Best Waterproof Golf Trousers


The best waterproof golf trousers that you'll be happy to wear come rain or shine. 

Many golfers find themselves pulling on a pair of waterproof trousers every time they play in winter. Some like the extra warmth they offer; others just want to keep their trouser ankles clean. But in this day and age, performance golf trousers can keep you warmer and more comfortable on the course than waterproof bottoms, whenever it’s not raining.

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Winter performance golf trousers are a relatively new invention, and we’ve only just discovered their benefits for ourselves. But we’re sold on what they bring to the table.

Their warm fleece lining, water and dirt resistant treatments and more breathable fabrics have real benefits over a cotton chino (that soaks and holds moisture like a sponge) or waterproof trousers.

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Galvin Green Nevan waterproof golf trousers.

Galvin Green Nevan waterproof golf trousers

£135 |

Galvin gear has always been a cracking cut, which means even winter performance trousers can be flattering.

Unlike Galvin’s usual performance trousers the Nevan have thermal technology for extra warmth.

Galvin say the their fabric is moisture and dirt repellent as well as being very quick drying.

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Ping Vision waterproof golf trousers.

Ping Vision waterproof golf trousers

£90 |

Forget any preconceptions you have that performance winter trousers are thick and cumbersome. Ping use hollow fibre Thermolite technology so the Vision are very light yet cosy to wear.

A polyester outer is breathable and easier to maintain; if you get dirty, they’re easy to clean and still look new.

A water-resistant finish will bead up a light shower, so for many rounds you won’t even need your waterproof trousers.

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Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Showdown waterproof golf trousers.

Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Showdown waterproof golf trousers

£75 |

Under Armour’s ColdGear Infrared technology is seriously clever as from just a simple pattern on the inside of the garment it absorbs your own body heat and uses it to keep you warm.

Under Armour say their water repellent treatment also repels water without sacrificing breathability.

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Sunderland s.Vail waterproof golf trousers.

Sunderland s.Vail waterproof golf trousers

£60 |

Insulated, shower and windproof, and a Teflon coating that protects against damp and dirt staining, what more could you possibly want from a winter trouser?

Sunderland say the s.Vail are also soft, comfortable and stretchy too.

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Stromberg Weatherlite waterproof golf trousers.

Stromberg Weatherlite waterproof golf trousers

£59.99 |

Stromberg know a thing or two about trousers as they’ve been making them since 1977, but the brand’s now owned by American Golf.

The Weatherlite are water-resistant, windproof and highly breathable, which makes us think why would we ever wear a traditional pair of trousers for winter golf again? 

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