Best Thermal Golf Jackets


A good quality padded golf jacket or body warmer is probably the most important piece of kit for winter golfers in Northern Europe.

Keeping warm while staying comfortable with your ability to swing the club to maximum effect are always the big issues at this time of year. The technological advancements in this area have been substantial and there are a huge range of options out there.

Ranging from £40 to £300, you will find something that is tailored to your specific needs with market leaders Ping, Galvin Green, Footjoy, Callaway, adidas, Nike, Oscar Jacobson, Puma and Peter Millar all delivering excellent winter golf jackets packed with insulated tech. There are also great thermal options from the likes of Abacus, Glenmuir, Stromberg, Benross, ProQuip, Sunderland, Mizuno, Kjus and Mizuno.

But let’s start with our favourite thermal golf jackets and gilets.

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The Ping Norse S3 Primaloft Windproof is one of the best winter golf jackets.

Ping Norse S3 Primaloft Windproof Golf Jacket

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Delph Blue; Black

We know how cold it can get playing winter golf and what every golfer is looking for is maximum protection with minimum impact on restricting freedom of movement and this is why Ping’s thermal golf jacket offering is so appealing.

Ping has really got its house with its clothing options and this is another top drawer option that uses its superb Sensorwarm tech. Water resistant and windproof, the PrimaLoft fibres do the hard work in terms of keeping you warm yet, despite its insulation qualities, it doesn’t feel bulky so you can wear a base layer and a mid layer and you will still feel able to swing the club properly.

I really like the outer design with its stitch-free 3D quilted effect. Stylish and practical, this is the ideal winter golf jacket.

The Galvin Green Damian is one of the best thermal golf jackets.

Galvin Green Damian Golf Jacket

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Black, Navy

Another masterpiece of winter jacket engineering from Galvin Green which ensures you’ll never be let down when it’s very cold. Its patented INSULA Fabric system critically keeps the jacket as light as possible and overall it is very stretchy considering all of its elements.

Aesthetically it does give off a bit of a superhero vibe and also pulls off the trick of making you look more of a golf athlete than you probably really are! The padded quilting targets the chest and shoulders to ensure key areas are kept warm. Also as a Bluesign-approved product, the use of recycled polyester can only be good news as sustainability becomes a huge issue for clothing manufacturers.

Impressively breathable and quick drying, it’s difficult to imagine how a thermal golf jacket can get much better than this.

The FootJoy Hybrid Golf Jacket is one of the best outer layers for winter golf.

FootJoy Hybrid Golf Jacket

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Black; Navy

There is obviously a lot of personal taste when it comes to clothing – that’s just the nature of the beast – and this really ticks all the boxes for me in terms of fit and look as well as comfort.

FootJoy are shoe specialists, but they are getting so much right with their golf jackets and this thermal option just feels made to measure. Whether it’s the padded collar (but it’s not too bulky) or the cut of the arms, it just works. It will also keep you dry in light rain and from a price perspective won’t break the bank, especially when you could wear it away from the course as well.

It’s got a full-length zip for added practicality and the pockets are very accessible despite being well hidden. Some serious thought has gone into this from Footjoy and it’s undoubtedly one of the best padded golf jackets out there.

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The Galvin Green Lionel Interface-1 Full Zip Bodywarmer is one of the best insulated golf layers.

Galvin Green Lionel Interface-1 Full Zip Golf Bodywarmer

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Black; Blue Bell; Navy; Sharkskin; White

For those who like their thermal golf jackets sleeveless, this is the one the rest are trying to emulate. Yes it is a lot of money for a bodywarmer – more than some of the padded golf jackets – but what you get is something that looks and feels amazing. It is also water repellent and contains a Gore-Tex Infinium membrane.

I am a big fan of elasticated waists and this has one and of course without sleeves freedom of movement isn’t an issue. Incredibly comfortable and lightweight, this is just in class of its own when you are talking about the best golf gilet.

If you're looking for one of the best winter golf jackets then the Callaway Primaloft Quilted is a great option.

