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Which are the best Skechers golf shoes?

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Skechers have made quite an impact since launching into the golf market in 2014.

And they have been central players in a quiet revolution in the golf shoes sector with the move towards more casual-looking footwear. Comfort has also been a byword for all things Skechers.

Its Go Golf range is one of the most extensive out there and their competitively-priced options have earned rave reviews, featuring in our best golf shoes guide.

In March, Skechers signed up 2022 US Open champion Matt Fitzpatrick and he was wearing Skechers Go Golf Pro 5 Hyper at Brookline when he won his first Major, joining the likes of Colin Montgomerie, Matt Kuchar and Brooke Henderson as brand ambassadors.

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Matt Fitzpatrick wears Skechers golf shoes.

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But let’s start with the best Skechers golf shoes…

Best Skechers Golf Shoes: Unisex

The Skechers Go Golf Max Sport golf shoes.

Skechers Go Golf Max Sport golf shoes

RRP £89.00 | Men’s – VIEW OFFER; Ladies – VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 3-12 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Charcoal + Blue; Navy + Lime; Grey + Coral; Navy + Pink | BOA option? No | Waterproof? No

The Go Golf Max golf shoe is very Skechers. You get a lightweight shoe that is packed with features to take the stress of your feet during a round.

The women's Skechers Go Golf Max Sport golf shoes.

The shoe includes Skechers’s TPU holt melt toe protection, its Ultra Flight cushioning and GOGA Max insole.

Underneath and the uber-modern spikeless system looks equipped to cope with the worst under-foot conditions. The moulded TPU outsole oozes grip and it is designed to keep your feet close to the ground, providing fantastic stability.

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Best Skechers Golf Shoes: Men Only

Skechers Go Golf Pro 5 Hyper

RRP £140.00 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 7-12 | Sole: Spiked Colour options: White + Blue; Black + Grey | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

This is the shoe that Skechers’ latest big signing Matt Fitzpatrick now wears and a lot of time and effort has gone into the Pro 5.

Skechers analysed 20 years of data and 120,000 unweighted podiatry foot scans before releasing its new marquee offering and others on this list.

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It features a removable Arch Fit® comfort insole with high-performance Resamax® cushioning, an ultra-lightweight Hyper Burst® cushioned midsole, a dynamic diamond traction plate with replaceable Softspikes® for maximum grip and a waterproof synthetic upper with one-year waterproof warranty.

That is a lot of technology and, even at £140, you are getting a lot of shoe for your money.

Skechers Go Golf Elite 5 Legend

RRP £110.00 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 7-12 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Black + White; Grey; Navy | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

A sleek and tidy number from Skechers, which is almost the classic modern golf shoe. The lack of spikes should not deter the traditionalists as the Elite 5™ Legend is designed with Skechers’ innovative outsole technology – Skechers Griplflex. 

This revolutionary grip system boasts a combination of multi-directional cleats and lugs to provide superior traction and stability, all in a turf-friendly design.

You also get Skechers’ Arch Fit® insole which provides podiatrist-certified arch support and the all-encompassing leather upper allows the company to offer a two-year waterproof guarantee.

Skechers Go Golf Drive 5

Sizes (UK): 7-11 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: White + Navy; Grey + Red | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

The Go Golf Drive 5 is one of the growing number of golf shoes designed to be worn on and off the course.

Tthe spikeless golf shoe, features a leather and synthetic upper with a removable Arch Fit® insole and Goodyear® Performance Outsole for traction.

The versatile golf shoe also  includes waterproof protection with a 12-month warranty affording reassurance that the Drive 5 offers plenty of substances as well as a lot of style.

The Skechers Go Golf Elite 4 Victory shoes.

Skechers Go Golf Elite 4 Victory golf shoes

Sizes (UK): 7-12 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: White + Grey; Grey + Red; Black + White | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes 

The chunky Arch Fit soles are designed with podiatrist-certified arch support, which makes them a great fit for anyone, but particularly golfers who suffer with their feet. 

They are designed with a water-repellent upper and a Goodyear Performance Outsole for traction, stability and durability.

Skechers say the hook-and-loop laces give a very personalised fit. Available in black and white or grey, they’re great value for money, too.

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Skechers Go Golf Tour Pro golf shoes.

Skechers Go Golf Torque Pro golf shoes

Sizes (UK): 6.5-12 | Sole: Spiked | Colour options: Grey + Red; White + Navy; Black + Lime; Black + Grey | BOA option? Yes | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

This offering made the shortlist for the Today’s Golfer Editor’s Choice Awards and when it comes to comfort, it is pretty hard to beat. Skechers really know how to keep your feet cosy.

For the overwhelming majority of club-level golfers this model will certainly be more than enough shoe to tick all the boxes. It is loaded with protection from the elements with a full-grain leather and synthetic upper plus waterproof membrane so wet weather will not be a problem.

Underneath is a diamond traction plate and a six-soft-spike layout to keep you stable even when it gets slippy underfoot.

