GoKart Automatic Electric Trolley Review

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  • At a glance

  • TG Rating 4 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 3 out of 5
  • Pros

    Carries and assembles quite easily and operates with a push of the handle.

  • Cons

    No auto switch-off or brake.

  • RRP £299.00

What we say...

Apply pressure to the handle and switches inside and it will match the speed of the wheels to your walking pace. Pull back on the handle and the trolley will slow down and stop.

As reviewed in our Trolley Test 2014, tested by Richard O’Sullivan (Handicap 24):
The trolley folds up easily and is light and sturdy, so no problems getting it into or out of the boot. The battery holds the spine together, so the top collapses unless you keep hold of it while fetching the battery unit – a little annoying, especially as you have to carefully line up the terminals. But you soon master the process with practice. It’s a relief not to have to bother with any switches or buttons, just push the handle and off it goes. There’s no auto switch off, so if you let go without making sure it has completely stopped it will carry on going. Sounds simple, but I had to chase it down the fairway a couple of times after moving it out of the way to take a shot, not realising it had set off because the motor is quiet.


This trolley has been super-reliable for me and I can offer very little negative feedback. The model has a simple on/off switch and the trolley adjusts to your walking pace and it folds down very neatly. I’ve used it twice a week since the start of the year, it has been excellent at handling the inclement weather as well as some pretty tough slopes. The only problem I have had with it was when the plastic handle on the battery cracked – it is a little flimsy. I have contacted GoKart’s customer service team, who were extremely friendly, for a replacement but I am still waiting for one. That said, it doesn’t affect the performance of the trolley. On the plus side the battery is lithium, so it charges incredibly quickly and comfortably tackles 36 holes in one sitting.

Tester: Stuart Hodson, HCP 17
Pros: I liked that the trolley was very simple to operate, with the on/off button doing exactly that. The automatic trolley keeps pace with your walking speed, simply by holding the handle and it continues at the same pace. The lithium battery was also very light and could easily tackle 36 holes of golf in one sitting without a recharge. When I did recharge the battery, I noticed that it was very quick too.
Cons: Because the trolley has no speed controls and moves at your own pace, it does get a bit of getting used to. I found the battery a little tricky to attach too, and not overly sturdy. In fact, I cracked mine but although this was my fault, it was promptly replaced by GoKart. The customer service was excellent, in fact.
Conclusion: The lithium battery made 36 holes a doddle, but the battery was a little tricky to attach. This is something that you will get used to over time and the excellent customer service when something goes wrong gives the GoKart brand a real plus point over some of its competitors.

What we like: You’d struggle to find a trolley that folds up neater. It’s light and easy to transport. A sturdy handle means picking it up and moving it is simple. Readers also report top customer service.
What we don’t like: GoKart have launched a new handle control – simple to use because you simply push it down to make the trolley move and pull it back to get it to stop. But Jon thought it made you feel you were pushing it and so doing the work. Also, the battery is a vicious little thing when you clip it onto the trolley. You may get used to it, but our team had a few nasty nips during assembly.

Product Information

Battery typeLead acid
USB Capability
Yardage calculator
Battery indicator
Distance setting

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Gokart Electric Trolleys User Reviews

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  • 2 out of 5 Not so great

    By Lancslad

    Bought September 2011 recommended by fellow club member. The trolley assembles quite easily, and is held together by the bracket which holds the battery. Unfortunately the fact that the battery sits high in the frame raises the centre of gravity making it unstable on hills. The battery holding bracket snapped within 12 months and a locating dowel also broke and disappeared,I obtained a replacement bracket from a friend who had acquired a spare following repairs to his trolley. Go Kart replaced battery which 'died' within the 12 month warranty. 2013 trolley simply ceased to function and was returned to Go Kart, a courtesy trolley provided during repair period, no charge was made. 2014 trolley has again ceased to function, this time they have offered to repair the trolley at a cost of approx £30 providing I obtain a suitable cardboard box to pack it into, or for a further £10 they would provide the box. Now looking to buy Power caddy or Moto caddy, 'buy cheap buy twice'.

  • 5 out of 5 Great trolley

    By Anonymous

    Bought this trolley,  and it is excellent, had doubts about robustness being as it is all plastic but it's as tough as any motocaddy, and a lot easier use, no catches, folds unfolds in seconds and after a few trys at installing the battery ( the only tricky thing) I got the knack of it and now battery is on and off in seconds, it's very light and goes faster then any other trolley I have used ( had a powakaddy freeway before and my mate has the motocaddy S1 which I have used a few times), if your after a reliable, good looking trolley that's easy to use and is tough and at a sensible price, you can not go wrong with this, I would recommend this to everyone, the customer service is second to none, they just can't do enough!! plus you can try it for free for 28 days. The only thing I miss is that there is no facility to set it to distances of 10, 20 and 30 yards but then I remember how light it and the battery are, how it'll fit into the the tiniest of car boots and the ease of use and I think who cares

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