Callaway Primaloft Quilted Golf Jacket

Sizes (UK): Small-XXXL | Colour options: Peacoat; Caviar

This is an excellent winter golf jacket option from Callaway and you get a lot for your money. Renowned for making clubs they may be, but the attention to detail is all too evident in this very effective thermal golf jacket.

As it’s 100% nylon woven fabric and nylon/spandex knit fabric, it does feel different to some of its better-known rivals but we are splitting hairs really. The main thing is while you are wearing it, what’s it is constructed from is the least of your worries! Callaway’s Swing-Tech panelling system provides all the room you will need to swing the club without added resistance and the adjustable hem provides extra comfort reassurance.

A really solid quilted golf jacket at very good value.

The Adidas Frostguard Recycled Content Full-Zip Padded Jacket is one of the best golf outer layers.

Adidas Frostguard Recycled Content Full-Zip Padded Golf Jacket

Sizes (UK): Small-XL | Colour options: Black; Focus Olive; Blue

Unlike many of its competitors, adidas has produced a thermal golf jacket that has panelling stretching the full length of the garment and it utilises the well-known benefits of duck down and feathers (like the very best quilts) to combat cold temperatures.

Overall you have a substantial piece of kit that is actually a lot lighter than it looks. The protection is front and back so a great option when it’s really cold. It’s got marginally less than give than other outer layers but most golfers won’t notice that.

It also does a pretty good of keeping you dry in light rain so 95% of the time this will fulfil your winter golfing needs.

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The Kjus Pike is one of the best thermal golf jackets.

Kjus Pike Golf Jacket


Sizes (UK): Small-XXXL | Colour options: Atlanta blue; Dark Jet Green; Black

It was a natural move for the winter sport specialist to move into this space and what it has produced is a stunning if pricey winter thermal jacket. It is gloriously cosy – as you would expect from a company that makes ski wear – and you do feel slightly restricted on first impact but that worry is quickly dispelled after a few holes.

The four-way stretch material is amazing. Features you just don’t get from any other garment are hand warmers stitched into the sleeves should you needs them (that is genius) a hood inside the collar should you need extra protection from a rain shower.

It also includes an anti-bacterial element to fight odour-causing bacteria. A lot of money but undoubtedly one of the best winter golf jackets and you’ll definitely wear it for more than your weekly round.

The Nike Aeroloft Repel Hyperadapt is one of the best winter golf jackets.

Nike Aeroloft Repel Hyperadapt Golf Jacket

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Black; Navy

Another thermal golf jacket that offers the extra protection down the full length of the front while going halfway down the back. Nike just don’t make average golf gear and, despite initial reservations (looks can be deceiving), it more than holds its own in terms of comfort and practicality.

It looks more cumbersome than some of the other jackets mentioned in this guide but is incredibly light. Down feathers are again utilised to create that critical layer of quilted protection without weighing you down and Nike have paid particular attention to the shoulders with a system that allows you plenty of room to execute that all-important full turn.

Again another that will cope with light rain. I like them really snug so not my ideal thermal attire but a great all-rounder nonetheless.

The Under Armour Coldgear Reactor Hybrid is one of the best insulated golf jackets.

Under Armour Coldgear Reactor Hybrid Golf Jacket

Sizes (UK): Small-XXXL | Colour options: Grey Wolf; Black

Under Armour are renowned for their technical weather gear and this lightweight jacket is another shining example.

The Reactor hybrid is one of the more versatile winter golf jackets and can be worn under layers or as an outer layer. It also looks great on or off the course.

The fleece side panels and back stretch panels mean you can swing without restriction, while the clever tech means the jacket’s insulation adapts to your level of activity while allowing air to flow to ensure you stay warm but never get too hot.

As well as protecting you from the cold, UA’s Storm Technology provides a decent level of water resistance (and trust me, it works if you’re caught in a shower). I’m also a big fan of the tapered neck which offers extra protection from the elements but never gets in the way.

The fuller cut isn’t my favourite but it means the Reactor Hybrid is a suitable thermal golf jacket for all shapes and sizes. The fact that’s my only criticism shows just how good it is.

