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  • TG Rating 4 out of 5
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  • RRP £349.00

What we say...


What we like

This was the most stable trolley on test and would tackle any terrain you'll ever encounter on a course. It also features suspension so your clubs take less of a battering while mudguards meant the battery tray was protected from mud and grass
thrown up during a round.

A new addition to this trolley is the digital display, which features speed settings and a battery indicator, which proved very useful. Previous incarnations of this trolley
have been very reliable and we are hoping for more of the same from the upgraded version.

The starting price of £349 is worth a mention because this is excellent value for a quality trolley. They’re built in the UK and come with lots of battery options. What we don’t like We mentioned this last year but the plastic hinges aren’t as good as the aluminium ones in their other models – although this is one of the key reasons for the lower price point. You have to make sure you click them into place but after
that they are fine and sturdy. It maybe doesn’t have some of the style touches of other trolleys so is perhaps a little less aesthetically pleasing – although some like it.

Anatomy at a glance

Battery options:
20ah battery £349, 26ah £369, 33ah £389, 18-hole lithium £549, 36-hole lithium £599
Trolley weight: 9.7kg
Warranty: 2 years (frame only), 1 year (trolley and battery)
Bag pictured: Greenhill Cart Bag £99.99

TG Verdict

The design has been really well thought out and this is evident in some really neat touches. Our criticism of Greenhill has always been high prices but the GTS ticks a lot of boxes in the middle of the marketplace.

Ratings (out of 5)

Looks: 4.0
Ease of use: 4.3
Ease of assembly: 3.8
Functions: 4.0 Performance: 4.3


I’ve given this trolley a really good test, playing 18 holes three times a week – and for the most part, I would recommend it to golfers looking for more of a no-frills electric trolley. Throughout the winter months I still found the trolley to perform well over rougher terrain, and there weren’t any annoying rattles to worry about – it was very sturdy and the build quality that originally impressed me has continued to do so throughout the time I’ve had it.

The biggest issues I’ve had are the flimsy battery connectors and that the battery had begun to lose power towards the end of the round. I spoke to Greenhill and their after sales service was superb; the problem was a faulty connection to the charger, and the next day I had a new one. Their no quibble attitude was hugely refreshing and I would certainly recommend them, and the product.

Ratings (out of 5)

Ease of use:
Reliability: 5.0
Functions: 4.0


Tester: Barry Brockes, HCP 15

Pros: The trolley was very well balanced and performed well on even the most taxing of terrains, and it felt like a very solid product. It folded down very neatly, and unlike some others I’ve tried, it stayed in a straight line rather than veering about. The mudguards over the wheels were also a really nice touch, and minimised splashing on the bag. Overall, it just felt well thought-out.

Cons: I found the battery and connectors a little flimsy, and thought this may be an issue over a longer period of time. Also, because I’m well over 6ft tall with a long stride, I found myself kicking the battery when I walked! But these are very small misdemeanours, and I would recommend it to golfers looking for a solid and reliable product.

Conclusion: Greenhill trolleys are all made in the UK, and the GTS model is superbly easy to store. The buildquality feels good and the mudguards were well-thought out
and the sizeable handle made it easy to use, even for those with bigger hands. On the downside, the battery connectors seemed a little flimsy on an otherwise classy trolley.

Ratings (Out of 5)

Looks: 4.4
Ease of use: 4.5
Ease of assembly: 3.75
Functions: 3.25
Performance: 4.5
Reliability: 5


What we like: One of our biggest criticisms of Greenhill trolleys in the past is the sky-high price: happily, they’ve now reduced the cost but not compromised on quality. The handle was very comfortable, the speed dial very responsive and the product was very sturdy. Seriously impressive.

What we don’t like: Jon thought it was harder to assemble than some – there are a fair few straps, and then there’s the issue of hinges under the joints – you need to remember to click these in. Although we like the fact that the price has been reduced, you can tell – less aluminium, and more plastic.

Ratings (out of 5)

: 4.3
Ease of use: 4.5
Ease of assembly: 3.5
Functions: 2.5
Performance: 4.5

The Greenhill GTS Golf Trolley offers great performance and value, and features the original, sleek Z folding chassis, plus ergonomic T-bar handle. An nltrasonic digital controller efficiently manages  speed, plus suspension. In addition, mudguards protect the trolley and bag from dirt, plus easy fold locking clips ensure the bag stays secure. GTS can be fully customised with a choice of three batteries, colours and wheel types.

Battery options: 20ah battery £349, 26ah £369, 33ah £389, 18-hole lithium £549, 36-hole lithium £599.
Weight: 9.7kg.
Warranty: 1 year.

Tel: 0845 634 7290

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