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Skechers Go Golf Pro 4 Legacy golf shoes.

Skechers Go Golf Pro 4 Legacy golf shoes

Sizes (UK): 6.5-12 | Sole: Spiked | Colour options: White + Navy; Black + Red; Grey + Lime | BOA option? No | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

Skechers is certainly a brand renowned for putting the emphasis on comfort and when you are treading carefully across energy-sapping fairways, you will be thankful for that by the time you reach the end of your round.

The Pro 4 Legacy is especially appealing because it utilises a synthetic leather upper on the top half plus its own patented waterproof membrane protection to ensure you stay dry, even if you get particularly unlucky and end up playing a whole round in wet weather.

And when the underfoot conditions get particularly perilous, eight soft spikes give you that peace of mind even if the lightweight nature of the shoe may suggest otherwise.

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Skechers Go Golf Max Bolt golf shoes.

Skechers Go Golf Max Bolt golf shoes

Sizes (UK): 6.5-12 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Navy + Blue; Grey + Blue; Black + Red | BOA option? No | Waterproof? No

A really visually striking offering that is flashy but also comes with a lot of substance.

Comfort-wise they are right up there with any golf shoe on the market. Skechers’ penchant for delivering style and a great ride for you feet is encapsulated with the Max Bolt. The company’s patented Ultra Flight midsole and its Goga Max insole are quite a combination.

The upper is water repellent so will cope with light rain and/or damp fairways and the smooth jersey mesh fabric adds to the feeling of wearability.

Skechers also make excellent spikeless soles and the TPU outsole looks grippy and deliver on that in style. 

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Best Skechers Golf Shoes: Ladies Only

Skechers Ladies Go Golf® Max Fairway 3

Sizes (UK): 4-7 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Blue + Multi; Navy + Multi | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

Skechers have turned making uber comfortable golf shoes into a bit of an art form and that is typified by Max Fairway 3. 

This lightweight, water-repellent design features a lace-up engineered mesh with a removable Arch Fit® insole, lightweight Ultra Flight® cushioning and spikeless outsole. 

Away from then course they look the part in most social circumstances and you will get plenty of use out of them, even if you struggle to find the time to get on the course.

Skechers Go Golf Elite 5

RRP £110.00 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 4-8 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Grey + Aqua; White + Navy | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

Elite is certainly the right word to encapsulate this fantastic offering from Skechers. Only the arch traditionalists wouldn’t want these on their feet. 

Looks wise they are certainly trainer in feel but, that apart, they offer everything you could ever want from a golf shoe.

This golf design features a mesh and synthetic upper with a removable Arch Fit® insole, lightweight Ultra Flight® cushioning, and Gripflex spikeless outsole with enough traction for even the most testing of conditions.

Skechers Go Golf Ladies Max Mojo golf shoes.

Skechers Go Golf Ladies Max – Mojo golf shoes 

Sizes (UK): 4-8 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Grey + Purple; Navy + Pink | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

A golf shoe that looks substantial but then you pick it up and wonder what’s inside. Skechers’ ability to construct extreme lightweight footwear while offering plenty of protection is all too evident here.

As well as offering plenty of shield against the elements, the Max – Mojo also incorporates Skechers’ Dr-Lex moisture management interior.

The upper combines leather and a waterproof mesh material which gives the shoes a very individualistic look while the supportive leather side and heel saddle provide extra stability. 

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Skechers Go Golf Pro 2 Ladies golf shoes.

Skechers Go Golf Pro 2 Ladies golf shoes   

Sizes (UK): 4-7 | Sole: Spiked | Colour options: White; Grey + Pink | BOA option? No | Waterproof? Yes

Another of Skechers’ spiked options which looks and feels the part and utilises features which have, in the most part, been developed with other types of shoes in mind.

The 5Gen foam midsole was created with serious female runners in mind. It has been adapted for the Pro 2 and the narrow and lightweight element provides excellent support and comfort.

Five soft spikes form the centrepiece of a super-grippy-looking outsole. For the soft fairways of the UK (for the majority of the year), the arrangement looks just the ticket. Combine that with durable and waterproof synthetic upper and you have an excellent all-rounder.

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Skechers Go Golf Pro 2 Walk Sport golf shoes.

Skechers Go Golf Pro 2 Walk Sport golf shoes

Sizes (UK): 3-8 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Navy + Pink; Black + Blue | BOA option? No | Waterproof? No

Virtually all Skechers shoes could be worn out and about but the Pro 2 Walk really has versatility stitched into every corner.

At first glance it looks like a lightweight walking shoe and that is kind of the point. The upper is water-resistant but the soft mesh fabric is, critically, uber lightweight. 

Combine it with the cushioned ResaGrip Midsole, which utilises Skechers’ Goga Max technology, and TPU moulded outsole and you have a golf shoe that is lighter than some pairs of slippers. 

Does, and should, have massive appeal. 



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