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The Ping Dover Thermal Golf Wind Vest is one of the best winter golf gilets.

Ping Dover Thermal Golf Wind Vest

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Greystone/Oxford Blue; Mallard Green; Oxford Blue; Oxford Blue/ Delph Blue; Steel Grey

For those not really interested in spending nearly £200 on a golf gilet or bodywarmer, Ping’s alternative represents a much more viable option and it also brings plenty to the party.

The SensorWarm technology is again utilised right across the front of this attractive-looking thermal golf vest. The neck protection is modest, which I particularly like but I understand if you want something more substantial on that part of your body. And I enjoyed having pockets on both sides. It’s ideal for keeping your hands protected.

It will also offer some protection in wet weather but not to the same degree as other gilets. If you love the style but would prefer a jacket then it’s good news as Ping also make the Dover with sleeves. Check it out, here.

The Oscar Jacobson Rushton Hybrid is one of the best thermal golf jackets.

Oscar Jacobson Rushton Hybrid Golf Jacket

RRP £119.99 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Navy; Light Grey; Black

Another eye-catching offering from the Swedish company which has produced a very competent thermal golf jacket at a competitive price. OJ brand this as a windproof jacket but we’re happy that it provides plenty of warmth, too.

The Rushton certainly gives you plenty of protection front and back with distinctive padding the full length of both sides. The sleeves offer a big contrast and if you like that kind of freedom then this will appeal. It’s all relatively simple but still effective even if fit wise it isn’t quite of the quality of others.

The Peter Millar Hyperlight Fuse Hybrid Gilet is one of the best insulated golf vests.

Peter Millar Hyperlight Fuse Hybrid Golf Gilet

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Nordic Pine/ Navy; Gale Grey/Iron; Beta Blue/Navy

The American brand has delivered again and this will really appeal to those who like wearing as little as possible. You have to remind yourself you are wearing a thermal golf gilet, such is its lightweight nature.

Over the top of a base layer and a standard long-sleeved shirt, it just fits fantastically well. The use of a chest pocket is inspired as it is the perfect place to quickly grab a tee or ball marker, especially if you are wearing cumbersome waterproof trousers.

In the wet weather it is well suited to sitting under a fourth fully waterproof layer and that combination really appeals when the conditions get particularly difficult.

The Abacus Dunes Hybrid is one of the best thermal golf jackets.

Abacus Dunes Hybrid Golf Jacket

Sizes (UK): Small-XXXL | Colour options: Dark Grey; Forest; Navy; True Blue

The Swedish firm’s latest thermal golf jacket offering does not offer the multitude of features similar-looking garments do but this is a very solid protector against wind and cold.

It’s not really designed for any kind of wet weather but don’t let that put you off. Critically, it is another winter golf jacket that just fits great and also feels very comfortable with the fleece lining.

The side panelling is incredibly stretchy – if only I could turn that much! – and the extra padding flows all the way from the bottom of the front to the bottom of the back, including the front of the neck. 

The Glenmuir g.Callander is one of the best winter golf jackets.

Glenmuir g.Callander Golf Jacket

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Mid Grey Marl + Black; Navy + White; Black + Light Grey

This is a great value winter golf jacket. It may not be the most comfortable thermal option out there but it’s ok and, more importantly, Glenmuir’s Storm Bloc rain repellent system means this is a very versatile bit of kit. Whether its high winds, cold, wet weather or a combination of all three, this works well.

Again some might think it’s bit tight around the cuffs and the waist but I really like that extra assurance… keep out the cold everywhere you can! Some may struggle to wear it over two layers but if you’re not too bothered about that then this provides you with a lot of golf jacket for a really good price.

The Puma Golf Primaloft Stlth is one of the best thermal golf jackets and ideal for winter.

Puma Golf Primaloft Stlth Thermal Jacket

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Puma Black; Peacoat; Navy Blazer + Star Sapphire

Another thermal golf jacket that offers great value for money, particularly when you can pick it up for around £70! Primaloft’s popular quilting is well used here front and back and the raglan sleeves feel really nice.

