making the overall driver lighter and the improvements are noticeable.

The titanium head is rounder and more aerodynamic than its predecessor, helping you to achieve a faster club head speed. A thin, forged T9S+ material has been used to increase face flexing for more ball velocity and improved launch conditions. Internal heel-based weighting helps to straighten the ball flight and soft turbulators help frame the ball at address.

Ping have always been leaders in ladies’ custom fit and the new GLe2 comes in an even greater choice of options to empower women of all skill levels to play, improve and get great enjoyment from their golf.

You can truly personalise your ball flight thanks to a new lightweight, aerodynamic hosel sleeve that gives eight positions with loft adjustments (+/- 1.5°), guaranteeing that this is a driver that will really work for your individual needs.

The Ping G400 SFT is one of the best Ping Golf drivers

Ping G400 SFT driver

RRP £399.00 | VIEW OFFER
: 10° | Shaft: Ping Alta CB 55

The G400 series launched in 2017 but still has a tremendous amount to offer and it is well worth spending a bit of time on Golfbidder if you want to find the right model for a price that is not going to cost the earth.

It could be said Ping pioneered good-looking draw drivers, as slice-busting SFT (Straight Flight Technology) drivers have been part of their range for years. It means the G400 came with pedigree, and in our eyes the SFT is still a proven performer.

There’s lots to look at on the G400’s crown, but because the head’s wrapped in a matt finish the details merge into the background.

Make no mistake, the G400 SFT is still highly effective at improving ball speed and distance for heel strikers as it is slicers. It’s got a massive MOI, so it’s hugely forgiving and a great fairway finder.

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