Best Waterproof Golf Shoes


What are the best waterproof golf shoes?

We all know golf shoes get a real workout in autumn, winter and, if you live in the UK, then quite often spring and even summer too! They are a critical part of any golfer’s ensemble and now, more than ever, golfers don’t have to compromise in terms of comfort and style while getting lots of protection from the elements.

With a number of new players entering marketplace in the last five years, players have more golf shoe choices than ever before with market leaders adidas, Ecco, Footjoy and Nike becoming increasingly challenged by the likes of Payntr, Duca Del Cosma, G/Fore and Stromberg. With Puma, Skechers, Under Armour and Rife also producing excellent options, there is a great range of waterproof shoes to choose from, starting at as little as £70.

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And, while they may have been frowned upon for their styling in the past, a modern winter golf boot is also well worth consideration, especially if you play regularly on a muddy parkland track, so we've included a special section for these.

Whichever winter golf shoe or boot you go for, a longer waterproof guarantee gives you greater reassurance that your shoes will keep you dry for longer. A one-year waterproof guarantee is fairly standard, but some manufacturers and models offer two years.

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But let's start with our favourite waterproof golf shoes.

The ecco Biom H4 is one of the best waterproof golf shoes.

Ecco Biom H4

Sizes (UK): 6-12.5 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Black; White; Silver Grey; White + Concrete | BOA option? Yes | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

Ecco may not produce the most stylish-looking shoes but when you’re treading through stodgy fairways in wet weather, who really cares about appearance? Built for comfort and helping golfers remain stable as they swing a golf club, Ecco has once again come up trumps with the H4.

It is hard to believe you are wearing spikeless shoes. All of its market-leading technology is employed to give you the required support and ease of movement – that includes Gore-Tex so you get breathability as well as it being 100% waterproof – while remaining quintessentially durable.

It is one of Today’s Golfer Editor’s Choice Awards winners and our judges debated whether this was the best golf shoe ever. They're certainly a big favourite of TG Equipment Editor Simon Daddow, who wears ecco Biom shoes on and off the golf course.

The Payntr X 001F is one of the best waterproof golf shoes.

Payntr X 001F

RRP £119.99 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): Men 7-12 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Black; Grey; White | BOA option? No | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

Payntr give you plenty of bang for your buck and the new kid on the golf shoe block have devised feature-laden footwear which is full of innovation. Critically its ‘Neverwet’ skin has allowed the Yorkshire-based company to produce a product with its own style while remaining wholly practical.

Certainly, its sole is as grippy as you get without utilising spikes. And when playing in wet weather the use of Ortholite X40 sock liner gives you the added assurance that, despite appearances, this really is an excellent waterproof product.

Again, this was one of the Today’s Golfer Editor’s Choice Awards, one of our best spikeless golf shoes and TG digital editor, Rob Jerram, has it as one of his favourite golf shoes ever.

“I’ve been wearing the X 001F for every round since March,” Rob said. “They were comfortable out of the box and, despite playing in some horrendous conditions, they’ve stood up to the test in terms waterproofing, grip and traction; you’d never guess they are spikeless.

“Plus, they look fantastic. I’ve never had so many people ask me about a golf shoe."

The adidas ZG21 is one of the best waterproof golf shoes.

adidas ZG21


Sizes (UK): 6.5-12 | Sole: Spiked | Colour options: Core Grey + Yellow + Focus Blue; Crew Navy + White + Sonic Aqua; Core Black + Grey; White + Dusk + Silver; White + Yellow + Blue; White + Black + Solar Red; Black + Silver + Grey | BOA option? Yes | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

While adidas have long been known for producing footwear that ticks most of the boxes, some golfers have taken issue with the weight of their spiked shoes. Adidas’ response is the ZG21, a hybrid concept which utilises the considerable advancements in spike technology. I

t suits all terrains and weathers while remaining classically adidas in look. Considering the jobs it performs, it is remarkably light and, thanks to the brand’s renowned Boost sole cushioning, it is exceptionally comfortable.