The neck protection is understated which is a big positive for me. It’s good in cold temperatures if not the very best, but how often do you really need protection that would allow you play in sub-zero temperatures? Realistically it’s a great option as part of a layering system with a good base layer and mid-layer.

More importantly it is a decent wet-weather option and appearance wise it pretty understated by Puma’s standards which is probably why it is so popular.

The Stromberg Forma Hybrid Jacket is one of the best value thermal golf jackets.

Stromberg Forma Hybrid Golf Jacket

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Castlerock; Tap Shoe Black

Another excellent option at the lower end of the market, Stromberg has again delivered and this appeals because it works better than the average winter golf jacket thanks to its durable water repellent finish.

It’s not one that particularly catches the eye but, while swinging the club, it’s perfectly fine, providing plenty of give just where you need it. Again, it won’t win awards for comfort but when you are considering it against more expensive thermal golf jackets, it compares pretty well.

The Benross Pro Shell X Hybrid is one of the best thermal golf jackets.

Benross Pro Shell X Hybrid

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Blue + Black; Black.

Benross have made a career out of punching above their weight, so don’t be put off by the price. This ticks plenty of boxes.

Some nice touches and a personal favourite of mine is the fleece-lined pockets. You just can’t play good golf with cold hands. The padding isn’t the best but it’s an excellent fit.

It feels well made and the drawcord hem is welcome option. There are some very slim golfers out there who also need a slim thermal golf jacket.

The ProQuip Therma Excel Tour Bodywarmer is one of the best thermal golf jackets.

ProQuip Therma Excel Tour Bodywarmer

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Black; Burgandy; Navy; Opal; Sky Diver

For those who want a gilet with plenty of oomph then this ProQuip offering has a lot to offer.

It’s pretty roomy and gives you plenty of options in terms of base and mid layers. The inner pocket is just ideally located so you can slide in cards, ball markers and tees with the minimum of fuss.

Even the collar feels nice and while there is a lot of protection, there is no sense of being weighed down.

The Sunderland Zermatt is one of the best thermal golf jackets.

Sunderland Men’s Zermatt Padded Jacket

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Black + Electric Blue + White; Navy + White + Silver; Lightning Blue + Black + White; Gunmetal + Black + Ultraviolet; Navy + Silver + White

This famous golf brand was inspired to make this thermal golf jacket by the Scottish weather so it better be hardy and it certainly looks the part.

Protection wise there is a lot of going on and it all comes together in a pretty stylish-looking package. It might be a bit too Michelin Man-looking for some but it is very lightweight, as is demanded by the modern golfer and available thanks to the advancements in technology.

Described as showerproof, you would certainly struggle to play 18 holes in it in wet weather and it really does need to be the outer most layer.

The Lacoste Sport Lightweight is one of the best thermal golf jackets.

Lacoste Sport Lightweight Water-Resistant Quilted Golf Jacket

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Black; Navy Blue

Well there is no doubt this is lightweight and if that is your top priority this is definitely one to consider. I am certainly in that camp because if I am wearing a thermal golf jacket I still want the option of utilising a waterproof without worrying about being overloaded.

It will hold out in the rain for a while and I like the way the distinctive neck protection can be buttoned up for extra help in combating the cold and wet.

It is very roomy below the elbow, which I am not a big fan off but again as one who prefers skin-tight stuff, this is just personal preference.It is also longer than most jackets in this marketplace and I like that feeling of it dropping below the waist.

The Mizuno Move Warmer is one of the best thermal golf jackets.

Mizuno Move Warmer Jacket

Sizes (UK): Small-XXL | Colour options: Black; Deep Navy; White; Bronze Green

A bold offering from the Japanese giants and the only thermal golf jacket on this list that takes the protective padding across the arms as well as the back and front.

Aesthetically it doesn’t really look like a piece of golf apparel, but it will certainly keep you warm, even when the temperature drops towards zero, and it is deceptively stretchy.

There isn’t much it can do against the rain so one for those who want to feel as cosy as possible when it’s very cold and very windy.


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