Motocaddy M1 Pro Electric Trolley Review

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  • TG Rating 4 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 2.6 out of 5
  • RRP £399.99

What we say...

Motocaddy's M1 Pro trolley is an easy-to-use model that folds over 40% smaller than standard models due a three-point folding system

What we say: Weighing and folding down to a size not much bigger than an airline hand luggage allowance, the M1 PRO is designed to make transportation to and from the golf course easier.

Designed to fit easily into a car boot, the M1 PRO’s features include a two-bar frame that allows an 18 hole lead-acid or lithium battery to remain in its tray when the trolley is folded down, an integrated accessory station, a simple handle-height adjustment and an inbuilt device cradle designed to hold a wide range of GPS devices that can be powered from a USB charging port.

It also has an Adjustable Distance Control allowing the user to set the trolley to travel independently up to 45 metres, fully adjustable bag supports and a new ergonomic handle designed to allow both right and left-handed use.

Motocaddy believe its enhanced functionality will allow the M1 PRO to build on the success of its award-winning S-Series powered trolleys. Prices are £399.99 (lead acid); £549.99 (18-hole lithium); £599.99 (36-hole lithium).

Key Features

Compact folding (over 40% smaller)

Adjustable Distance Control (up to 45m)

Patented USB charging port

Adjustable handle height

Integrated Accessory Station

Quick-access device cradle

Nine speed settings

Speed indicator

Battery indicator

Ergonomic handle

EASILOCK™ compatible

Available in Black or Alpine

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Motocaddy Electric Trolleys User Reviews

  • 2 out of 5 Beware Motocaddy Know your Rights; just in case!

    By RT

    Motocaddy M1. A great design principle poorly executed When folded in its ‘compact’ state • Don’t expect it to sit as a tripod on its wheels; it rocks about sat on its two main wheels and two nibs on the handle. Consequently secure it when stored upright in the car or suffer a persistent knock as it rocks its way to the course. • The umbrella holder, if left on increases the space envelope due to it being obstructed by the drinks holder fixing point When in use; the device holder will only accommodate thin devices certainly wont securely retain my golfbuddy. Also be careful when putting an iron back in the bag, depending on how high you set the handle it would be very easy to smash a screen. Product Support. The trolley was purchased mid March and started experiencing intermittent failures in April. The unit was returned to retailer then back to ‘Motocaddy’. Without it for a week, (good retailer helped me out with a loan trolley). After it was returned it lasted a couple of rounds same problems, fortunately had a round with a representative of the retailer who witnessed the issues. Trolley returned again after a short discussion relating to refund or replacement. Fair play to the retailer; they negotiated a replacement unit. This company does not advertise any quality certification, taking into account the reliability of the product supplied, the customer service and the repair effectiveness I am not surprised. Perhaps the high cost of the M1 is to take into account repair and return costs of supplied equipment that is not fit for purpose. If you consider one I encourage two things: 1. read the guarantee detail behind the headlines, the details are not such a rosy offer and 2. Know your rights; internet search 'consumer rights faulty goods' and check out citizen’s advice about replacement for unfit for purpose supplied goods. The above reflects my own experience and shouldn’t be taken in isolation check out all the other ‘happy’ customers.

  • 1 out of 5 Don't buy

    By Tony

    Had a m1 for 13 months. It has had 4 repairs including axle, gearbox, x Control switch. The 18 hole battery has just failed. Motocaddy after sales service is a disgrace. Please note repairs do not come with 12 months warranty. If your trolley has only 1 month left on its warranty, any repairs undertaken will only be guaranteed to the end of the original warranty period. Friend has als had similar issues. DO NNOT BUY.

  • 2 out of 5 Mottocaddy M1

    By Sharp

    I am pleased with the design and ease of use of the trolley but very disappointed in the quality. It did not take long before the whole thing started to look shabby. I'm on my third battery. The paint work is very delicate and the trolley and club bags are showing signs of wear. It has now broken down one month out of its guarantee. I play twice a week weather permitting. Nowhere near as tough as my old Hillbilly.

  • 2 out of 5 Great Trolley Poor Customer Service (Contd.)

    By DC

    I had a bungee cord which I tied to hold the front together, then hired a buggy for the back 9. I then called to speak to a manager who was never available, was again made to feel that it was my fault. After lengthy conversations they agreed to take the trolley back and examine it. After a week i called to chase up and was told that there was nothing wrong with the trolley (erm the front wheel was hanging off!!) and they will put another bolt on. They would not refund me as they claim the trolley was fine and I must have loosened the nut (!), plus I had spent around £100 on accessories which I would not have got a refund on anyway. I was promised a call back from a Customer Services Manager which never materialised. The trolley is now back with me and I have played one more round since, let's hope it does not happen again as it is a good product. Overall a good trolley ruined by poor customer service. I would avoid buying on the basis that no one at Motocaddy seems to care about the customer once they have had your money.

  • 2 out of 5 Great Trolley Poor Customer Service (Contd.)

    By DC

    Then on my fourth round the front wheel came off on the 5th hole and the nut was nowhere to be seen. I then had to slowly walk the next four holes ensuring I caused no further damage to the trolley then abandoned it at hole 9. I was playing a competition so I am sure I infuriated people behind me as I was walking extremely slowly. I then had to play the back 9 carrying my cart bag, which was no fun (electric trolley bought due to back problems) I called up on the following Monday and was pretty much told it was my fault!! They agreed to send out a new front axle rod and bolts. There was no apology from anyone at Motocaddy at this point and they seemed to think I had loosened it myself for some reason. I fitted the part as instructed by the tech guy at Motocaddy and this one only lasted two rounds before the front wheel collapsed again. This time I had only played 2 holes but having learnt from my previous experience.

  • 2 out of 5 Great Trolley Very Poor Customer Service

    By DC

    I recently purchaseda reconditioned M1 Pro though the Motocaddy website. At £120 saving I thought why not grab myself a bargain for a trolley that looks great with great reviews. Used the trolley for three rounds no problems and I was very delighted with my purchase.

  • 5 out of 5 More room in boot!!!

    By Tonyr

    Purchase M1 as liked the idea of folding up and taking less space in boot. Have now used 4 times and getting used to opening and folding Works great on the course and the telephone cradle is a great idea. Would definitely recommend.

  • 5 out of 5 Lithium powered

    By Mike4golf

    Just purchased a 18 hole lithium motorcaddy M1 Pro and it's top quality ,I have had two electric golf trolleys before from leading competitors and I can honestly say this is far superior in every way .The only thing I can see that may be against it is the folding and setting up witch takes a bit of getting used to.