Big Max TI 1000 Autofold Plus 3 Trolley Review

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The Big Max Ti 1000 Autofold Plus 3 Wheel Push Trolley not looks great but has a compact design to accompany you on any golf course

What we say: With its fold and x and auto fold technologies, which enable you to fold and x the trolley into a compact package automatically, the Autofold offers fantastic value for its three-wheel trolley performance. With stylish lines and compact design this trolley looks good and performs on any golf course. 

The TI 1000 Autofold Plus trolley looks great and has a compact design to accompany you on any golf course. There is no comparable 3-wheel trolley which you can handle so easily and fast with only one hand movement. Also, with one simple hand movement, this trolley folds automatically into a fixed and compact package, while the front the will automatically collapse.

Key Features

Easily foldable & Extremely flat when folded

Compact and sportive design

Stable construction

Weight: 7,6 kg

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