The four-layer upper provides complete waterproof protection, while the six cleats and a secondary lug provide superb grip, making this an ideal wet-weather golf shoe.

One of the Today’s Golfer Editor’s Choice Awards winners and worn by two-time Major champion Collin Morikawa.

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The FootJoy Pro S/L is one of the best waterproof golf shoes.

FootJoy Pro S/L

RRP £149.99 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 6-14 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: White + Blue + Yellow; Grey + White; White + Grey; White + Grey + Blue; Navy + Light Blue; Black + Lime | BOA option? Yes | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

This classic year-round option is understandably massively popular. Footjoy’s elegant-yet-highly-functional spikeless market leader offers a wide range of options in terms of fit (there are four ‘width’ options) and look while performing well in all conditions. For a premium you can even design your own shoe.

The sole on its own boasts four patented traction technologies while the upper portion of the shoe really looks the part. When playing in wet weather Footjoy’s use of Premium Chromoskin leather delivers as you might expect while remaining soft and waterproof.

The Skechers Go Golf Pro 4 Legacy is one of the best waterproof golf shoes.

Skechers Go Golf Pro 4 Legacy

Sizes (UK): 6.5-12 | Sole: Spiked | Colour options: White + Navy; Black + Red; Grey + Lime | BOA option? No | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

Skechers are certainly a brand renowned for putting the emphasis on comfort and when you are treading carefully across energy-sapping fairways, you will be thankful for that by the time you reach the end of your round.

The Pro 4 Legacy is especially appealing because it utilises a synthetic leather upper on the top half plus its own patented waterproof membrane protection to ensure you stay dry even if you get particularly unlucky and end up playing a whole round in wet weather.

And when the underfoot conditions get particularly perilous, eight soft spikes give you that peace of mind even if the lightweight nature of the shoe may suggest otherwise. TG readers carried out testing of the Skechers range earlier this year and loved it.

The Duca Del Cosma JL2 is one of the best waterproof golf shoes.

6. Duca Del Cosma JL2

RRP £179.95 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 6-13 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Black + camouflage green + orange + white | BOA option? No | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

The Italian designers have certainly carved out a niche in terms of thinking outside the box since entering the golf market in 2004 and they are going for it in terms of producing plenty of options for those who need a shoe that performs in the wet weather.

Front and centre is the special edition of the successful JL they created in conjunction with European Tour stalwart and staff player Joost Luiten. Like its predecessor, the JL2 is classically quirky and employs a sock system with OnSteam recyclable microfiber which does a great job in the rain while the trademark soft Italian Nappa leather is made for keeping shoes waterproof.

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The FootJoy Premiere Series is one of the best waterproof golf shoes.

FootJoy Premiere Series

RRP £159.99-£169.99 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 6-14 | Sole: Spikeless + Spiked (see below) | Colour options: Black; White; White + Navy; Navy + Red | BOA option? No | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

FootJoy are certainly utilising the popularity of this classic brand and it’s easy to see why it is such a massive favourite of golfers all over the world. There is even a special edition available which was brought out to celebrate Torrey Pines hosting the US Open.

Coming in three main versions – Tarlow (spikes), Packard (spikes) and Flint (spikeless) – it remains arguably the most classic-looking golf shoe out there while it has certainly kept up with the times from an innovative perspective, especially when you look underneath the bonnet. Its spikeless grip system is hard to beat and a must on the soft winter fairways and in wet weather.

FootJoy’s love of using premium leather is well founded. For keeping its shoes waterproof, it still works as well as it ever did.

The Puma Ignite PWRADPT Cage Crafted is one of the best waterproof golf shoes.

Puma Ignite PWRADPT Cage Crafted

RRP £119.95 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 7-13 | Sole: Spiked | Colour options: Black; White + High Rise; Quiet Shade + Black  | BOA option? No | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

Puma’s knack of producing flexible yet strong offerings is all too evident in the Cage Crafted series and if these shoes can cope with the weight transfer requirements of Bryson DeChambeau, they will certainly cope with the stability needs of the average golfer, whatever the underfoot conditions.

The Cage Crafted model also stays true to the company’s lightweight traditions in this marketplace and cleverly integrates a leather saddle so its one-year waterproof guarantee should prove a safe bet. A Microfiber synthetic upper does the job in terms of being supportive and breathable while also making sure wet weather golf isn’t too much of a chore.

The Under Armour HOVR Drive is one of the best waterproof golf shoes.

Under Armour HOVR Drive

RRP £139.99 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 6-12 | Sole: Spiked | Colour options: White + Silver | BOA option? No | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

Under Armour have invested heavily in developing a sole which assists good players who build up a lot of resistance in their swings. But the firm footing you get from the HOVR will offer considerable comfortable regardless of how hard you swing it.

UA also have an eye for aesthetics and this is a shoe that feels and works as good as it looks. They've also developed their own patented Storm Technology water repellent system and on this version of the HOVR series it is combined with Clarino’s popular Microfiber technology in the upper portion to give you a really effective waterproof barrier.

It really was made to be used in wet weather and with all the added extras, represents excellent value for money.

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The Duca Del Cosma Valderama is one of the best waterproof golf shoes.

10. Duca Del Cosma Valderama

RRP £179.95 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 6-13 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Black + White | BOA option? No | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

The Valderama has certainly made a big impact in this highly competitive marketplace with its eyecatching design but its relatively simple-looking exterior belies a raft of features which means it is an effective operator whatever the conditions.

Like all of the Italian manufacturer’s waterproof brands, it combines the traditional leather upper with a waterproof sock system and breathable membrane and don’t be put off by the relatively lightweight-looking sole. Duca Del Cosma's Airplay IV system provides you with a stable base even when the weather is very wet.

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The ecco Golf S-Three is one of the best waterproof golf shoes.

Ecco Golf S-Three

RRP £179.99 | VIEW OFFER
Sizes (UK): 7-12 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options Black; Night Sky; Silver Grey; White; White + Ice; White + Lime Punch | BOA option? Yes | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

At first glance you wonder how Ecco have managed to make such a sporty-looking golf show waterproof but the attention to detail on this eyecatching golf shoe is remarkable.

Like all Ecco shoes, Gore-Tex is utilised on the upper to stop the rain getting in while also helping your feet breath.

And while the top part of the waterproof shoe looks well engineered, the sole is something else. Ecco have split it into three parts and its patented polyurethane Ecco Zonal Fluidform technology means the heel is designed for softness and cushioning, the middle part is all about stability while the forefront of the mid sole concentrates on softness and flex.

It is also remarkably grippy. Its award-winning E-DTS hybrid outsole adds more than 800 traction angles thanks to 100 moulded tractions bars.

The adidas Golf Codechaos 21 is one of the best waterproof golf shoes.

adidas Golf Codechaos 21

Sizes (UK): 6.5-12 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: Cloud White + Grey Four + Grey Two; Core Black + Acid Mint + Grey Six; Grey Five + Screaming Orange + Grey Three; Cloud White + Legend Marine + Scarlet | BOA option? Yes | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

When adidas unleashed the Codechaos range last year it certainly caused a bit of a stir. But beneath all the razzledazzle, regarding the funky design features and claims about sustainability, is a shoe that does a pretty good job of keeping your feet dry in wet weather… even if at first glance it doesn’t look like a good waterproof option.

The protective upper is made from 50% plastics recovered from the ocean and you have to admire the German sportwear giant’s attempts to make a difference on that front. The sole looks really solid and it is. It also has excellent gripability that will fill you with confidence when the going gets particularly tough.

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The Under Armour Spieth 5 SL is one of the best waterproof golf shoes.

Under Armour Spieth 5 SL

Sizes (UK): 6-12 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options: White; Silver; Black | BOA option? No | Waterproof warranty? Yes, two years

It is difficult to argue with the growing perception that UA’s fifth version of its Spieth shoe is the best spikeless version you can get when it comes to traction and such is the confidence of the manufacturers, re No 5’s waterproof credentials, it is also prepared to offer a two-year guarantee that your feet will stay dry come what may. There is an awful lot going on with this shoe but there should be considering the price.

UA have pulled out all the stops when considering stability and its UA HOVR cushioning platform comes into its own to provide comfort. In wet weather that’s all you can ask for. Clarion’s microfiber upper is also utilised, helping to keep it lightweight and adaptable in the upper portion.

The Skechers Men's Go Golf Torque Pro is one of the best waterproof golf shoes.

Skechers Men's Go Golf Torque Pro

Sizes (UK): 6.5-12 | Sole: Spiked | Colour options: Grey + Red; White + Navy; Black + Lime; Black + Grey | BOA option? No | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

This offering made the shortlist for the Today’s Golfer Editor’s Choice Awards and when it comes to comfort, it is pretty hard to beat. Skechers really know how to keep your feet cosy.

For the overwhelming majority of club-level golfers this model will certainly be more than enough shoe to tick all the boxes. It is loaded with protection from the elements with a full-grain leather and synthetic upper plus waterproof membrane so wet weather will not be a problem.

Underneath is a diamond traction plate and a six-soft-spike layout to keep you stable even when it gets slippy underfoot.

The Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 is one of the best waterproof golf shoes.

Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2

Sizes (UK): 6-15 | Sole: Spiked | Colour options: Black + White + Racer Blue + Pure Platinum; Black + Metallic Pewter + White; White + Metallic Platinum + Black  | BOA option? No | Waterproof warranty? Yes, two years

From every angle this is a striking piece of footwear and you have to hand it to Nike for creating something not quite like anything we’ve seen before.

Visually the Victory Tour 2 looks the part and for the most part and, particularly around heel, feels great. However for this kind of price you expect a lot of golf shoe and I’m not quite sure whether it has the right levels of support in all the critical places, especially on the soft fairways of British golf courses in winter.

You have no concerns regarding keeping dry so wet weather isn’t a problem and there is plenty of grip too. Unquestionably you will get a smooth ride from a golf shoe that is very waterproof. It is just that some players will not like the feel during the swing.

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The Rife RF-09 Delta is one of the best waterproof golf shoes.

Rife RF-09 Delta

Sizes (UK): 7-12 | Sole: Spiked | Colour options: Black; White | BOA option? No | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

Considering the price, Rife has produced a golf shoe that is difficult to complain about. It is unquestionability waterproof and the manufacturer is prepared to back that up with a one-year guarantee.

It may not boast the uber comfort of some of its pricier rivals but, it is very stable. For a company that made its name making putters, Rife’s range cost-effective range should appeal to players who don’t need all the bells and whistles.

The Nano Pu upper adds to the feeling of durability and this will perform very well for any standard of player in the wet weather.

The Stromberg Tour Classic is one of the best waterproof golf shoes.

Stromberg Tour Classic

Sizes (UK): 7-12 | Sole: Spiked | Colour options: White + grey | BOA option? No | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

Stromberg habe only been making golf shoes since 2020 but its waterproof offering is not found wanting. The clothing specialists know all about style and it really looks the part but critically the multigrip system on the sole will offer more than enough traction for even the most demanding of players.

It also looks and feels substantial and surprisingly comfortable in comparison to more expensive competitors. The microfiber upper is very soft but don’t let that put you off. You will stay dry in the wet weather.

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The Callaway Chev Mullgan S is one of the best waterproof golf shoes.

Callaway Chev Mulligan S Men's Golf Shoe 

Sizes (UK): 6-13 | Sole: Spiked | Colour options White + Navy; Black; White + Black + Red | BOA option? No | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year 

You get a lot of protection for your money with this budget offering from Callaway although there are some concerns re the durability.

The full-leather outer layer will keep your feet dry even when the weather is annoyingly wet while the substantial sole is made up of six PINS system Big Bertha power cleats to keep you fully grounded.

Callaway’s Opti-vent mesh liner technology is also utilised here to help regulate temperature and while they are not the most comfortable, they are a lot lighter than they look.

The Stuburt Evolve 3.0 is one of the best waterproof golf shoes.

Stuburt Evolve 3.0 Men's Spikeless Golf Shoe

Sizes (UK): 7-12 | Sole: Spikeless | Colour options Light Grey; Black; White | BOA option? No | Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year 

Another strong value-for-money offering that is surprisingly comfortable and easy on the eye. Stuburt is going for the younger market with this model by claiming the look is ‘street-inspired’ but to my eye it’s a good deal more classic-looking than that.

The company’s own DRI-back waterproofing technology certainly does the job when the going gets wet. The cushioning around the midsole and insole also work well.

The rubber tread isn’t the most grippy but will cope perfectly well in most conditions although probably not the best options when it’s really slippy.

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The Best Waterproof Golf Shoes: Older models

While they're not be the brands' fresh models, buying the previous year's golf shoe is often a great way to get an exceptional pair while saving some cash.

Of course, we always include the original price on all of our 'best' guides, but, having scoured the internet, you can pick up the majority of our pick of last season's best waterproof golf shoes for far less than the original RRP. Hit the 'view offer' button or check the boxes below each product for live pricing.

Ecco Biom G3


Ecco Biom 3 waterproof golf shoes

Almost every shoe in Ecco’s range comes with a Gore-Tex membrane (only the very lightweight summer models don’t) which shows just how seriously the brand take keeping your feet dry and comfortable. If you’re able to pay extra for the Rolls Royce of winter golf shoes you really won’t be disappointed with this super stable premium leather model. 


adidas Tour 360 XT

RRP £159.95 | VIEW OFFER

adidas 360 waterproof golf shoes

adidas Tour360 shoes have built up a massive following over the past decade, and they’re a firm favourite out on tour.

The white leather uppers are waterproof and breathable, there’s a black colour option for winter, we also love the bounce-back Boost soles.


Puma Ignite PWRADAPT Leather 2.0


Puma Ignite PWRADAPT Leather waterproof golf shoe

Puma are big fans of mixed material shoes that tend to be very lightweight. We like the PWRADAPT Leather because it’s a bit more substantial for winter.

A black colour option is perfect for when shoes take a hammering in damp and muddy conditions. 

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Skechers Go Golf Torque Twist


Skechers Go Golf Torque Twist waterproof golf shoes

Skechers have carved out an envious position as the go-to golf shoe for golfers wanting an excellent blend of comfort, life expectancy and value for money. Skechers tend to have quite a roomy fit, which is perfect for golfers who like to wear a thick sock for added winter warmth.  


Under Armour HOVR Matchplay


Under Armour HOVR Matchplay waterproof golf shoes

The HOVR’s energy returning soles may not be a huge benefit on soft ground, but a Gore-Tex breathable membrane, two-year waterproof guarantee and a £120 price tag certainly will be. A cracking year-round option. 


Best Winter Golf Boots

adidas Climaproof Traxion Mid Shoes


adidas Traxion waterproof golf boot

Admittedly golf boots aren't going to win any prizes for looks, but if you’re fed up of dew and damp seeping over the top of your golf shoes and making your socks wet, having a boot covering your ankle can be a revelation (or you could, y'know, just stop hitting your ball into the long grass...)

Three major brands now make golf boots, which says everything you need to know about the category being a thriving market in the UK.  


FootJoy Winter Golf Boot


FootJoy waterproof golf boot

Once you have a pair of winter specific shoes/boots it’s well worthwhile taking the time to look after them to maximise longevity. FJ’s winter boots have synthetic uppers which are really easy to wipe clean, they also have a one-year waterproof guarantee.

Available in both a men's and ladies' model.


Skechers Go Golf Torque Brogan


Skechers Go Golf Torque Brogan waterproof golf boot

Some will argue you need to play a lot of wet winter golf to warrant investing in a pair of golf boots but if you usually play early they’re a great barrier against a heavy morning dew. A two-year waterproof guarantee is a real bonus.

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